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 Popular for his unique take on fashion, Paul Smith is a British menswear designer who has one key inspiration: Anything. From his fashion company’s inception in 1970, Smith laid down the phrase ‘classic with a twist’ as his statement for what his company’s clothing range will represent. From that year to now, the brand of Paul Smith clothing has expanded into over 70 countries. Smith’s range of clothing became known for breaking the mould in stereotypical trends, bringing in the classical looks of t-shirts and polo shirts and giving them a modern, quirky feel by adding designs that scream ‘artistic’ and ‘eccentric’, inspired by the cultures and appearances of the era when the brand began.

You cannot fault the craftsmanship of this high-end fashion brand, with it’s uses of fine, luxurious materials. Paul Smith focuses on exquisite tailoring for his high-end products, and also does not falter on giving his items the quirky feel that has made them so acclaimed for the past four decades. With some ranges of intrepid designs that play with patterns, images and colour, the brand boasts outlandish appearances paired with impeccable fit and shape on all types of clothing.


Art from Paul Smith Clothing

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we have nothing but respect for the fashion-statement created by Paul Smith. Daring to be bold, inventive and artistic with classical styles, Smith created a company that to this day is not afraid to be traditional but also be eye-catching and loud, setting the trend for modern day streetwear and trends.

Our Paul Smith collection allows you to cater to different clothing types, having choices of either Paul Smith polo shirts, Paul Smith sweatshirts and hoodies or Paul Smith t-shirts. Our range comes in an assortment of colours such as white, navy, blue, black or white, accompanied with either the instantly recognisable Paul Smith logo or one of the brand’s usual creative designs. With sizes ranging from S to 2XL, you can be sure that you will fit perfectly into our selection of comfortable clothing items. Shop either in-store or online today and find yourself something that is luxurious yet artistic to wear from day-to-day or for a special occasion.

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