Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we supply a complete range of BKLYN hats, making it easier for children to find hats that are not only sensible but fashionable too! The BKLYN kids hats and pompom sets that we supply are perfect for all style preferences, we even provide unisex hats, providing boys and girls with the option to choose something specific to suit their exact standards.

The fur bobble hat is part of the luxury fur clothing collection supplied by BKLYN, you’ll find that we stock it in an assortment of colours and sizes, offering suitability to children of all ages. The BKLYN hats are perfect for babies too- we provide these hats in blue and pink.

Each fur bobble hat from BKLYN is made to be contemporary and to suit any outfit, providing children with a complete winter look. One of the BKLYN hats makes a perfect addition to any winter wardrobe, allowing children to keep warm and keep up to date with the latest trends!

Check out the range of BKLYN kids hats and pompom sets below!

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