The junior Philipp Plein t-shirts demonstrate originality, mixing fashion with flair. This range of clothing for children is made from exceptional quality fabrics and are exclusive to the uncompromising brand, Philipp Plein.

Children’s Philipp Plein t-shirts are available in variable prints, including the boy’s tiger print t-shirts, these resemble the colourful nature of the brand, whereas the girl’s diamante princess’ t-shirts highlights Philipp Plein’s desire for colour and detail.

OD’s Designer Clothing stock only the finest quality of designer kids clothes. Our kids Philipp Plein Tee is perfect for expressing your child’s daring nature, whilst offering luxurious value. As with most of Philipp Plein’s exclusive designs, the tee displays a rock and roll theme- allowing your child to feel stylish. The skull print is detailed- ideal if your child pays attention to detail!

By providing the Spring/Summer Collection 2017, Philipp Plein are promoting their unique spirit of “Rock ‘n’ Roll” throughout the use of skulls and superheroes in the junior clothing. These products are suitable for boys and girls aged between 4 and 16 years.

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