Despite its Parisian roots, Froccella is now a Dutch-based designer label, internationally renowned for its range of outerwear. The brand was initially founded in 1989 and, since the very beginning, the focus has always been quality. Froccella strives to create products from the finest raw materials and, to ensure an exceptional level of luxury, coats and jackets are crafted with an absolutely exquisite attention to detail. Superiority is at the core of every design and, thanks to the brand’s “high-quality” philosophy, Froccella Coats have become the blue-ribbon of the high-end outerwear world.

When it comes to a Froccella Coat, expect the perfect balance of form and function. Each style is designed to be city chic and luxurious, whilst also protecting against the harsh winter weather; constructed from windproof and waterproof parachute fabric and fitted with a plush fur hood for that added touch of comfort. They may have a sumptuous goose down filling; however, they are slim fit and guaranteed to create a flattering feminine silhouette and they typically come in a range of subtle stylish colourways. But most importantly, a Froccella Coat offers the ultimate level of high-end luxury and it is a worthwhile investment for the chilly autumn and winter months ahead.

A High-Quality Collection of Froccella Coats

Luxury is one of our buzz-words here at OD’s. We always strive to seek out the most luxurious designer labels on the market and, with its resolute focus on high-quality materials, it’s easy to see why Froccella caught our attention. This is one of the freshest and most sought-after winter outerwear brands in the fashion industry. High-end designer coats that are warm, comfy and city-chic? Sounds perfect to us! Which is why, as part of our designer label department, you will now find an extensive collection of Froccella Womens Coats – including this season’s latest designs.

Available both online and in-store, Froccella Coats come in the full range of women’s sizes – from S to 3XL – and they are currently up for grabs in a black, grey and beige colourway. So why not browse the full collection today and treat yourself to a little bit of high-end luxury this season!

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