Fashion is a standpoint that has been favourable in society for centuries. As time has gone on so has style, however some designer brands have never forgotten to keep looking to the past for inspiration or to keep a trend in their collections from many years ago. An example of this type of brand is Zegna. Ermenegildo Zegna began his designer clothing venture in Italy, 1910. Since then Zegna Clothing has flourished by moving with the times through bold, new designs but still always peeking back into past styles to keep vintage inspiration alive. Zegna now has more than 7,000 employees on their payroll with more than 500 shops open across the world!



Our Range of Zegna Clothing

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing we proudly stock and provide our Zegna clothing range, being overly impressed with the brand’s appeal to all audiences, sophisticated materials and respect to different countries and cultures. The connection and mass appeal of this brand to all corners of the globe make Zegna a standout designer, being forward-thinking whilst looking to the past to ensure tradition is felt in their branding and what has worked so far is not forgotten. We at OD’s want you to understand why Zegna is a brand you shouldn’t be walking past when you are out for a shopping day. Here we will tell you why Zegna is a global phenomenon and why the long-standing name is still forwarding their clothing to various places around the globe.



Improving with Time

The Zegna brand came from humble beginnings as a wool mill manufacturing fine quality fabrics for suits. Over time, with new ideas and generations came new opportunities, which saw Zegna excel as time went on. The brand went on to eventually see the release of a casual wear line, knitwear line and even an accessories line. From there flagship stores were opened across Europe as fashion kept taking steps forward. By the 90’s the company was regarded as “conservative, yet forward-thinking”.


With the clothing range that Zegna boasts today, you can see how the age-old brand has continued to learn and push forward with their knowledge whilst not forgetting the past. You have your traditional cotton items such as Zegna polo shirts, which are still made to be comfortable, including either no design at all for a more classic look or a slight design to fill the polo shirt with an effect, such as on the Mens Striped Zegna Polo Shirt. However, Zegna as a company has also gone on to be progressive with their clothing, bringing in new and revolutionary methods to make their clothing stand out from the crowd. Just look at the likes of the Mens Zegna Print t-Shirt from our Zegna T-Shirts range. This t-shirt provides a relaxed, traditional fit for the wearer with an interesting patterned design on the front, however the material is what is most interesting. Zegna uses mercerised cotton for a number of their products such as this one, which means the colouring is made to be much brighter and vibrant. Zegna wants your clothes to not only look good for a longer period of time than usual, but they also want to make your outfit pop and appear to stand out. Ultimately, Zegna want you to be able to choose between a more classic traditional kind of clothing and a newer more effective type of clothing.



Simplistic but Bold

Over the years, Zegna has gone on to adapt so many qualities to their brand, one of which is their designs. Gildo Zegna, who currently runs the fashion label, has stated that they use contemporary art for many of their designs, and you can see how; the designs of many clothing products from Zegna are eye-catching and unique in style. Take a look at the likes of the Mens Grey Zegna Trio of Men T-Shirt or the Mens Zegna Snowsuit Print T-Shirt. Both of these examples display interesting, low-key designs that appear to be done so simplistically, however they still attain your gaze and have you fascinated by their abstract look. Both designs come off as being sketched and so appear basic, however when emblazoned across the clothing they do not appear as one-dimensional as you would expect and compliment the clothing with bold effects that pique your interest.


This brand create eye-catching looks for many of their clothing items, even with ones that simply depend on lettering; The Mens Grey Zegna Sweatshirt features the “Z ZEGNA” name across it’s chest in a rustic design that sees each letter appliquéd with off-centre outlining. Again, such a simple design, but also quite effective on the eye. Zegna bring in simple designs in some cases for their clothing, but they are sure to give you a more unique and interesting look with the rest of your outfit.



Cultural and Respectful

Referring again to how Zegna uses their contemporary designs, this has been known to be done as a way of introducing themselves to new markets. The fashion label has done so with the aim to touch upon various cultures and countries. Zegna is a brand that wishes to localise their brand to every corner of the world, focusing on designs that appeal to different regions and even going as far as taking into account different fits and sizes from country to country. Gildo Zegna was even quoted once as saying “ many brands use sport to introduce their products into new markets. We use art”.


Because of this, Zegna has built itself to be a clothing range that respects customers on a global scale, wanting to reach out with their clothing range and make everyone feel connected through the Zegna name. Because of this, Zegna shirts, jeans, accessories etc. are made to be well-fitted to everyone around the world, including here in the UK!



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Zegna clothing is as current and relevant as most other fashion brands. With a range of well-made and beautifully designed items that incorporate both traditional characteristics and forward-looking processes, this label is a hit around the world and is definitely worth an extra space in your wardrobe. If you are looking for clothing that is effective, long-lasting and of course fashionable to wear, you are in safe hands with the iconic brand that is Zegna. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the likes of our Zegna T-Shirts, Zegna Polo Shirts and Zegna Accessories. Browse our full Zegna Collection today and see why Zegna clothing shouldn’t be missed out on.