Christmas time is upon us. This means only one thing; It is finally that time of year where the kids break up from school and have a couple of weeks to get excited for Santa to arrive and go out in the cold weather. But with cold weather, there is obviously the need for them to wrap up in the best and warmest coats possible, so they can stay free of a cold over the festive period. Here at OD’s Designer Clothing we understand that you want your children to have layer upon layer to keep them cosy and warm as they play out with their friends on a HOPEFULLY snowy day. That is why we stock the best kids designer coats from top brands such as Lanvin, Pyrenex, Stone Island and C.P Company to make sure your little ones have the best outwear available to them for Christmas and cold weather in general! But what makes these coats that good? How do these big brands of fashion make their outwear products to be worthwhile and ideal for your little man? Well, here are a few of the characteristics that some of our top brands bring with their Winter coats for kids.




Nowadays, every kid wants to look the bees-knees when they are out and about, and that time off school around Christmas is no exception! But of course, the phrase ‘function over fashion’ comes to mind with this; A lot of winter coats don’t always look overly trendy. That is why a lot of brands bring out clean cut, fun designs for their winter coats that kids will definitely love and that you will easily be able to link in with their Winter outfits.


Just take a look at the Boys C.P Company Shell Jacket from our Junior C.P Company Collection for example. Designed to resist water and wind like the brand’s other coats, this brings in an urban style that comes in a trendy khaki-green colourway and incorporates the brand’s iconic goggles design into the collar. Staying in tune with the brand’s philosophy of ‘function and use’, this coat is ideal for numerous occasions. Taking the little guy out around your city’s Christmas markets? Pair this with a pair of black jeans, a jumper and trainers. Is he off out for a free-for-all snowball fight? Make sure he is wearing snug, warm track pants, warm gloves, suitable trainers and a thick, warm jumper with this ideal coat where the goggles accessory will also come in handy! See? Kids designer coats such as from our Junior C.P Company range can be perfect for looking stylized even when he is in the midst of a snowball war!



Warmth & Comfort

Staying warm and being comfortable is obviously the biggie when it comes to choosing a coat for your little one. You want to choose one that will definitely keep your little one warm and cosy during the colder months. Thanks to brands such as Stone Island, C.P Company, Pyrenex and Lanvin there is no need to fret; With effective designs and helpful materials, these brands among others can help in keeping your little one snug as a bug in a rug time and time again.


Pyrenex, for example, have the Girls Pyrenex Authentic Shiny Fur Jacket in Grey in our Junior Pyrenex Collection. Being functional with various internal and external pockets plus a removable hood, this girls Pyrenex coat has knitted ribbed cuffs and most importantly duck down filling. Like in all Pyrenex jackets, duck down filling is used for comfortable, warm insulation. It is a soft layer of feathers that makes for cosy wearing and helps in keeping your little girl toasty even on the coldest of days.


Lanvin is a brand that also takes an interest in professional insulation except they use goose down filling, incorporating it into the likes of the Boys Lanvin Down Filled Jacket in our Kids Lanvin Collection. This jacket also includes a hood, various pockets and comfy knitted ribbed cuffs, but there is one extra added benefit. This down filled jacket comes in a mid-length design. What does that mean? It means a warm, goose down filled coat that covers more of the body! It means keeping your little man even warmer than expected! With these examples from our Junior Pyrenex range and Kids Lanvin range, plus Winter coats for kids from other brands we supply, make sure you pair them up with nice jeans, trainers and thick jumpers to have your girls Pyrenex coat or boys Lanvin coat helping in bringing extra warmth, comfort and fashion to your kid’s wardrobe.



Ideal Materials

One of the nerve-filled problems with kids is how messy things can get, very VERY easily. The last thing you want to do is buy them a lovely, warm Winter coat…only for it to be wrecked with rips, mud or dampness within the first week of the holidays. Well, thankfully a lot of high-end brands have solutions with how they design their coats for these times of the year. Pyrenex design coats that are water and wind resistant, C.P Company design coats using tough polyester, and so on and so forth. It is important that branded coats help to make sure their clothing items, especially outwear for children, are made to last longer and be easy to maintain.


Let’s look at the Boys Blue Stone Island Jacket from our Junior Stone Island Collection. The coat boasts a quilted design, attached hood and front zip that covers from the hips up to the top of the collar; qualities incorporated into other coats from this brand. But what is the material used for the shell of this jacket? Nylon fabric. Nylon fabric is abrasion resistant, it is simple to wash, it is quick drying, it is extremely resistant to water…you can see where we are going with this. If your child were to have a trip and a fall whilst he is running along and come home covered in mud after a rainy day, all whilst wearing this coat, you will be happy to know that it will only be your little boy who needs the real looking after. A few wipes and this Stone Island Jacket would be right as rain. Group it together with warm clothes and this coat, along with others from our Junior Stone Island range and various designer collections, will be fit to keep your little one warm without the worry of it being damaged from a simple trip or playing out in less-than-ideal weather.



Prepare Your Little Ones with The Best Kids Designer Coats

Having outlined benefits of these four top brands that we stock, you can see why we are proud to have their names featured at OD’s. Remember, the festive season is here, and before you know it your kids will be at the window waiting for snow fall so they can build a snowman and truly feel like it’s Christmas time! With that in mind, they need to be put in the nicest, warmest, most appropriate coats you can find! Browse the Jacket and Coat collections of Lanvin, Pyrenex, Stone Island and C.P Company to get a closer look at their Winter coats for kids; then, let them run wild and enjoy their time off school!