At OD’s Designer Clothing, we have a range of outdoor clothing which offers suitability for the different seasons. So, if you’re looking for a coat you can wear in the summer, you may want to browse our collection of girls Chloe jackets! Our denim jackets can be styled with any combination, whether it’s a dress and pair of girly slip on shoes or a funky pair of leggings finished with some bright trainers, your child is sure to be the belle of the playground!

If you’re preparing to get your child’s summer wardrobe ready, you might want to consider a raincoat. Although it’s supposed to be the hottest time of the year, you can almost always expect there to be the classic British downpour, it’s perhaps an idea to consider a coat that’s shower-proof, so at least you can ensure your child is kept dry!

When purchasing a Chloe girls coat, we supply the most stylish range out there. If you need something that demonstrates your daughter’s personality, consider our bold designs and rest assure, that your child will look stylish and feel comfortable! A Chloe kids coat comes with a guarantee of satisfaction, whether it’s made from satin, jersey, cloth or padded material - at OD’s Designer Clothing, we provide the best quality possible!

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