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Tracksuits. The outfits that are multi-functional. Going on your weekly shopping trip? Throw on a tracksuit. Had a tough day at work and just need to unwind in something cosy? It’s tracksuit time. Many high-end brands invest in the crafting of women’s tracksuits nowadays due to their multiple uses and trend in the market, with the same being said for men’s and children’s tracksuits. With tracksuits, you needn’t make any effort and you will look beautifully natural and stylish.


Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we have an abundance of women’s tracksuits from some of the top brands in the world, and wouldn’t you like to know more about of our designer tracksuits ladies everywhere are wanting? Have a read below and see what is so appealing about these examples of tracksuits from some of the biggest names in the fashion world.


Women’s Calvin Klein Tracksuits

Calvin Klein is a prime example of a brand with designer tracksuits ladies will always find themselves going to. With over sixty years of experience, this is a brand that know exactly how to give off that perfect blend of comfort and style. A choice of a Calvin Klein women’s tracksuit that ladies will want to be wearing time and time again? The combination of the Womens Black Calvin Klein Track Pants and the Womens Black Calvin Klein Hoody. Coming in the same black colourway and with each having the same printed box logo, this matching tracksuit is a definite for blending into those Winter evenings. Rib-knit cuffs on the wrists and ankles. A front zip. An adjustable hood and waist. This Calvin Klein women’s tracksuit combination is crafted from the purest, softest cotton with the necessities to suit how you wear it, whether you are just chilling at home or off out somewhere.


Women’s Vivienne Westwood Tracksuits

Coming from humble beginnings, Vivienne Westwood have built up their professional standards from Portobello road and today ensures that women get the best outfits for every occasion. In terms of women’s tracksuits, Vivienne Westwood design the best of loungewear. Wanting to sit back with a drink after a hard day at work? A tracksuit from this brand is a good choice. One of the best choices? Bringing together the Womens Vivienne Westwood Track Pants and the Womens Vivienne Westwood Classic with Patch Sweatshirt. The grey combination is constructed with ideal comfort through cotton melange fleece material, a slim but relaxed fit throughout and a dropped crotch design on the track pants without missing the brand’s iconic orb logo appliquéd to both the track pants and sweatshirt. You also have a rib-knit hem and cuffs, a crew neckline and a drawstring at the waist; all helpful in making your lounging around that bit comfier. For the ultimate chilled day or night, make sure you grab this women’s tracksuit that you are bound to be relaxing in with a pair of fancy slippers.


Women’s Replay Tracksuits

Although Replay have been established as a jeans manufacturer since their inception in 1981, the Italian brand has stepped into the realm of designing casualwear amongst other categories, aiming to establish technical fabrics and garments to make their clothing more comfortable and beneficial to the wearer. An example of one of their tracksuits that is a definite must-have? The team up of the Womens Replay Track Pants and the Womens Replay Taped Sweatshirt. With a matching colour scheme, the track pants and sweatshirt are crafted from technical fabrics that make for comfortable wearing and a soft, relaxed touch. This tracksuit is ideal for both lounging around on your days off work or going out and about in a relaxed but fashionable outfit with a pair of white or black trainers in tow.


Women’s Tommy Jeans Tracksuits

The Tommy Jeans Branch of the famous Tommy Hilfiger brand offers youthful and comfortable clothing, including tracksuit items. The Tommy Jeans label was started as a way of propelling Tommy Hilfiger’s denim range and other items into a newer, fresher look with more targeting towards the younger generations of today. The perfect examples for designer tracksuits ladies can obtain through the Tommy Jeans label? The Womens Tommy Jeans Zip Hoody and the Womens Tommy Jeans Track Pants. In a trendy navy colourway, this tracksuit grouping comes in a cosy fitting that flatters your figure. The hoody benefits from a front zip, hood and drawstring combination plus rib-knit cuffs and two pockets, whilst the track pants have a drawstring waist and rib-knit ankle cuffs. Whether you are going for a session in the gym, going into the local shopping centre or just need to unwind cosily in the comfort of your own home, this tracksuit combination from the Tommy Jeans label of Tommy Hilfiger is sure to be a perfect addition to your loungewear to benefit both your relaxation and your figure.


Browse Our Full Collection of Women’s Tracksuits

Winter is just around the corner, and those cold evenings where you want to be warm and snug? Those even colder mornings when you want to get out on your morning jog? Cater to situations such as these by investing in these amazing tracksuits from reliable, high-end brands that are sure to bring you warmth and comfort on those days when you just want to make the minimal effort but still look a million bucks! Want to have more of a look around? Check out our full Women’s Designer Tracksuit Collection today; whether you go for Tommy Jeans, Replay, Vivienne Westwood or Calvin Klein tracksuits ladies will be well equipped with what we have to offer! So, dive in and find something perfect for you!

Designer Tracksuits That Ladies Will ...

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If you look around today, men are much concerned with their clothing than they were many years ago. Designer menswear has become a massive cornerstone of many brands that is now equal to that of women’s fashion and children’s fashion. However, like women and teens, men can be fussy about the brands that they invest in; it depends on good craftsmanship, materials and the fashion statements they provide, which is a fair enough point.

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, designer clothing for men is an important factor of our business and due to that, we cater to the best brands for the male demographic and likewise for the female and junior demographics. So, to help give an idea of the best designer menswear around, we have compiled some of the top brands that we know men are happy to invest in. Whether you are a woman trying to think of what to get your significant other or a guy wanting to be a bit more clued up on the fashion trends of today, have a read and see what’s new to you.


Men’s Dsquared2 Clothing

Dsquared2 clothing may seem like a trend that has only taken a grip in the past few years, but this designer label has been building since its inception in 1995. Twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten decided to take their love for fashion and design their own clothing range after working under clothing brands such as Versace and Diesel. What makes Dsquared2 so unique and special is the brand’s unquestionable respect and dedication to its motif style. Dean and Dan Caten were born and brought up in Canada, which makes a lot of sense when you look at their clothing range; The maple leaf of Canada is a constant feature and logo of the Dsquared2 brand. Although some of their clothing is clean cut and feels fresh, a lot of the designs for Dsquared2 clothing pay homage to rustic Canadian vibes.


Men love the rough, hardened appearance that this clothing label gives off and the fine materials and artistry of design makes the brand even better. Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at the likes of the Mens Dsquared2 New Runner Hiking Trainers and the Mens Dsquared2 Shield Logo Print Baseball Cap. From looking at these examples of Dsquared2 trainers and a Dsquared2 cap you can see how the brand is a credit to fashion. The fine craftsmanship in terms of design and materials used, also the inspiration from Canadian aesthetics to give a particular impression, make guys feel tough and fashionable, whether it be through Dsquared2 trainers, t-shirts, caps or other clothing items.


