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Created by sisters Ellie and Daisy O’Donnell, the ODolls collection was created with comfort in mind. The girls wanted to create clothing comfy enough to lounge around the house in but also stylish enough to wear out on a shopping trip or to the airport.


The ODolls collection has something on-trend for every occasion; including stylish loungewear, everyday essentials and glamorous party wear.


Fairy tale dreams don’t just happen overnight, and for sisters Ellie and Daisey O’Donnell the dream of owning their own clothing brand took a lot of hard work. When O’Dolls Collection launched in 2020, not many would have comprehended the global heights
of success the brand would achieve in such a short time. Taking inspiration from many of the world’s biggest fashion capitals such as Los Angeles, Dubai, and Marbella, as well as catwalks and designers from across the globe, the O’Dolls Collection is designed with maximum comfort and sublime luxury in mind to ensure you feel confident whenever you wear O’Dolls, be it at the airport or at the club. The sisters are the entire driving force behind the brand and oversee the whole process together, giving O’Dolls a wholesome family feel, while using their own personalities to help aid the designing process, the pieces created come straight from the hearts and minds of Ellie and Daisey.

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    Women's ODolls Rylie PU Leggings
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    Women's ODolls Carmen PU Leggings
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    Women's ODolls Deverra Jacket
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    Women's ODolls Alto Long Sleeve Dress
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    Women's ODolls Alice Dress
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    Women's ODolls Arabella Dress
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    Women's ODolls Vienna Dress
    As low as £55.00