Nomination Italy

Founded by the humble metalworker, Paolo Gensini, Nomination Italy has its roots in the fashion-conscious city of Florence. At some point during the 80s, Paolo had a lightbulb moment and started to create modular jewellery for men and women of all ages. Little did he know at the time, this moment marked a new chapter in the world of designer jewellery. His idea was new, innovative and revolutionary and his beautiful jewellery soon made a name for itself within the industry.

Three decades later, Nomination Italy is more popular than ever. It sticks to its Italian heritage, combining traditional artisan craftsmanship – such as that used by its Florentine founder - with the latest production technologies. As a result, the brand has become known for its uniquely Italian feel. Nomination has also become known for its commitment to four important values: expertise, patient, creativity and dedication. These are reflected in every single piece of jewellery that it makes, whether that be a designer modular bracelet, necklace, watch or ring.

Nomination Composable Collection

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we know what people like when it comes to designer jewellery – which is why we stock the Nomination Composable Collection. This is the most popular of all Nomination collections, allowing people to create a truly individual, one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. The Stainless Steel Composable Bracelet features a unique spring clasp mechanism that allows you to swap out base links for new charms whenever wherever you like. Some people choose a theme, such as love or travel, whereas others tailor their Nomination bracelet to their personality.  Just customise until your heart is content and create a bracelet that is personal and meaningful to you.

We currently have over 700 Nomination Italy Charms to choose from, available both online and instore. These are decorated with everything from letters and shapes to signs and symbols. We also stock various Double Link Charms; these are often placed at the centre of the bracelet and include family names, sweet sentiments such as ‘I Love You’, and popular sayings. Nomination Link Charms are crafted from stainless steel and feature silver, gold, rose-gold, or enamel detailing. Each link charm tells its own story; so, start with the Nomination Base Link Bracelet today and unleash your creativity, link by link! The possibilities with this designer jewellery brand are endless.

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