Men’s Hugo Boss Clothing

Hugo Boss is a name most will be familiar with. The German label was founded in 1924 and has since gone on to be much more than just a clothing manufacturer. By 2010, the label was boasting a net profit of over $262,000,000. In terms of men’s Hugo Boss clothing, the label has gained a reputation for creating attractive and appealing designer menswear that is fashionable and relevant to trends at the time of their release. Designing clean cut ranges of clothing that include the likes of polo shirts, jumpers and t-shirts over the decades, Hugo Boss has grown into a powerhouse of fashion.


Many males trust what has worked and has a reputation for doing so, which is why men’s Hugo Boss clothing is still thriving today. Just look at items such as the Mens HUGO Didentity T-Shirt and the Mens HUGO Dayfun Hooded Sweatshirt. Both coming from the HUGO range, these items show how Hugo Boss continues to move with the times, taking into account the trends of the modern era such as the camo print look and the use of abstract art designs. Hugo Boss continue to create clothing that touches upon current trends, ensuring that their clothing ranges relate to their audience time and time again.


Men’s Zegna Clothing

It is fair to say that Zegna clothing came from humble beginnings, being started up in 1910 through a wool mill and growing to today where it now has over 500 stores globally. Zegna has garnered recognition for being progressive with their clothing in terms of designs and Italian tailoring, whilst also not being afraid to look into their past and take ideas from designs that have proved successful. Today Zegna clothing comes in the form of polo shirts, t-shirts, jumpers and other various items that can be worn for both smart and smart-casual occasions.


Many men like to be able to blend traditional looks with looks that come off as contemporary and trendy. Look at the likes of the Mens Navy Zegna Sweatshirt and the Mens Zegna Trio of Men T-Shirt. The materials and classic look of these items are met with designs that appear somewhat abstract and eye-catching, but in a way that appears smart and high-end. Zegna understands that designer menswear needs to progress and keep up with trends, but also look at making sure that comfortable, well-fitting materials are used to ensure the contentment of the wearer whilst making them presentable and trendy for today’s fashion.


Men’s Fusalp Clothing

Founded in 1952 in the French alpine town of Annecy, Fusalp clothing was started with the aim of making function combine strongly with fashion. Fusalp has gone on to become famous for their warm, comfortable coats amongst other items that would be seen as necessities in The Alps such as hats and scarves. Nowadays a Fusalp coat is seen as a perfect piece of streetwear on cold days as opposed to just skiwear due to their functionality and their appealing look, which is why they have a massive appreciation from people today.


Men, as you would expect, find a massive appeal in clothes that are both fashionable and functional for certain requirements. We at OD’s stock the likes of the Mens Fusalp Altus Jacket and the Mens Fusalp Ted Jacket. Both of these Fusalp coat choices are examples of our point. The designs of these jackets could be worn with a variety of men’s streetwear or casual wear. Their darkened colours and fitting silhouettes enable Fusalp clothing to be worthy of being included in every man’s wardrobe and allow them to be attractive for not just ski trips to a chalet in The Alps but also for general winterwear due to their padded lining and reliable warmth.


Get the Best Designer Clothing for Men at OD’s

Every guy deserves to be walking the streets in the best attire that the fashion world has to offer, and here at OD’s we want to help with that. Our range of designer clothing for men is extensive and world-renowned, with the four brands we have referred to leading the charge in high-end, appealing menswear. Simply head over to the Mens Designer Clothing Department to browse our full collection and begin to update a man’s wardrobe the proper way.

Designer Labels That Men Favour Above...

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With extreme prices coming from most designer outlets, everyone is partial to a bargain. There is that regular occurrence of picking up something that you like the look of, seeing the price and immediately putting it back down. The reason for designer clothes being so expensive? In short, they cost so much to make and distribute; those fine materials and perfect, comfortable fittings don’t come cheap! But thankfully, here at OD’s Designer Clothing, you don’t always have to worry about the price thanks to our designer clothes sale.


We have a long list of designer items from top brands that are reduced dramatically in price for you to take advantage of! We understand that here and there times can be tough, and so we have many luxurious items for you to choose from! Below are some of the best items that are currently featured in our designer clothes sale, so feel free to have a read then browse our full sale to see what takes your fancy!



From the designer menswear sale here at OD’s, we have items from big brands such as Hugo Boss, Giuseppe Zanotti and Neil Barrett. With items from brands as good as these, you would expect the drops in pricing to not be very much…well, think again! Our Men’s Hugo Boss sale items include the Mens BOSS Green Tee 8 T Shirt and the Mens BOSS Green Hadiko Track Pants. Both of these fashionable clothing items from one of the world’s leading brands are the ideal additions to your weekend outfits and are comfortable for a relaxing for a few days off work. Why are we telling you about these luxurious items? They are currently 50% off in price! Perfect for any guy to throw on during days off work or dress down Fridays, these designer items offer maximum comfort and allow you to strut around in style.


Our Men’s Giuseppe Zanotti sale offers items such as the Mens Giuseppe Zanotti Klarty Desert Boot. These smart boots are great to wear with formal outfits for the likes of New Years Eve and Christmas Day. Not only are they fashionable and perfect to combine with a smart outfit, but they are also currently benefitting from a whopping 75% off their price! Looking for some nice footwear to go with your smart festive outfit? We have the perfect bargain for you! With the likes of our Men’s Hugo Boss sale and Men’s Giuseppe Zanotti sale offering amazing and deluxe items, make sure you benefit from massive drops in prices which extend into other brands for men such as Dsquared2, Zegna and The North Face.



Our designer womenswear sale, of course, has many items from high-end brands with massive reductions in price from brands such as Canada Goose, Nicole Benisti and Calvin Klein. Our Women’s Calvin Klein sale offers stylish, stand out items such as the Womens Calvin Klein Skirt. Designed to give you comfort whilst remaining ultimately stylish and presentable, you can’t miss out on this item, especially when it has had a pleasing 50% cut off its pricing! Check out this comfortable skirt from Calvin Klein which comes in a black colourway and features the Calvin Klein logo on the left.


With the Winter months rolling in, you will be happy to know that our Women’s Canada Goose sale is in full swing! Sales items for the Canada Goose brand include popular items such as the Womens Canada Goose Admiral Blue Mystique Parka and the Womens Canada Goose Black Kinley Parka. Both being crafted from warm, comfortable materials and designed to be long in length, these items are perfect additions to your wardrobe for the Winter months. They are also fashioned to blend well with all of your cosy festive outfits for when you are off out for Christmas drinks or off to venture around the Christmas markets! Like the look of them? Great! Then you’ll be thrilled to know that we have slashed 25% off their prices to bring them down a considerable amount for any women who don’t want to feel the bitter cold this Winter! With these stand out examples from two of our most famous brands, you can see that everyone will be able to find something from our sale, which goes further than our Women’s Calvin Klein sale and Women’s Canada Goose sale with branded women’s items on offer from labels such as Vivienne Westwood, Rebecca Rhoades and Sundress.



