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Mercer Amsterdam is a brand that refuses to follow the rules. Founded by Pim Dresen in 2013, it aims to produce trainers and sneakers that are different – crafted from alternative materials and showcasing a range of contemporary silhouettes that haven’t been seen before. Dresen fell in love with this casual form of footwear at the young age of 10, purchasing his first pair of trainers in Mercer Street, New York. After relocating to Amsterdam, his sneaker addiction really took off and he started to develop his own ideas about new (and incredibly original!) sneaker styles and designs.

Now, over five years later, these sneakers are a raging success – sold in 130 designer shops across 10 different countries – and the brand is going from strength to strength. Mercer Amsterdam Trainers are hand-made in family-owned small-scale factories and they offer a unique combination of luxury and streetwear style. Think NYC chic meets Amsterdam streets. High-grade leather skins, linings, rubber soles and cool urban designs. The kind of footwear that will set you apart from the masses.

Mercer Amsterdam Trainers can be worn with just about everything, from ripped jeans and tracksuits to a sharply tailored suit. They can be smart, casual, or somewhere in between – but no matter what, they always offer high-end luxurious materials and a high-quality designer finish.

Break the Rules with a Pair of Mercer Amsterdam Trainers

Here at OD’s, we like to scour the globe for the latest and trendiest designer brands in the fashion industry and, we must admit, Mercer Amsterdam has certainly caught attention! This is a successful “streetwear luxury” brand, fuelled by just one man’s shoe obsession, and it keeps growing every day. This is why we are proud to be one of its first 130 stockists…

Available both online and in-store, as part of our men’s shop-by-brand department, you will find an extensive Mercer Amsterdam Collection. This features a large range of men’s shoe sizes, from size 6-11 with many styles currently up for grabs. Whether you plan on running the track or hitting up the city with some pals, we guarantee, there will be a pair of smart-casj shoes in this collection to suit every occasion.

So why not take a look today? Break the rules, check out the full collection, and choose a pair of trainers that will differentiate you from the rest of the crowd.

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