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It may have started out by making luxury suits in Germany, but over the years, HUGO BOSS has definitely earned itself legendary status. Generation after generation have continued with the family business and, by adding six new lines to the brand, they have created a successful empire. No longer renowned for just their sharply tailored suits and formal attire, they have branched out into the realm of casual ready-to-wear clothing and recently introduced a trendy BOSS Athleisure Wearing Occasion.  

If you’re the kind of style-conscious guy we think you are, you’ve no doubt heard of this popular trend. Athletic sportswear meets leisure luxury. Super comfortable yet stylish designer clothing, that can be worn on a day-to-day basis – whether you plan to hit the gym or not. Trust us, the BOSS Athleisure Wearing Occasion takes it to a whole new level. Expect relaxed silhouettes and technical fabrics. Understated tones and bold blocks of colour. The iconic HUGO BOSS logo for that fashionable designer. And the type of luxury and quality that can only be experienced with premium brands.

BOSS Athleisure is Not Just for the Athletic

For obvious reasons, BOSS Athleisure is a popular choice amongst athletes and sports players – but trust us, you don’t have to be training for the Olympics to wear it! In fact, the whole point of the athleisure trend is that sporty clothing can be worn anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you spend the weekend hitting up the gym or lazing at home in front of the TV. You could be heading into town for a few drinks with friends or travelling abroad for a mini-break. BOSS Athleisure is about “being impeccably dressed for all occasions” and its smart-casual vibe is suitable for both active pursuits and a little r&r.

Here at OD’s, we are a huge fan of the sports-luxe athleisure trend. Stylish clothing that is designed with both comfort and practicality in mind. What more could you ask for? This is why, as part of our men’s designer brand department, we stock an extensive BOSS Athleisure Wearing Occasion.

Our BOSS Athleisure Wearing Occasion is currently up for grabs online and in-store and styles are available in size S to 4XL. So why not take a look today and treat yourself to a little bit of the sports-luxe trend.

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