OD’s are delighted to announce the long awaited return of Lacoste menswear. This iconic and legendary brand was once a favourite of ours, now the new collection is back and better than ever. This summer promises to be a very stylish one indeed with Lacoste designer clothing. 

Lacoste menswear is the chosen brand of apparel for sportsmen all over the world. From tennis to golf, this casual sports style is synonymous with effortless style and performance.

The iconic signature, seen on every garment of Lacoste designer clothing has secured itself as a permanent fixture in the wardrobes of fashionable and athletic men the world over, looking for a casual style that can keep up with an active lifestyle.

Whether it be on the court or on the go, Lacoste menswear is the perfect mens designer clothing brand this summer. Take a look at the brand new summer 2014 collection from Lacoste now online and instore at OD’s.

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