Our designer kidswear sale is brimming with branded items that would be perfect for your little ones! We are currently offering sale prices on items from labels such as Marcelo Burlon, Pyrenex and Mayoral. These brands cater extremely well to the younger generations, so you can be sure that items from them are of a high standard! Our Junior Pyrenex sale has the perfect selection of coats for these colder months, such as the Boys Pyrenex Parka and the Unisex Pyrenex Jacket! Both benefitting from duck down filling, these Pyrenex coats are sure to keep your little ones warm over Christmas, and what makes them even better? They currently have 20% off their price! Take advantage whilst you can for your kids to have stylish, cosy coats for these colder days of the year.


Our Kids Marcelo Burlon sale sees us slashing prices on some of the children brand’s most lavish items, such as the Baby Unisex Marcelo Burlon Romper. Make sure your little one is shown off with this finely crafted romper that comes in Marcelo Burlon’s classic black colourway with unique imagery emblazoned across the front. Like this little number for your baby boy or girl? Brilliant! You’ll also like that this Marcelo Burlon Romper has dropped in price by a massive 75%! If you want the perfect little addition to your baby’s wardrobe, we have the perfect little offer for you! With great items like these in our Junior Pyrenex sale and Kids Marcelo Burlon sale, be sure that you don’t miss out on other items from these brands and others such as Philipp Plein, CP Company and Kenzo!


Browse Our Entire Designer Clothes Sale

Here at OD’s we have a vast range of designer items up for grabs at reduced prices, and from looking at the best examples of luxurious clothes here you can be sure that even at low prices you are investing in the best of the world’s biggest brands! So, want to take advantage of prices that are too good to be true? Have a look around our full designer clothes sale and see if anything else catches your eye!

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Christmas time is upon us. This means only one thing; It is finally that time of year where the kids break up from school and have a couple of weeks to get excited for Santa to arrive and go out in the cold weather. But with cold weather, there is obviously the need for them to wrap up in the best and warmest coats possible, so they can stay free of a cold over the festive period. Here at OD’s Designer Clothing we understand that you want your children to have layer upon layer to keep them cosy and warm as they play out with their friends on a HOPEFULLY snowy day. That is why we stock the best kids designer coats from top brands such as Lanvin, Pyrenex, Stone Island and C.P Company to make sure your little ones have the best outwear available to them for Christmas and cold weather in general! But what makes these coats that good? How do these big brands of fashion make their outwear products to be worthwhile and ideal for your little man? Well, here are a few of the characteristics that some of our top brands bring with their Winter coats for kids.




Nowadays, every kid wants to look the bees-knees when they are out and about, and that time off school around Christmas is no exception! But of course, the phrase ‘function over fashion’ comes to mind with this; A lot of winter coats don’t always look overly trendy. That is why a lot of brands bring out clean cut, fun designs for their winter coats that kids will definitely love and that you will easily be able to link in with their Winter outfits.


Just take a look at the Boys C.P Company Shell Jacket from our Junior C.P Company Collection for example. Designed to resist water and wind like the brand’s other coats, this brings in an urban style that comes in a trendy khaki-green colourway and incorporates the brand’s iconic goggles design into the collar. Staying in tune with the brand’s philosophy of ‘function and use’, this coat is ideal for numerous occasions. Taking the little guy out around your city’s Christmas markets? Pair this with a pair of black jeans, a jumper and trainers. Is he off out for a free-for-all snowball fight? Make sure he is wearing snug, warm track pants, warm gloves, suitable trainers and a thick, warm jumper with this ideal coat where the goggles accessory will also come in handy! See? Kids designer coats such as from our Junior C.P Company range can be perfect for looking stylized even when he is in the midst of a snowball war!



Warmth & Comfort

Staying warm and being comfortable is obviously the biggie when it comes to choosing a coat for your little one. You want to choose one that will definitely keep your little one warm and cosy during the colder months. Thanks to brands such as Stone Island, C.P Company, Pyrenex and Lanvin there is no need to fret; With effective designs and helpful materials, these brands among others can help in keeping your little one snug as a bug in a rug time and time again.


Pyrenex, for example, have the Girls Pyrenex Authentic Shiny Fur Jacket in Grey in our Junior Pyrenex Collection. Being functional with various internal and external pockets plus a removable hood, this girls Pyrenex coat has knitted ribbed cuffs and most importantly duck down filling. Like in all Pyrenex jackets, duck down filling is used for comfortable, warm insulation. It is a soft layer of feathers that makes for cosy wearing and helps in keeping your little girl toasty even on the coldest of days.


Lanvin is a brand that also takes an interest in professional insulation except they use goose down filling, incorporating it into the likes of the Boys Lanvin Down Filled Jacket in our Kids Lanvin Collection. This jacket also includes a hood, various pockets and comfy knitted ribbed cuffs, but there is one extra added benefit. This down filled jacket comes in a mid-length design. What does that mean? It means a warm, goose down filled coat that covers more of the body! It means keeping your little man even warmer than expected! With these examples from our Junior Pyrenex range and Kids Lanvin range, plus Winter coats for kids from other brands we supply, make sure you pair them up with nice jeans, trainers and thick jumpers to have your girls Pyrenex coat or boys Lanvin coat helping in bringing extra warmth, comfort and fashion to your kid’s wardrobe.



Ideal Materials

One of the nerve-filled problems with kids is how messy things can get, very VERY easily. The last thing you want to do is buy them a lovely, warm Winter coat…only for it to be wrecked with rips, mud or dampness within the first week of the holidays. Well, thankfully a lot of high-end brands have solutions with how they design their coats for these times of the year. Pyrenex design coats that are water and wind resistant, C.P Company design coats using tough polyester, and so on and so forth. It is important that branded coats help to make sure their clothing items, especially outwear for children, are made to last longer and be easy to maintain.


Let’s look at the Boys Blue Stone Island Jacket from our Junior Stone Island Collection. The coat boasts a quilted design, attached hood and front zip that covers from the hips up to the top of the collar; qualities incorporated into other coats from this brand. But what is the material used for the shell of this jacket? Nylon fabric. Nylon fabric is abrasion resistant, it is simple to wash, it is quick drying, it is extremely resistant to water…you can see where we are going with this. If your child were to have a trip and a fall whilst he is running along and come home covered in mud after a rainy day, all whilst wearing this coat, you will be happy to know that it will only be your little boy who needs the real looking after. A few wipes and this Stone Island Jacket would be right as rain. Group it together with warm clothes and this coat, along with others from our Junior Stone Island range and various designer collections, will be fit to keep your little one warm without the worry of it being damaged from a simple trip or playing out in less-than-ideal weather.



