On Running Cloudswift vs Cloudmonster

Running enthusiasts understand the significance of finding the perfect pair of running shoes that balance comfort, performance, and durability. In the world of running footwear, On Running has steadily risen as a prominent brand, offering a spectrum of innovative designs tailored to meet the diverse needs of runners. Among their acclaimed line-up, the Cloudswift and Cloudmonster models stand out, captivating runners with their unique features and impressive performance.

History of On Running Trainers

Founded in 2010 by Olivier Bernhard, a former professional athlete, On Running was born from a quest for the perfect running sensation. Bernhard, along with his fellow co-founders, sought to revolutionize running shoes by integrating Swiss engineering with innovative technology. Their distinctive cushioning system, the CloudTec sole, became the hallmark of their brand, setting them apart in the competitive athletic footwear market. Here at OD’s we are proud to be official stockist of On Running, showcasing the latest On Running trainers merchandised alongside the current On Running clothing collection. Believe it or not yes there is much more to On Running than trainers, pair up your latest Cloudswift or Cloudmonster with the latest Men's on running tracksuit.

Cloudswift: Unmatched Agility and Speed

The Cloudswift series epitomizes agility, making it a top choice for runners seeking speed and responsiveness. Engineered with Helion™ superfoam cushioning and an outsole featuring CloudTec technology, the Cloudswift offers a perfect balance of cushioning and energy return. Its updated models present enhanced breathability, improved traction, and a sleek design, catering to both men and women with an array of style options.

Technical Specifications of Cloudswift

  • Helion™ Superfoam: Provides responsive cushioning for a smooth ride.
  • CloudTec Technology: Delivers a unique cushioning system that adapts to various running styles.
  • Enhanced Breathability: Improved mesh upper for better airflow and comfort.
  • 100% recycled : engineered mesh upper 
  • Sock Open Construction: easy step-in and exceptional comfort.
  • Speedboard : Polypropylene material that works in tandem with landing and take off in the foots running stride
  • Heel Toe Drop –:6mm
  • Weight :men's uk size 8: 282g- 9.9 oz, women's uk size 5 :220g-7.8oz

Cloudmonster: Power and Explosiveness

In contrast, the Cloudmonster series is straight from the innovation lab, emerges as the most unconventional creation to date engineered for more versatile terrains. These shoes are designed for maximum stability and durability, featuring a robust outsole with aggressive traction patterns. The Cloudmonster ensures a secure grip on uneven surfaces, again similar to the Cloudswift the Cloudmonster is suited to long road running enhancing confidence in every stride producing incredibly monstrous ride.

Technical Specifications of Cloudmonster

  • Helion™ Superfoam:  Light, durable, temperature resistant and big on energy return, Helion™ superfoam brings no-nonsense cushioning to this shoe's playful sensation.
  • CloudTec Technology –Explosive rebound sensation
  • Sustainability :Over 80% of the polyester content, and over 30% of the entire shoe, is from recycled materials
  • Speedboard : Polypropylene material for powerful take off and big energy return
  • Heel Toe Drop :6mm
  • Weight :mens uk size 8: 275g- 9.7 oz, womens uk size 5 :230g-8.1oz

Choosing Your Perfect Style: Cloudswift or Cloudmonster?

When selecting between the Cloudswift and Cloudmonster, consider your running style, preferred terrain, and desired level of cushioning and stability. The Cloudswift emphasizes speed and agility, ideal for urban runners seeking a lightweight, responsive shoe. On the other hand, the Cloudmonster targets short and long runners looking for that big energy return for an explosive feeling.

What Are On Running Trainers Good For?

On trainers excel in providing a smooth, cushioned ride combined with a responsive feel, making them suitable for various running activities. From short sprints to long-distance runs, from concrete pavements to off-road trails, On Running shoes offer the versatility needed to perform consistently across different terrains and distances.


On Running continues to impress the running and fashion lifestyle community with its commitment to innovation and performance. Whether you opt for the swift agility of the Cloudswift or the explosiveness prowess of the Cloudmonster, On shoes promise a blend of technology and comfort to elevate your running experience.

Remember, finding the right shoe ultimately depends on your individual preferences and running needs. For the fashionistas out there, preference might just to have the best looking shoe to stand out from the crowd or to co ordinate with the latest on running tracksuit. Explore, try them on, and experience the On difference for yourself. Shop the latest Men's on running trainers and on running clothing here at OD’s. You can also check out the full range of Women's On Running here at OD's

Happy Running!

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