Creative Recreation

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing we have a superb range of products from the leading brand Creative Recreation. This brand produces a range of products which blend together the styles of both formal and casual to create something completely unique to them.
In the modern world there are variety of jobs which require staff to wear formal clothes, but those that do not often have a minimum requirement as far as clothing standards go. Creative Recreation sought to fill the missing link between formal and casual, to create something that can work for those professionals who need an ‘in-between’.
In California during 2002 the brand took their first step to change the footwear market for good and made a huge success in doing so, now having their products sold in countries around the world.
The Brand is now popular with celebrities and can often be seen worn by them to events – because it is inexpensive it’s not difficult for fans to purchase them, so looking like your favourite celebrity is easy!
OD’s have a range of Creative Recreation as you can see below – browse our collection now!

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