Prepare Your Little Ones with The Best Kids Designer Coats

Having outlined benefits of these four top brands that we stock, you can see why we are proud to have their names featured at OD’s. Remember, the festive season is here, and before you know it your kids will be at the window waiting for snow fall so they can build a snowman and truly feel like it’s Christmas time! With that in mind, they need to be put in the nicest, warmest, most appropriate coats you can find! Browse the Jacket and Coat collections of Lanvin, Pyrenex, Stone Island and C.P Company to get a closer look at their Winter coats for kids; then, let them run wild and enjoy their time off school!

The Best Things About Kids Lanvin, Py...

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Fashion is a standpoint that has been favourable in society for centuries. As time has gone on so has style, however some designer brands have never forgotten to keep looking to the past for inspiration or to keep a trend in their collections from many years ago. An example of this type of brand is Zegna. Ermenegildo Zegna began his designer clothing venture in Italy, 1910. Since then Zegna Clothing has flourished by moving with the times through bold, new designs but still always peeking back into past styles to keep vintage inspiration alive. Zegna now has more than 7,000 employees on their payroll with more than 500 shops open across the world!



Our Range of Zegna Clothing

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing we proudly stock and provide our Zegna clothing range, being overly impressed with the brand’s appeal to all audiences, sophisticated materials and respect to different countries and cultures. The connection and mass appeal of this brand to all corners of the globe make Zegna a standout designer, being forward-thinking whilst looking to the past to ensure tradition is felt in their branding and what has worked so far is not forgotten. We at OD’s want you to understand why Zegna is a brand you shouldn’t be walking past when you are out for a shopping day. Here we will tell you why Zegna is a global phenomenon and why the long-standing name is still forwarding their clothing to various places around the globe.



Improving with Time

The Zegna brand came from humble beginnings as a wool mill manufacturing fine quality fabrics for suits. Over time, with new ideas and generations came new opportunities, which saw Zegna excel as time went on. The brand went on to eventually see the release of a casual wear line, knitwear line and even an accessories line. From there flagship stores were opened across Europe as fashion kept taking steps forward. By the 90’s the company was regarded as “conservative, yet forward-thinking”.


With the clothing range that Zegna boasts today, you can see how the age-old brand has continued to learn and push forward with their knowledge whilst not forgetting the past. You have your traditional cotton items such as Zegna polo shirts, which are still made to be comfortable, including either no design at all for a more classic look or a slight design to fill the polo shirt with an effect, such as on the Mens Striped Zegna Polo Shirt. However, Zegna as a company has also gone on to be progressive with their clothing, bringing in new and revolutionary methods to make their clothing stand out from the crowd. Just look at the likes of the Mens Zegna Print t-Shirt from our Zegna T-Shirts range. This t-shirt provides a relaxed, traditional fit for the wearer with an interesting patterned design on the front, however the material is what is most interesting. Zegna uses mercerised cotton for a number of their products such as this one, which means the colouring is made to be much brighter and vibrant. Zegna wants your clothes to not only look good for a longer period of time than usual, but they also want to make your outfit pop and appear to stand out. Ultimately, Zegna want you to be able to choose between a more classic traditional kind of clothing and a newer more effective type of clothing.



Simplistic but Bold

Over the years, Zegna has gone on to adapt so many qualities to their brand, one of which is their designs. Gildo Zegna, who currently runs the fashion label, has stated that they use contemporary art for many of their designs, and you can see how; the designs of many clothing products from Zegna are eye-catching and unique in style. Take a look at the likes of the Mens Grey Zegna Trio of Men T-Shirt or the Mens Zegna Snowsuit Print T-Shirt. Both of these examples display interesting, low-key designs that appear to be done so simplistically, however they still attain your gaze and have you fascinated by their abstract look. Both designs come off as being sketched and so appear basic, however when emblazoned across the clothing they do not appear as one-dimensional as you would expect and compliment the clothing with bold effects that pique your interest.


This brand create eye-catching looks for many of their clothing items, even with ones that simply depend on lettering; The Mens Grey Zegna Sweatshirt features the “Z ZEGNA” name across it’s chest in a rustic design that sees each letter appliquéd with off-centre outlining. Again, such a simple design, but also quite effective on the eye. Zegna bring in simple designs in some cases for their clothing, but they are sure to give you a more unique and interesting look with the rest of your outfit.



Cultural and Respectful

Referring again to how Zegna uses their contemporary designs, this has been known to be done as a way of introducing themselves to new markets. The fashion label has done so with the aim to touch upon various cultures and countries. Zegna is a brand that wishes to localise their brand to every corner of the world, focusing on designs that appeal to different regions and even going as far as taking into account different fits and sizes from country to country. Gildo Zegna was even quoted once as saying “ many brands use sport to introduce their products into new markets. We use art”.


Because of this, Zegna has built itself to be a clothing range that respects customers on a global scale, wanting to reach out with their clothing range and make everyone feel connected through the Zegna name. Because of this, Zegna shirts, jeans, accessories etc. are made to be well-fitted to everyone around the world, including here in the UK!



Browse our Zegna Clothing Range!

Zegna clothing is as current and relevant as most other fashion brands. With a range of well-made and beautifully designed items that incorporate both traditional characteristics and forward-looking processes, this label is a hit around the world and is definitely worth an extra space in your wardrobe. If you are looking for clothing that is effective, long-lasting and of course fashionable to wear, you are in safe hands with the iconic brand that is Zegna. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the likes of our Zegna T-Shirts, Zegna Polo Shirts and Zegna Accessories. Browse our full Zegna Collection today and see why Zegna clothing shouldn’t be missed out on.

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The festive season is now upon us, which means Christmas parties, New Years Eve celebrations and preparing for a fresh year. With everyone wanting to look their best, you want to make sure that you look good from head to toe, and in terms of the toe part we have you covered with Mercer Amsterdam shoes. Mercer Amsterdam is a brand that comes from humble beginnings and to this day has never forgot its roots. Started by Pim Dreson in 2013, the brand was started when Dreson’s obsession with trainers inspired him to create his own pair. This led to interest from companies and eventually seen him quitting his fulltime job in banking within weeks of his shoes having their first bite of success. Dreson pushed himself to create trainers that he believed had a perfect, comfortable fit and that were different from the rest on the market; uniqueness was the key for him. To this day, Mercer Amsterdam has not stepped into the mass production game and instead opts for family run small-scale factories, wanting to run the production of his footwear in the same way people view them: differently.


Mercer Amsterdam Shoes from OD’s

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing we proudly supply Mercer Amsterdam trainers, being inspired by their independence and unique look compared to other brands of footwear. The individuality of this brand makes it stand apart from others, with Dreson even saying his target audience for his products are people who are different and set themselves apart from the masses. If you aren’t familiar with Mercer Amsterdam shoes, or even if you are, you may be wondering what the big craze is about Mercer Amsterdam’s footwear. Well, let us tell you. Have a read and see if these types of trainers pique your interest or do so more than before.


