P.E Nation

P.E Nation is an activewear brand that was formed in Sydney, Australia by Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning in 2016. P.E Nation offers a new genre of athleisure and activewear – taking the latest fashion trends and using them to create practical streetwear for women who live active and varied lifestyles. They provide garments that can be worn all day long, every day and by everyone – from mothers to fitness enthusiasts and fashion lovers. Whether you keep fit through running, boxing, boot camp, yoga or Pilates, P.E Nation women’s clothing is designed to meet your training needs, without sacrificing your stylish look. And if you’re simply looking for comfortable yet sporty clothing that can be teamed with your modern wardrobe – perfect for the school run or last-minute dash to the supermarket – this brand certainly has you covered. Ranging from oversized t-shirts to luxe leggings, supportive sports bras and boxy sweatshirts, our P.E. Nation collection has it all here at OD’s Designer Clothing.
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  1. P.E Nation

    Womens P.E Nation Break Out Leggings
    As low as £120.00
  2. P.E Nation

    Womens P.E Nation Super Set Leggings
    As low as £99.00
  3. P.E Nation

    Womens P.E Nation Victory Leggings
    As low as £110.00
  4. P.E Nation

    Womens P.E Nation Run About Jacket
    As low as £200.00