Founded by the bohemian jeweller, Daniel Swarovski, the story of Swarovski began way back in 1895. Using his electric cutting machine, he was able to cut crystals much more precisely than had ever been done before by hand and he set out on his mission to create a “diamond for everyone”. Now over 120 years later, yes, the technology maybe a little more advanced, but Swarovski continues with this same mission. They lead the way in terms of design, creativity, and innovation and, with a beautiful range of crystal-embellished Swarovski watches, it’s fair to say they have succeeded.

Swarovski watches bring a touch of glamorous sparkle to people’s everyday lives. Some feature a crystal-embellished bezel, others a crystal-embellished strap. Sometimes, the case of the watch is filled with 1000s of tiny individual crystals. A large dial takes centre stage – whether it be round, square, or oval-shaped – and this usually showcases a minimalist sunray style. Swarovski watches combine sleek, elegant, feminine designs with a decadent number of crystals. They create a level of sparkle that simply cannot be rivalled by any other brand and the effect is truly stunning!

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we like the idea of making crystal jewellery accessible to everyone and we always have an extensive range of Swarovski watches, available both online and in-store as part of our designer watch department. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you will find it here! Swarovski watches with leather straps, link-chain bracelet straps, crystal-embellished fabric straps, available in shiny hues of silver stainless steel, gold, and rose-gold – we have it all!

These Swarovski watches are perfect for both day and night, adding a little touch of glitz and glam to your everyday ensemble or completely transforming your evening attire into a high-octane statement look. If you’re a self-confessed magpie and you’re a fan of all that sparkles, this is the designer watch brand for you. Browse through the full collection today, see which timepiece catches your beady eye, and treat yourself to a beautiful Swarovski watch.

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