Revolutionary Trainer Models

Mercer trainers have helped to change the game in the appearance of everyday footwear. If you look at the likes of the Mens Mercer Amsterdam W3RD Trainers or the Mens Mercer Amsterdam Wooster Trainers you can see that Dreson’s mission is complete; he has designed footwear that truly steps apart from the looks of other brands and companies. Their look and feel are somewhat outlandish and irregular yet stylish, which gives them their unique flair and makes Mercer Amsterdam the footwear brand that you go to if you want to make a statement with a different type of shoes.


Streetwear for Smart Occasions

There was once a time when no one would really see trainers as the kind of footwear that would be worn for special occasions. Brogues and pumps were the usual go-to footwear for birthdays, nice meals and parties. However, could you say how many people wear trainers for these kinds of occasions nowadays? Probably not because it’s pretty much an every day occurrence. High-end trainers like Mercer trainers have excelled to become contemporary shoes to go out in. You can see from looking at the Mens Mercer Amsterdam Backspin Trainers as an example. Trainers such as these have transformed the traditional look of going out for a night on the town with their sleek design and attractive colour scheme that would fit well with trendy evening garb.


Crafted in Various Materials

As you would expect, numerous materials are used to craft these luxurious Mercer Amsterdam trainers, with variations being used for different designs and looks. Dreson and co use high-grade leather skins and linings, which are brought together with luxurious rubber soles to complete the usual look of their shoes, wanting to constantly meet Dreson’s goal of the ultimately comfortable shoe range. The brand will also use the likes of suede to give different types of trainers a certain feel, and this is where their materials become even more important. The materials used help to give a certain impression and idea of when they can be worn. Some materials used in designs will help to give the impression of a more laidback look for your outfit whilst some will be suitable for painting the town red with smarter attire. The same can be said for most footwear brands in that they give an impression of which design can go with their outfit, but Mercer Amsterdam trainers create a definitive look for each type that is produced and fashion infinite possibilities of outfits from pair to pair.


View Our Range of Mercer Amsterdam Shoes Today!

Mercer Amsterdam trainers contain the essence of style and individuality that make for a stand-out footwear brand. With beautiful, chic designs and crafting through materials that are luxurious and extremely comfortable, Dreson did what he set out to do and created a footwear brand that appeals to the niche market and the style-minded. So, why not treat yourself? Complete a smart outfit whether it is for a day out or an evening occasion with Mercer Amsterdam trainers. Browse our full Men’s Mercer Amsterdam Collection today and I’m sure you will soon be agreeing with us on their comfort, style and uniqueness.

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It is finally upon us. Black Friday. The event that has everyone battling it out for the best deals and lowest priced items. If you are looking for a cheeky deal on your favourite types of items, the Black Friday event is what you should be looking into. Black Friday sales were traditionally only on, you guessed it, a Friday! But the event has now blown up into an occasion that can go on for days. But now I hear you asking, “what are OD’s doing for Black Friday?”, well…



OD’s Designer Black Friday Sale – 20% Off!

At OD’s Designer Clothing our Black Friday sale for men’s, women’s and kids clothes runs from Wednesday 21st November to Monday 26th November at midnight, with a wide range of designer items having a price overhaul during the sale period. We are offering a 20% discount on immense brands such as Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and The North Face for all customers, meaning a big chunk of cash off clothing items from many of the biggest names in fashion! How do you get your 20% off online? The offer is linked to the discount code “BF20” which will reduce the price of your items at the checkout if applicable.

But thankfully, there’s more to share! We are upping our discount for a number of selected brands and items, offering more than just 20% off! Wondering what brands are part of these mega deals? Read on and see if anything takes your fancy with our designer Black Friday sale.



Brands With 25% Off!

We are pushing the boat out by giving everyone a 25% off deal on selected brands. Take advantage of this deal as soon as possible as our stock could be gone before you know it! The brands and categories with reduced items for our Black Friday event are:


Junior Lanvin Items

For our junior category we are having a Lanvin Black Friday sale for all items! Lanvin are a classic fashion company that have been working endlessly since the 1800s to bring you top-class footwear and outfits so that you can always look your best. For clothing that incorporates modern, eye-catching designs and practicality look no further than Lanvin, with the likes of their shoes and sweatshirts/t-shirts being extremely popular with the kids of today. Choose from a range of the brand’s famous trainers, shorts, trousers, polo shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for a sweet deal from our junior Lanvin Black Friday sale this week!


Junior Marcelo Burlon Items

Coming straight from our junior collection also is our Marcelo Burlon sale. A Marcelo Burlon sale with 25% off items means getting in on some of the simplest yet coolest designs to hit the streets in the current era. With their black colourways, Marcelo Burlon designs throw in the most outrageous but artist designs to grace your little man’s attire. With street-smart clothing that can help in giving any young man a creative outfit, don’t miss out on our junior Marcelo Burlon sale for this Black Friday event, offering out some of the best t-shirts, pants, hoodies and accessories on the market.


Junior Neil Barret Items

Our junior Neil Barrett sale is something that can’t be missed during this Black Friday event. Make sure a young man is stylish when he’s out and about but is also giving off a mature, well-dressed vibe with the clothing items available from our limited junior Neil Barrett sale. Junior Neil Barrett products come in the form of hoodies, t-shirts and pants, all coming with stylish designs that mix well with both everyday and smart-casual outfits thanks to their constant colourways of either black, grey, navy or brown.


Junior Tommy Hilfiger Items

Carrying on the Kids Black Friday sale is the ever-popular Tommy Hilfiger brand. Include that iconic blue, red and white logo into your young man or woman’s wardrobe thanks to reduced prices from our Kids Tommy Hilfiger sale on all items under the brand’s junior category. Take advantage of our 25% off deal by investing in clothes he/she can wear on days off school and also that will benefit them during AW18. Get in on the Kids Tommy Hilfiger sale this week by choosing from the brand’s range of sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants and underwear.


Women Canada Goose Selected Items

As part of our Women’s Black Friday sale, complete any woman’s wardrobe with 25% off selected parkas from Canada Goose. Our Women Canada Goose sale has 4 of our most luxurious coats on offer; the Womens Canada Goose Black Kensington Parka, the Womens Canada Goose Black Canmore Parka, the Womens Canada Goose Military Green Kinley Parka and the Womens Canada Goose Black Parka. All of these well-crafted coats include the brand’s Arctic Tech® fabric and designs that make them ideal for AW18 to keep her warm and toasty during the incoming bitter cold days. With reductions like this through our Women Canada Goose sale for Black Friday, you don’t want to miss out while it’s there.



Brands With 30% Off!

