Our Chlobo Jewellery rings are undeniably beautiful, you’re bound to find something that offers suitability to your needs! At OD’s Designer Clothing, we have an extensive range of rings that are modern and stylish, adding quality to any outfit or style.

Designed to bring about sophistication, Chlobo rings are particularly elegant. They are made from silver beads which are delicate and can be worn for any occasion. These rings are perfect because they provide an elegant image when worn solely, however, Chlobo rings can be stacked too! The rings we have at OD’s Designer Clothing are unique, and give you the choice between a heart, star or bead designs.

With the women’s Chlobo ring, we are able to cater for all edgy styles and individual quirks, so why not browse our range of rings to find the piece you’ve been missing from your collection!

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  1. ChloBo

    ChloBo Gold Rhythm of Water Ring
    As low as £50.00
  2. ChloBo

    ChloBo Rhythm of Water Ring
    As low as £35.00
  3. ChloBo

    Chlobo Dainty Double Ring
    As low as £60.00
  4. ChloBo

    ChloBo Open Heart Ring
    As low as £60.00
  5. ChloBo

    ChloBo Mini Puffed Heart Ring
    As low as £60.00
  6. ChloBo

    ChloBo Gold Divinity Within Ring
    As low as £60.00
  7. ChloBo

    ChloBo Mini Ring
    As low as £39.00
  8. ChloBo

    ChloBo Mini Puffed Heart Ring
    As low as £44.00