Estella Bartlett

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing we have developed a range of Estella Bartlett jewellery, including necklaces and bracelets, these have a playful feel about them incorporating simple yet elegant designs.

An Estella Bartlett necklace is typically youthful, whether it be a flower, heart, star or horse pendant- we guarantee you’ll feel girly and desirable.

If you’re more of a bracelet kind of person, browse our Estella Bartlett bracelet range. Our bracelets are multi-functional, being the perfect accessory to any outfit or style, making you feel glamorous and modern. The design of these bracelets is delicate, offering suitability for any wrist size!

The Estella Bartlett jewellery we have at OD’s Designer Clothing is crafted with exquisite design and skill, browse our range of accessories below!

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