Yes, our deals don’t just end with the 20% and 25% off deals! We are also offering 30% off items on specific brands so that you can benefit from even better price reductions over the Black Friday period! These are definitely not to be missed out on with reductions on brands such as:


Junior Roberto Cavali

Enjoy 30% off junior items with our Black Friday Roberto Cavali sale. Add to a boy’s or girl’s fashionable weekend attire with chic clothes that scream “energy” and “glamour” from Roberto Cavali. With our junior Roberto Cavali sale offering you massive reductions in the finest of tracksuit clothing, leggings, jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and various other clothing items to stylise your child’s outfits, you won’t believe your luck! Make sure you have a rifle through and take full advantage of our limited prices during this crazy week.


Men’s Rossignol

With Winter coming into full swing, its best to make sure you are kept warm in style. With our Men’s Black Friday sale comes our Rossignol sale for men to prepare well for AW18! As one of the best for skiing apparels that brings in an urban vibe, Rossignol has over 100 years’ worth of knowledge behind it and is seen as an icon in men’s fashion regarding their outwear. Pick from a range of jackets, sweatshirts and t-shirts to complete the perfect winter look with the added benefit of our Rossignol sale.


Men’s Neil Barrett

Our Neil Barrett sale for Black Friday also broadens into our Men’s range. As equally popular as junior range, our Men’s Neil Barrett collection offer clothing items that are smart ands stylish whilst adding in trendy designs that make them even better to wear with both everyday and smart-casual outfits. Choose from a range of items instore with 30% off in our Men’s Neil Barrett sale.


Men’s Giuseppe Zanotti

Take advantage of this big Black Friday event and invest in the Giuseppe Zanotti sale in our Men’s collection. Giuseppe Zanotti footwear items never fail to impess, with unique, stylish designs that really pop and should always be worn when in your finest attire. Giuseppe Zanotti shoes come in a range in range of designs and colourways that are ideal for smart nights out with your friends. Take this big opportunity while you can and benefit from 30% off our men’s range through our Men’s Giuseppe Zanotti sale.


Men’s Fusalp

Our Fusalp sale for our Men’s collection gives you the chance to be in on The Alps’ best fashion trend for an amazingly reduced price. Fusalp helps in bringing together fashion and function through creating stylized designs for cold climates. Ski and snowboard in the finest get-up by incorporating items from our limited Men’s Fusalp sale into your outfit at the lodge! Choose from finely crafted jackets, hats and scarfs that will be ideal for the colder weather you will encounter.



Browse Our Full Black Friday Sale Today

Having outlined our big deals that ultimately bring you a Men’s Black Friday sale, Women’s Black Friday sale and Kids Black Friday sale, we at OD’s Designer Clothing now leave the power in your hands. With a large selection of items for you to get 20%, 25% or 35% off in price, there is no time to waste! Browse our full range of items online and in store to benefit from our designer Black Friday sale!



What to Look Out for This Black Friday

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Being a teenager can be a pesky business; everyone at school wants to be in on the latest styles and once a trend is taken hold of, it spreads around the playground like wild fire, leaving parents everywhere with ideas for birthday and Christmas present ideas. But on the flip side, teenagers can be a picky lot. As much as there are brands they will leap at, there are also brands they will run away from in terror.


So, if you’re wondering which brands of teenage designer clothes will definitely put a smile on a moody teenager’s face, OD’s Designer Clothing have the answers! We have compiled a list of designer labels that are currently the trend for junior designer clothes and are perfect for all youngsters! Have a read and learn what brands will have your young man or woman jumping for joy.


Dsquared2 Junior Collection


Having picked up momentum in recent years, Dsquared2 has become a phenomenon around the world. A label that has become renowned for fashionable, well-made clothing items, it is no wonder that a Dsquared2 junior selection now exists. The iconic logo of the brand is found on most young people nowadays, with the Dsquared2 junior range featuring playful, stylish designs that appeal to the younger generations whilst keeping the brand’s nod to Canadian heritage intact.


Complete a stylized outfit for your teenage boy by combining the likes of the Boys Dsquared2 Sweatshirt and the Boys Dsquared2 Hockney Jeans courtesy of the Dsquared2 junior range. The dark coloured jeans take on board the ripped jeans trend, whilst the comfortable charcoal Dsquared2 sweatshirt pretty much salutes the Canadian heritage of the label’s designers through “CANAD²A” being emblazoned across the chest, the iconic red maple leaf also appearing on the hood. Complete the look by including a pair of smart black trainers and a white t-shirt. Bring together an iconic outfit by including one of the worlds leading brands in your child’s wardrobe.


C.P Company Junior Collection


C.P Company are popular for their contemporary designs and technology-based fabrics that give military-styled t-shirts, jumpers and other items of clothing a futuristic but smart look, and their junior selection is not to be exempt. The admired C.P Company junior range incorporates that same research-led fashioning that has made this brand popular so far, featuring the iconic goggle motif and being crafted from practical fabrics.


Make sure that your young man is trendy by rifling through the C.P Company junior selection, finding items such as the Boys C.P. Company T-Shirt and the Boys C.P. Company Jog Shorts. Creating the ideal chilled look, the cotton t-shirt in a blue colourway features the brand’s logo with embroidery alluding to the brand’s iconic goggle design, whilst the relaxed grey jog shorts come with an elasticated waist plus a drawstring and various pockets located on each side, the left leg’s front pocket incorporating the brand’s goggle design also. Create a relaxed yet smart outfit that is sure to be a hit continuously in the future.


Stone Island Junior Collection


Just like Dsquared2, the logo is recognised from a mile off when it comes to this brand. Stone Island is a decades old designer label that consistently investigate fibres and fabrics to bring you clothing items that last longer than expected and are distinctive in their design. In looking at the well-liked Stone Island Junior selection, the brand creates a sporty urban-style clothing that is both functional and fashionable. Stone Island Junior integrates the same iconic, stylish looks as the adult range, ensuring that teenagers have a sense of maturity and fine materials on their backs.


Throw the likes of the Boys Stone Island Sweatshirt into the mix of your teenager’s wardrobe to ensure a stylish, well-crafted addition that appears smart when combined with smart jeans and shoes, also displaying Stone Island’s signature compass logo on the left arm. Make sure the young man of the family has well-made, long lasting clothes from the extensive collection of Stone Island Junior.


Armani Junior Collection


As one of the most well-known brands around at the moment, Armani is a designer label that has a variety of items perfect for all ages and all occasions. The Armani junior selection offers clothes for teens that are smart, smart-casual or relaxed; basically, Armani caters to whatever occasion you need, being crafted from specialist materials and being designed for the perfect fit.


Get the smart look for your teenager with items such as the Boys Emporio Armani Long Sleeve Shirt, suited to special occasions that require him to look his absolute best. Bring in a fashionable smart-casual outfit by combining the likes of the Boys Grey Emporio Armani Polo Shirt and the Boys Emorio Armani Jeans for a well-dressed everyday look. For a relaxed, chilled outfit, look at items like the Boys Emprio Armani Tracksuit so the young man can spend his days off school comfortable but trendy. Adapt to any occasion easily with the help of The Armani junior collection.


