Imagine a pair of shoes that are both rebellious and luxurious. Shoes that reach optimum levels of high-end style, without compromising on durability or comfort. Sounds perfect, right?

In 2012, it was this ideal, which drove two entrepreneurs to create ROYAUMS – a luxury lifestyle brand, which specialises in footwear. These entrepreneurs were determined to strike a balance, introducing a range of day-to-day trainers that were both trendy and of the highest possible quality.

ROYAUMS Trainers have that rebellious-yet-luxurious paragon at their heart. From traditional low-top silhouettes to edgy high-tops, all shoes are hand-crafted with an exquisite attention to detail, and various markers of quality can be found throughout. Expect modern and bold designs, expert craftsmanship, and the very finest materials – including ethically sourced python leather and velvety calfskin. Royaums trainers are usually stamped with the brand logo in some way or form, therefore creating a distinctive designer look, and they are finished with luxurious 18k gold-plated detailing.

Rebellious and Luxurious Royaums Trainers

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we absolutely love the idea of trainers that offer the right level of style, without having to compromise on day-to-day comfort, durability, or overall quality. And it appears that we’re not alone. Over the last few years, Royaums has quickly come into prominence, becoming more and more popular with people who “desire the optimum in life.” This is why, as part of our designer A-Z department, you will now find an extensive range of Men’s Royaums Trainers.

Our collection is sporty yet glamorous, with a strong focus on luxury and designs that are perfect for general day-to-day use. It doesn’t matter if you spend the weekend lounging at home, partying with friends, or exploring the city streets, we guarantee, there’s a pair of Royaums Trainers for you. Available both in-store and online (with free next day delivery), they come in a wide range of men’s shoe sizes (size 5-11) and styles are currently available in a black, beige, navy, and grey colourful. Browse through the full collection today and treat yourself to a pair of perfect Royaums Trainers!

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  1. Royaums

    Womens Royaums Killian Ghost Trainers
    As low as £385.00
  2. Royaums

    Womens Royaums Killian Tuxedo Trainers
    As low as £400.00
  3. Royaums

    Womens Royaums Killian Luxe Trainers
    As low as £335.00
  4. Royaums

    Womens Royaums Killian Luxe Trainers
    As low as £335.00
  5. Royaums

    Womens Royaums Kilian Dragon Trainers
    As low as £360.00
  6. Royaums

    Womens Royaums Kilian Redwood Trainers
    As low as £360.00
  7. Royaums

    Womens Royaums Kilian Fox Trainers
    As low as £360.00
  8. Royaums

    Womens Royaums Kilian Jet Trainers
    As low as £345.00