Since its establishment, a strong marine identity and military theme has run throughout each Stone Island collection. The name of the brand was originally chosen by analysing the most frequent words in Joseph Conrad’s novels and, sticking to this theme, a wind rose insignia was selected as the logo. This wind rose - or compass badge, held on by two buttons - is now instantly-recognisable within the fashion industry. It completely symbolises this innovative and research-driven brand and, when appliquéd to everyday clothing or accessories, it creates an incredibly distinctive designer look.

Caps, Hats and Other Kids Stone Island Accessories

The Kids Stone Island Collection is very similar to its adult counterpart; featuring many of the same designs and offering the same combination of practicality and urban military-inspired style. It also includes a fantastic selection of Kids Stone Island Accessories. These accessories – whether it be a baseball cap, a hat, or something else entirely – are all crafted using luxury materials and they feature some of the brand’s most advanced and contemporary dyeing techniques. Most importantly, however, they showcase that all-important compass logo badge; thus, giving Kids Stone Island Accessories that distinguishing feature and making them a firm favourite with trendy young boys.

Here at OD’s, you could say “firm favourites” are our thing. We always seek out and strive to stock the most popular designer brands in the fashion industry, whether that be a new and upcoming brand or established expert brands - such as Stone Island. This is why, as part of our junior’s designer brand department, you will find an extensive Kids Stone Island Collection – which includes a range of Kids Stone Island Accessories. This range is available both in-store and online, with free next day delivery, and it currently features a variety of Kids Stone Island Caps in Black, Royal Blue, and Khaki.  

Kids Stone Island Accessories are a fantastic way to add a touch of designer fashion to your little one’s everyday look. Detailed with that iconic compass badge logo, they are an instantly-recognisable fashion statement and they are just what you need to satisfy your son’s designer needs and wants. So why not check out full online range today, let him accessorise in style and luxury, whilst keeping it at an affordable cost.

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