Lanvin is one of those long-standing and legendary designer brands. Initially established in 1889, it is the oldest French fashion house still to be in operation today – offering line after line of timeless yet contemporary clothing and footwear for kids. The brand itself was inspired by Jeanne Lanvin’s extraordinary relationship with her daughter. She first created a wardrobe for her that was bursting at the seams with luxurious fabrics and elegant stylish designs and, from this, she went on to build a successful couture house from nothing. Lanvin was a Parisian milliner turned visionary designer and, over a century later, it’s fair to say her luxury brand is still going strong.

Several designers and creative directors have succeeded Lanvin; following closely in her footsteps and maintaining the brand’s classic French aesthetic, whilst also adding a modern 21st-century twist. In recent years, Lanvin Kids Clothing has become renowned for its unique balance of style, practicality, and luxury. Casual day-to-day pieces are crafted from the finest quality materials, timeless silhouettes have been given a cool, contemporary edge and simple designs are detailed with vibrant and colourful graphic prints. Lanvin Kids is still one of the most popular designer labels on the market and with a new director on the scene, it certainly shows no signs of backing down.

Explore the Universe of Lanvin Kids Clothing

Here at OD’s, popularity is one of the main things we look for in a brand. We like to give customers what they want and, despite being one of the oldest designer labels in the industry, people are still loving this long-standing and legendary brand. This is why, as part of our Designer A-Z Department, you will find an extensive collection of Lanvin Kids Clothing and Footwear – with styles that are relaxed yet luxurious, traditional yet contemporary, and perfect as casual weekend attire.

Available both online and in-store, the collection includes a selection of Lanvin Kids T-Shirts, Sweatshirts & Hoodies, Footwear, and Joggers. These come in a variety of popular colourways – including black, white, grey and navy-blue to name just a few – and they can be found in the full range of children’s sizes, from trendy two-year-old tots to fussy style-conscious teens. So why not take a look through the full Lanvin Kids Collection today? Discover the children’s ready-to-wear pieces from this celebrated brand and add a little luxury to his casual everyday collection.

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