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First established over a decade ago, Android Homme may be a relatively long-standing brand, but they are completely obsessed with the constant evolution and transformation of their footwear. They can always be found standing at the forefront of the designer footwear industry, exploring the notion of the luxury trainers and continuously updating their collections season after season with the most fashion-forward and innovative sneaker designs. Android Homme is a brand for a modern man with no limitations, injecting a little luxury into their daily streetwear ensemble.

All Android shoes are designed by creative director, Javier Laval, and expertly crafted in Italy, with a strong focus on quality and luxury materials. Each style is heavily influenced by streetwear fashion, the music industry and graffiti art and the entire range has a distinctive yet highly understated feel. Expect minimal branding, premium fabrics – such as luxurious grained leather, luscious suedes and textured velvet uppers – and a level of expert craftsmanship that is difficult to rival within the industry. Android trainers are stylish, comfortable and incredibly high-end and they are perfect for those with a self-confessed and irrational love for the humble sneaker.

Embrace the Luxury Trainer with Android Homme

Here at OD’s, it’s fair to say, we’re a huge fan of the sports-luxe trend of late and we can’t get enough of luxury trainer brands, such as Android Homme. Android trainers are super-comfy, practical, stylish and they can be easily dressed up or down dependent upon the occasion. So, tell us, what’s not to love? Treat yourself to a little luxury, head over to our men’s designer footwear department today and take a look through our fantastic selection of Android Homme Trainers.

Available both online and in-store, Android Trainers come in the full range of men’s shoe sizes (i.e. 5-12) and they are currently up for grabs in a number of different colourways. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading out for work or play, these day-to-day trainers offer a luxury twist on the classic runner and they can be thrown on with just about every outfit. Invest in a pair of Android Homme Shoes today and, we guarantee, they will be pulled out of your casual wardrobe time and time and time again.

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    Mens Android Homme Marina Del Rey Navy Ripstop Reflective Lace Trainers
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    Mens Android Homme Propulsion Mid Black Leather Mesh Contour Trainers
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    Mens Android Homme Marina Del Ray Trainers
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    Mens Android Homme El Matador Trainers
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    Mens Android Homme Marina Del Rey Trainers
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    Mens Android Homme Marina Del Rey Trainers
    As low as £185.00