Started way back in 1856, Burberry was founded by 21-year old Thomas Burberry, who originally set out to create outdoor clothing that would be favoured above all other brands that had the same focus. Over 20 years later, Burberry invented the gabardine; a breathable, water-resistant fabric that was one of a kind back in the day. As a brand, Burberry flourished and grew continuously going on to become the fashion powerhouse that it is today, instantly being recognised for clothing items such as their trench coats and polo shirts.

Traditional Looks from Kids Burberry Clothing

Burberry is noticeable for its traditional British designs, and the Kids Burberry collection is no exception. Items are usually designed with the brand’s iconic “Burberry check”, giving off a timeless, old-fashioned look that blends in well with kids Burberry clothing thanks to the brand’s genius, forward-thinking designers. You will no doubt recognise the brand’s trench coat designs, which add a smart vibe to just about any outfit choice you have planned for your little man. Burberry craft a variety of clothing items for children, including polo shirts, footwear and jackets.

At OD’s Designer Clothing, we think it is brilliant that such a brand still exists today, promoting traditional designs of clothing to the younger generations. Because of this, we now stock an extensive range of popular kids Burberry Clothing in our Junior Designer Clothing Department. Burberry is a popular, sought-after designer brand, and so we ensure that your little ones have a fine variety of clothes to choose from. We stock many items such as the iconic Kids Burberry jackets, polo shirts and footwear.

Take a look at our Kids Burberry collection that is available both online and in-store, stocking sizes ranging from 6 months to 14 years. Update your children’s wardrobe with a traditional British feel today thanks to our collection of kids Burberry clothing

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  1. Burberry

    Girls Burberry Tracey Trousers
    As low as £180.00
  2. Burberry

    Girls Burberry Leopard Print Cardigan
    As low as £260.00
  3. Burberry

    Girls Burberry Lilia Sweatshirt
    As low as £180.00
  4. Burberry

    Girls Burberry Lilia T Shirt
    As low as £120.00
  5. Burberry

    Baby Boys Burberry Chandy Bucket Hat
    As low as £120.00
  6. Burberry

    Unisex Junior Burberry Baseball Cap
    As low as £160.00
  7. Burberry

    Unisex Junior Burberry Ble T Shirt
    As low as £100.00
  8. Burberry

    Unisex Junior Burberry Ble T Shirt
    As low as £100.00
  9. Burberry

    Girls Burberry Cecily Top
    As low as £160.00
  10. Burberry

    Girls Burberry Raglan Rhonda Dress
    As low as £180.00
  11. Burberry

    Girls Burberry Suzanne Dress
    As low as £270.00
  12. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Dilan Trousers
    As low as £150.00
  13. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Barrett Shirt
    As low as £130.00
  14. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Silverton Long Sleeve Shirt
    As low as £140.00
  15. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Frederick Shirt
    As low as £140.00
  16. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Hamilton Joggers
    As low as £140.00
  17. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Hamilton Hoody
    As low as £180.00
  18. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Fred Shirt
    As low as £95.00
  19. Burberry

    Baby Boys Burberry Mini Sean Shorts
    As low as £80.00
  20. Burberry

    Girls Burberry Tamara Shorts
    As low as £140.00
  21. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Kameron Swim Shorts
    As low as £110.00
  22. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Ross Tape T Shirt
    As low as £95.00
  23. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Jeff Polo Shirt
    As low as £110.00
  24. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Robbie T Shirt
    As low as £90.00
  25. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Jeff Polo Shirt
    As low as £110.00
  26. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Quentin Polo Shirt
    As low as £120.00
  27. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Nicki Icon Shorts
    As low as £120.00
  28. Burberry

    Boys Burberry Robbie T Shirt
    As low as £90.00
  29. Burberry

    Baby Boys Burberry Mini Robbie T Shirt
    As low as £75.00