We are merely a week into 2019, and everyone is now reverting back to their normal lifestyles. We are all whining down from the festive period and settling back into getting up for work all week long. Boring, right? But, with a new year comes new items to have a little peek at, especially footwear from Dsquared2. Ddquared2 has become a household name in recent years, with people of all ages saving up to buy the likes of their latest footwear, caps and t-shirts that the brand has to offer.


Dsquared2 Trainers at OD’s


Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we stock variety of Dsquared2 products, and we can’t get enough of their footwear. Dsquared2, created by twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten in 1995, is recognised for it’s constant nods to Canadian aesthetics and the stylish, stand out designs produced. With Dsquared2 trainers specifically, there is an option for everyone. Want to make sure that all your loved ones are stepping around in the new year with the most stylish and reliable footwear? We at OD’s have got you covered. Take a look at our top 4 Dsquared2 trainers to get an idea of what you can treat yourself or a family member to.



Boys Dsquared2 Kaleido 104 Trainers


With Dsquared2 trainers, you are guaranteed a look and feel that is ideal to fit your trendy weekend outfits. The same goes for your little man, and there is no better example than the Boys Dsquared2 Kaleido 104 Trainers. Young boys can be the fussiest of the lot, and so Dsquared2 have ensured they designed footwear that appeals to what the typical young man likes. Constructed using stylish leather and suede panels, these designer lace-up trainers use variations of blue, white and grey in their colour scheme to give off a cool vibe to every picky kid who wants to be the best dressed. The best thing about these trainers from Dsquared2? They go with pretty much anything!


Planning a smart casual outfit for the little guy that consists of a jacket and jeans? Or is he just popping over to a friend’s house for a sleepover in a hoodie and a pair of joggers? Either way, these are the go-to pair if the little guy wants trainers that are perfect for every occasion. The slick appearance and subtle branding on the side make these sneakers ideal for a young man to look his best wherever he goes. Put a smile on your boy’s face by investing in these cool Dsquared2 trainers for him and you won’t regret it.



Mens Dsquared2 New Runner Hiking Trainers


Every guy wants to look his best when he is out and about, whether the occasion is going out for a meal or just nipping to the shop for a paper. In terms of mens designer trainers, there is no better footwear to go to than the Mens Dsquared2 New Runner Hiking Trainers. Available from us in either black or grey, these design have proven to be extremely popular with anyone who meets their gaze. These comfortable, luxurious trainers show branding through a tag on the upper and on the sole, the rest of each shoe being decorated with techno-fabric to make for perfect wearing with your going out outfits.


Their modern yet laidback appearance make them a good choice to wear when on a night out with your friends or when you are off to a smart-casual occasion. If you are looking to kick off 2019 in style, then definitely take a look at these fashionable mens designer trainers from Dean and Dan Caten’s world famous brand.



Girls Dsquared2 Pink Stripe Trainers


It is fair to say that we can’t get enough of the Girls Dsquared2 Pink Stripe Trainers. Designed with a unique look that combines the typical girly style with a sporty edge, this pair of designer trainers from Dsquared2 are ideal for any little princess who is sports minded. Being crafted from white leather, the trainers also include pink glittery stripes that strengthen the girly vibe and the expected Dsquared2 branding on the side in embroidery. Ventilation holes and ridged rubber soles are also included to complete a look that just simply screams “sport!”.


These trainers are perfect for any young girl to wear on her days off school. For weekends when she is off out with her friends or on a day out with the family, you can’t beat these designer sneakers. Dsquared2 trainers want to cater to as many demographics as possible, and these trainers definitely step into the area of the little girl of the family with a stylish mind.



Boys Dsquared2 Soft Centre Trainers


Dsquared2 have definitely gone to the skater look for inspiration with this radical design. Dsquared2 now bring you the Boys Dsquared2 Soft Centre Trainers. Probably one of the most comfortable pair available for your young man, these trainers from the famous brand offer practicality and comfort. Using a stylish combination of red, white and black with graffiti-style branding on the side and a shiny effect, these trainers appeal to the energetic kid who deserves more style in their wardrobe.


These trendy lace-ups are eye-catching, comfy and a great choice for your boy’s weekend outfits. Throw them in with jeans and a bomber. Throw them in with a tracksuit. Shorts and a t-shirt when the summer months roll around. These trainers are guaranteed to be perfect for a multitude of outfits that you will have planned for your little man. Get him these, and he won’t want to take them off all year round.



Browse Our Full Range of Dsquared2 Trainers


Dsquared2 have blown up to become one of the nation’s favourite go-to designer brands in recent years. Their unique styles make them stand-out from the crowd and have them appealing to everyone wanting to make a glorious fashion statement. Dsquared2 trainers are comfortable, attention-grabbing and practical for all who wear them. They are multifunctional; designed to cross the boundaries of which situations they are ideal to be worn for. Everyone can dress smart or dress relaxed knowing that these trainers will blend in well with the rest of your outfit choice. With a range of boys, girls and mens designer trainers, Dsquared2 are growing to appeal to everyone. Think Dsquared2 trainers are up yours or a loved one’s street? Browse the rest of our trainers through our full Dsquared2 Collection today and see why this brand has become as popular as it is.