With the Winter months coming, it’s best that you prepare for a chill in the air. How do you do that I hear you ask? Invest in the best coats to keep you warm and cosy. But wouldn’t it be better if you could up your body temperature in style? That’s where Mackage coats come in to play. Mackage was started by lifelong friends Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan back in 1999 with their first collection of coats. Since its inception, Mackage has built itself up, introducing their own mens range in 2008 and then taking their next step by establishing their handbag range in 2013. The brand has since grown to become a leading, high end brand that is sold in more than twenty countries over a total of three continents.


Function of Mackage Coats

When Mackage was started, both Elfassy and Dahan believed that outwear clothing can function in more ways than one. They had the firm belief that outwear clothing can remain warm and comforting whilst also appearing stylish and trendy. Why can’t practical outwear for the Winter and Autumn months be fashionable and stylized at the same time? Elfassy and Dahan wanted to tackle this head on and create a brand that gave you comfort but still offered you a high-end, fancy clothing range for when you are out and about. That belief from 1999 has no catapulted Mackage to the forefront of the outwear game and made it a standout brand for the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Female Mackage coats have climbed to become the cornerstone of women’s fashion, going on to be worn by celebrities such as Gwenyth Paltrow and featuring in the media on TV shows such as the critically-acclaimed Suits. We at OD’s couldn’t be happier to have our Mackage range featured in our women’s department, displaying our stock with the utmost pride and excitement. With such an amazing brand to have in our possession, we can’t help but share the details on the features that make a female Mackage coat so suitable and perfect for the winter months.


Main Features of a Female Mackage Coat

No.1: Made from Water-Resistant Material

Although we all love the Winter months for various reasons, the weather that comes with the season doesn’t always please us. You can expect rain, snow and even hailstones. With these conditions you can expect to be soaked, but thankfully with Mackage coats it won’t matter. This range of outwear is made with effective water-resistant fabric that covers the entirety of the outer layer of the coat to help in stopping any absorption of water. This is perfect for those rain days when you are walking to work on a rainy day or when you are doing some last-minute Christmas shopping on a snowy day before meeting your friends for a spot of lunch! These coats will help in keeping your jumper, cardigan or t-shirt warm and dry for the whole day.


No.2: Duck Down Filled

One of the main qualities of a Mackage women’s coat is the warmth provided by it. With the Winter season, warmth is the priority whenever you step outside your front door. Mackage coats are filled with With 90% pekin duck down and 10% pekin duck feathers to assist with insulation of heat. With the use of duck down and feathers, you can be sure that whether you are just on a quick journey to your local shop or taking in the festivities by walking around the Christmas markets in your city, you will definitely not feel the chill in the air. Make sure you are kept warm for these last few months of the year with the right outwear for insulation.


No.3: Fur Trim for Extra Warmth

The functionality of Mackage coats is to keep you as warm as possible whilst also allowing your outfit to burst with style and class. This is strengthened with the incorporation of the brand’s iconic fur-trim hood. The fur-trim of a Mackage coat is more or less the signature of the brand and is seen as one of the it’s most noticeable qualities. Fur is aligned around the hood of the coat to assist in warmth and also protection. Coupled with a stand-up collar that surrounds the whole of your neck area, the fir-trim hood helps in keeping your entire upper body warm, protecting your face from the likes of rain and show,  whilst also having an elegant and stylish appearance wherever and whenever you wear it.


Check Out Our Full Range of Mackage Coats Today

With almost two decades of effort form two friends who wanted to create outwear that could provide both body warmth and a high-end fashion statement, Mackage has gained recognition around the world and become seen as a step forward in outwear fashion that brings together comfort and flair. They are multipurpose products that mix with many varieties of outfits, allowing you to wear them for a bonfire night display with your loved ones as well as for after work drinks in a classy bar/restaurant. If you like what Mackage coats have to offer, why not take a look at our full Mackage collection online now. Our Mackage women’s coat range come in a number of different colours and styles such as our Womens Mackage Kadalina Down Fox Fur Coat in Mineral Grey and our Womens Mackage Akiva Down Jacket with  Raccoon & Rabbit Fur. They are also eligible for free next day delivery for all customers. Get your own view on why Mackage has gained the reputation that it boats today.