Canada Goose Junior Collection


A must for AW18, Canada Goose is a popular brand amongst younger generations through their Canada Goose junior selection. With numerous coats that go well with almost any outfit, this brand caters their expertise to creating warm, luxurious outwear that will keep you cosy through the colder months of the year. Crafted with their signature fur-trim hoods and the famous logo depicting a bird’s eye view of The Arctic, a coat from Canada Goose is sure to have your teenager thrilled as we pass into the Winter season, allowing them to parade through the bitter cold in style.


Take a look at the designs from the Canada Goose junior range, viewing clothing items such as the Unisex Canada Goose Youth Logan Parka and the Unisex Canada Goose Youth Rundle Bomber. Though slightly different in design through the likes of length and hem design, both of these selections, like the rest of the iconic label’s coats collection, will keep your young man or woman safe from harsh weather conditions and freezing cold conditions with a stylized trendy look.



Get the Best Teenage Designer Clothes from OD’s

At OD’s Designer Clothing we have a wide assortment of junior designer clothes for your teenager to add to their wardrobe. We have gone through a number of popular designer brands that have proven to be a massive hit with the kids, but there are still more for you to encounter – including Hugo Boss, Kenzo and Pyrenex. Take a look at our full range online or in-store for juniors today to make sure your teens are in on the latest trends!

Teenage Designer Clothes That Your Te...

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The weather that comes with Autumn and Winter requires the right kind of attire for stepping outside your front door. The possibility of bitter cold, windy days means that it is time to let go of the chino shorts and flip-flops and embrace the warmer layers. The likes of parkas, padded vests, bombers and puffer jackets are what you should be looking at stocking up on amongst other Winter clothing items.

At OD’s Designer Clothing we ensure that there is designer winter clothing for everyone in your family across our men’s, women’s and juniors department. Here we take a look at the top international designer labels that should be your go-to brands to make sure you feel more warm than cold for the next few months. Have a read through and see what you fancy wearing to help you brave the incoming cold conditions.


Canada Goose Coats – Practical Way to Battle Winter

If practicality and style is important to you, then Canada Goose is the right choice for you. Designed with a streetwear appeal, Canada Goose coats have become a worldwide phenomenon, fashionable to be worn on ski slopes in Switzerland or even just as you are making your way around Christmas markets with family and friends. You can’t deny that the popular logo displaying the Arctic isn’t recognisable to you, and this is because the functionality and designs of Canada Goose’s products appeal to the masses.

If you’re wondering what exactly makes Canada Goose a go-to label for the colder seasons, look at the likes of the Mens Canada Goose Khaki Chilliwack Bomber; a coat that incorporates a coyote fur-trim hood with a high collar that can be zipped up to fully from the bottom of the bomber-length design. With fleece-lined pockets and compartments found on the front and arms of the design, the iconic logo on the right arm and the added benefit of down-fill insulation, these design choices all make for a coat that is crafted for warmth, functionality and comfort. With a Canada Goose collection that reaches out to everyone, give you and your family a good chance of staying warm through these harsh cold months.


Moose Knuckles Clothing – Festive & Trendy

Although the brand has gone on to incorporate ranges of t-shirts, knitwear and accessories under its name, Moose Knuckles is still mainly renowned for its outwear range. With expert tailoring and luxurious materials, the Moose Knuckles reputation of appealing to outsiders and energetic youths mixes in well with their brand. If you are looking for a range of winter clothes that are perfect for your stylish side, look no further than Moose Knuckles coats and hats. This clothing range is ideal for when you are venturing out to your friend’s Christmas party through the wind and snow in your finest designer outfit.

When looking for why Moose Knuckles coats are sought after, look at the likes of the Womens Moose Knuckles Debbie Bomber. Perfect for the festive season especially, this fun design has a black colourway that brings in a fur-trim hood and pompoms coloured in white to blend in with possible snowy evenings. The bomber has an exterior material consisting of cotton and nylon with a design that makes sure rain and snow is kept out. With duck down to insulate heat and the brand’s metallic  trend for coats shown through the zipper and button design, you have a coat that is crafted to keep you hip and trendy on those colder days and nights. Moose Knuckles are a designer label that hit the ground running with outwear and their appeal to everyone’s energetic, free side, with other designs  such as the Mens Moose Knuckle 3Q Jacket and the Junior Girls Moose Knuckles Bomber Jacket amongst others. Through our full Moose Knuckle collection, give your warm outfits for the AW18 an update with the trendy clothing choices provided.


Froccella Women’s Coats – Elegant for the Cold Weather

For ladies who are wanting to make their way through AW18 with an elegant, visually striking look, Froccella is the brand you should be eyeing up. As you have probably noticed, most winter coats incorporate the fur-trim hoods and padded effect, but what Froccella coats do is take that trending look and give it an even more sophisticated, graceful look. The use of glossy material and well fitted designs make Froccella women’s coats the ideal choice this Winter season.

With Froccella coats, you want to make sure that you make a statement and wear one with pride and a flick of the hair. One of our main picks is the Womens Froccella B88 Jacket. This waterproof outwear coat brings together a polyester outer, a real fur hood, warm goose down filling, a mid-style look and a full zip at the front that leads to the top of the collar. Along with its tonal stitching throughout, side pockets and comfortable stretchy cuffs you have an example that screams the main stylish and beneficial factors of all Froccella women’s coats. If looking for something with less of a glossy look, maybe look at the Womens Froccella B203 Jacket or the colourful Womens Froccella B220S Jacket amongst other designs in our Froccella collection for the sophisticated, tasteful addition to any women’s winter look.


North Face Clothing – Dress Down in Style This Autumn & Winter

Prepare for the extreme in the best way with The North Face clothing. Designed as a more casual line of clothes, outwear from The North Face collection is a great pick for Winter clothing when braving a hike when it’s blowing a freezing cold gale or when you are finishing your Christmas shopping on a casual day off work. With a large range of coats, t-shirts, hats, gloves and pants, all ideal for the cold days of the year, The North Face is a brand you can stock up on.

Take on cold weather in style during the Autumn and Winter seasons with the likes of the Mens The North Face Himalayan Light Down Hooded Jacket and the Mens The North Face Diablo Pants. Crafted from weather-resistant and warming materials, the combination is sure to keep the cold out wherever you go. But, if you want to wrap up to the extreme there is always the likes of the Mens The North Face TNF Logo Box Cuff Beanie Hat and the Mens The North Face Etip Gloves for the extra heat on your head and hands whilst you’re hiking through the countryside or walking down the high street in the heavy snowfall. Always make sure you are prepared for the extreme weather with casual but effective clothes from The North Face clothing range.


