If you’re looking for the must have fashion footwear item, look no further than womens UGGs. The most fashionable style in recent times has appeared to be the Bailey Button UGG boot. This fantastic style has been endorsed by Katherine McPhee, Vanessa Hudgens and Britney Spears. These stylish celebs know how to dress, and a pair of Bailey Button boots is a great way to get that perfect relaxed style that still screams super stylish.

ODs designer clothing are an official Ugg stockist, stocking a large selection of Ugg boots and Ugg shoes. In addition to the classic boot, the ODs collection features a range of sandals, high top boots, mini bailey button boots and low top boots in a large choice of colours to match your unique fashion ideas.We also stock branded hairbands, earmuffs and slippers. Whatever your preference, we currently have half price Uggs sandals and slippers available.

The Uggs mini bailey button boots feature a sweet low rise boot with a button detail in a variety of colours. These boots are a slight variation on the tradition boot, and are wonderfully cosy for winter.

Ugg boots are possibly one of the most recognisable footwear brands in the world, and became instantly recognisable in 2000 at the start of the "Ugg Boom". They gained mainstream publicity and popularity during the boom due to celebrity involvement with the brand and are intended to be worn barefoot in order to utilise the warmth and comfort that the sheepskin fabric provides. Sheepskin footwear has since become the "must-have" fashion accessory for women worldwide.

Visit ODs designer clothing, an official stockist, to pick up a pair of Uggs today!

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