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Whether it be Stone Island, Canada Goose or BOSS, we provide a range of designer brands for men. If you’re looking for a pair of new shoes, you can rely on OD’s mens designer brands to provide you with the smart finish to any professional outfit, or the contemporary touch to your casual look!

When it comes to men’s designer labels, why look anywhere else? Here at OD’s Designer clothing, we stock many different designer labels to suit your specific needs, requirements and tastes!

You can count on us to provide you with designer clothing that’s practical and fashionable, rather than just one or the other. Not only can we provide mens designer labels to help you look good, we can help you to feel good too! The OD’s designer labels are designed to offer high-quality, and to provide you with a sense of comfort as well as style!

Don’t hesitate to check out our range of designer brands men!

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  1. Mallet

    Mens Mallet Barnsbury Slides
    As low as £85.00
  2. Mallet

    Mens Mallet Barnsbury Slides
    As low as £85.00
  3. Mallet

    Mens Mallet Caledonian Black Reflect Trainers
    As low as £175.00
  4. Mallet

    Mens Mallet Lux Runner 2.0 Monochrome Trainers
    As low as £175.00
  5. The North Face

    Mens The North Face Box Utility Shorts
    As low as £60.00