Prepare for AW18 With OD’s

The weather that comes with the Autumn and Winter months is not to be taken likely, and these designer labels are the ultimate brands for your AW18 clothing. It is time to bring the outgear…well, out, and if you feel you haven’t got all of your winter clothing essentials handy there is no need to worry! At OD’s, we have our full online collection of designer clothing for men, women and juniors for you to view and choose from! We also offer free next day delivery on all items Monday to Thursday if you order before 2:45pm. So, what are you waiting for? Have a browse for the whole family today and find the right high-end Winter clothing from the brands above that we guarantee will keep you all warm and dry throughout AW18.

Most Wanted Designer Labels for AW18

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In a society filled technology and social media, fashion trends are all the go. You can easily see the correlation of what designer clothing people are tending to wear and what brands are getting the most appearances on your news feed daily. Everyone wants to be up on the latest styles and trends, no matter how many different brands and designs are floating around at the time, and with big brands constantly releasing new collections and looks, trends move on to something new at one point. But for now, we at OD’s have homed in on the biggest fashion trends that are doing the rounds at the moment and are getting the most recognition on the high streets.


Key Trends at The Moment

Animal Print

Both men and women can unleash their wild side with some animal print designs in their life. Footwear is becoming increasingly design-led as time goes on, and animal print designs are currently taking centre stage. You will often find women’s heels and boots to have effects reflecting the skin/fur of leopards, crocodiles or snakes, with men’s pumps and trainers not very far behind at the moment. An example on the male demographic’s side here at OD’s is one of our popular Android trainers selections: Men’s Android Homme Propulsion Mid Trainers. These high-top Android Homme shoes are covered in premium suede and nubuck leather upper for maximum comfort all day long when you are having yet another shopping day. They are coloured in variations of grey, and at the side you can find reflective snake-print panels that blend perfectly. If you are looking for stylized Android trainers that have an animalistic edge, look no further than the Men’s Android Homme Propulsion Mid Trainers to keep your fashion side untamed.


Glossy Fabrics

Many people like to have clothing that give off a certain effect or impression and are seen as irregular compared to the usual materials used in your every-day wardrobe garb. Glossy fabrics are incorporated into a lot of designer clothes these days, mainly in women’s fashion. The high-shine effect gleams in sunlight and gives your t-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt a more authentic, luxurious appearance. An example of one of our own products that takes on the glossy fabric effect is found in our Women’s Calvin Klein collection, being our Women’s Calvin Klein Hooded Sweatshirt. This all black women’s Calvin Klein sweatshirt, complete with a drawstring hood and kangaroo pocket, brings in a pairing of cotton blend fleece and gloss prints displaying a boxed version of the Calvin Klein Jeans logo on both the left side of the chest and the left hip. With this women’s Calvin Klein sweatshirt you see how the shine from the glossy fabric makes the logos really glow and makes the sweatshirt reek of luxury and glamour. With this selection from our range of women’s Calvin Klein clothing you will be sure to look chic and give off the appearance of a lavish lifestyle.


Sock Boots

Every woman wants that added bit of comfort when they go on a night out and worry that their feet are going to be killing before midnight. Sock boots definitely provide that wanted comfort! This fitted style of boots can come in various lengths, with a material that shows off the silhouette of your legs/ankles that they cover. The best thing about them? Expect them to easily slip off without hassle after a long night out or day at work. At OD’s, of course we’ve gotten in on this popular trend; we proudly stock Womens Tommy Jeans Sock Healed Boots. Featured in our womens Tommy Jeans collection, our Tommy Jeans boots Represent Tommy Hilfiger with the brand’s famous tricolour palette displayed around the top. These tight yet comfortable Tommy Jeans sock boots come in a tall heel to implement that extra height. Thrown in with a pair of skinny jeans or a long skirt, these Tommy Jeans sock boots are sure to have you travelling to work or venturing on a night out in style.



Lads love their hats nowadays. With the latest shoes, a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt/bomber jacket combo on the upper body, you can usually find the head covered with something to complete the outfit for venturing around town or going on a drive with your pals. Caps, beanies, newsboys; there are so many variations for what guys will thrown on today. But, the main trend at the moment has to be the cap. With more and more high-end brands releasing newer designs for caps constantly, you can always find this type of headwear somewhere nearby. That’s why we heavily stock our men’s Dsquared cap range. Found in our Men’s Dsquared Accessories category, Dsquared hats for men are designed to represent Canada, the home country of the brand’s twin designers Dean and Dan Caten. Giving off a rustic vibe and made to suit the look of a trucker cap or baseball cap, these increasingly popular hats give off a rough edge and once you see them you can tell why men’s Dsquared cap designs fit in perfectly with a guy’s casual look.

But, it’s not only men that are getting in on the hat trend. Women, especially with Winter creeping in, can constantly be found to have their outfit consisting of a parka, jumper, jeans, suede boots and a warm fur hat. Perfect for enjoying bonfire night or just getting you to work without shivering, hats for AW18 are all the go and are practical for any woman’s usual outfit in the backend of the year. If you are looking for the perfect way to complete your look, get in on the current trend with our Women’s BKLYN hat range. These comfy BKLYN hats are made using only the best Italian merino wool for that extra soft touch, with a single fluffy pom pom found at the top of them. Our BKLYN bobble hat range come in a variety of hues; so not only are you ensuring that you are given the softest, warmest product to keep your head warm, but you are also ensuring that you can get BKLYN hats in colours that complete your outfits perfectly.


Check Print

The check print shirt look is an age-old fashion trend that keeps on giving. Being crafted for either the formal or informal look, check shirts are perfect to be thrown on with casual or smart jeans depending on the occasion and their actual design. Men’s check shirts have always crept in and out of fashion, but you will always find at least one person wearing one on a normal day. With high-end fashion, men’s check shirts have certainly made another come back and are trending as much as ever. Examples from our own products at OD’s have to be our Men’s Vivienne Westwood Long Sleeve Checked Shirt and our Men’s Michael Kors Long Sleeve Slim Shirt. From looking at these two shirts, you can see that both use a careful blend of colours to create a relaxed pattern that looks smart and still calls back to the traditional look of check shirts. Perfect for a celebratory meal with your loved ones or a special occasion in general, these smart men’s check print shirts are ideally combined with smart blue or black jeans and a pair of brogues or smart black pumps.


Take A Look at Our Different Collections at OD’s

As mentioned before, fashion trends are all the go, and we at OD’s Designer Clothing want to make sure you are caught up! Want to make sure you are clued up on the latest trends? Maybe it’s high time that you give your wardrobe a bit of an update and throw in some new additions. Make sure you are in with the latest clothing crazes and more importantly make sure you look your best! If you need some help with that, check out our in-store or online collection of designer clothing for both men and women to see what the biggest designers have for you to choose from.

Key Trends That You Need to Know

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