Started in 2006 by designer Massimo Rossetti and Ape S.P.A, Parajumpers have grown to be an ideal go-to brand for women when it comes to battling bad weather conditions. Rossetti found inspiration from meeting a member of the 210th Rescue Squadron which is based out in Anchorage, Alaska. Being in awe of the heroic job role the Squadron must undertake, which requires them to take on radical rescues and recoveries in the harshest corners of the world, Rossetti set out to design and create an outwear range that focuses on functionality just as much as fashion.

Equip yourself with the right attire for any situation that could bring you into contact with extreme weather through our Parajumpers range. With owning a Parajumpers jacket, you are uniting with a range of outwear that is fashioned to be both functional and practical for the wearer.


Be Ready for Anything with A Parajumpers Womens Coat

At OD’s we agree that with bad weather, you should have the right outwear gear to keep you warm and dry no matter what. With our range of various Parajumpers jackets, gilets and parkas in our Women’s Designer Department you are guaranteed to be prepared for AW18 with this brand’s nack for technological components.

Our Parajumpers range at OD’s Designer Clothing come in numerous lengths and styles, making them unique to yourself and your requirements or fashion choices. The collection includes a number of popular fur-trimmed designs, such as the Womens Parajumpers Ski Master Jacket and the Womens Parajumpers Long Bear Parka. Every single design comes with the functionality and fashion-statement that the brand has gloated for over a decade now. Our Parajumpers womens coat range come in a variety of sizes from XS to XL and can be found both in-store and online. Take a look at our full range of coats and find the right practical outwear product for you during the Winter season.

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    Womens Parajumpers Tilly Jacket
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    Womens Parajumpers L-B Light Long Bear Jacket
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    Womens Parajumpers Nova Jacket
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  4. Parajumpers

    Womens Parajumpers Tilly Jacket
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    Womens Parajumpers Tilly Jacket
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    Womens Parajumpers Kym Jacket
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    Womens Parajumpers Kym Lightweight Jacket
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