Hunter is a brand of boots which was established in Scotland back in the 1850’s by Mr Henry Less Norris, an entrepreneur from America. This company expanded at such a phenomenal rate that they went from four staff members to over six hundred within 20 years. The World War boosted the popularity of this brand when they were asked to produce my than 1.1 million pairs of hard trench boots for members of the army. Once again for the second War it was requested that Hunter produce mass amounts of belts, gas masks, boots and more for the members of the army. The vast production of products for the army meant that Hunter boots were now as common as bread and butter and still on the rise. In the modern day Hunter boots remain at the very top of the popularity ladder for practicality, but not only that, Hunter have also developed a range of boots that are both practical and stylish – Hunter no longer just appeals to those needing a high quality and efficient boot, but also to those who are looking for something with a flair of colour and style. You can buy Hunter boots here at OD’s for a superb price, take a look at our selection today!

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