The brand was created by Johan Cruyff in Barcelona, Spain at the end of the seventies. Cruyff Trainers are the highest level of performance trainer and are just as stylish. these Johan Cruyff designed sports shoes are fantastically well designed, and feature innovative technologies to provide top levels of performance and retaining comfort, support and breathability. These Cruyff retro trainers look just as good on the pitch as they do on the street. As they were designed by a former Ballon D'or winner, you can be sure that high quality performance is a must for this equally stylish legendary player.

Cruyff trainers are the result of painstaking design and one man’s passion for style and sport. Johan Cruyff inspired and designed a selection of footwear that provides skills and style, as these sport footwear items also feature his personal designer label. Cruyff wanted to create a range of footwear that appealed to both the performance and style seeker, by creating a durable shoe with designer frills that added style but took nothing away. He created Johan Cruyff footwear. He put his legendary status on a stylish sports shoe, and this range of Cruyff Clothing is worthy of that title.

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