In a society filled technology and social media, fashion trends are all the go. You can easily see the correlation of what designer clothing people are tending to wear and what brands are getting the most appearances on your news feed daily. Everyone wants to be up on the latest styles and trends, no matter how many different brands and designs are floating around at the time, and with big brands constantly releasing new collections and looks, trends move on to something new at one point. But for now, we at OD’s have homed in on the biggest fashion trends that are doing the rounds at the moment and are getting the most recognition on the high streets.


Key Trends at The Moment

Animal Print

Both men and women can unleash their wild side with some animal print designs in their life. Footwear is becoming increasingly design-led as time goes on, and animal print designs are currently taking centre stage. You will often find women’s heels and boots to have effects reflecting the skin/fur of leopards, crocodiles or snakes, with men’s pumps and trainers not very far behind at the moment. An example on the male demographic’s side here at OD’s is one of our popular Android trainers selections: Men’s Android Homme Propulsion Mid Trainers. These high-top Android Homme shoes are covered in premium suede and nubuck leather upper for maximum comfort all day long when you are having yet another shopping day. They are coloured in variations of grey, and at the side you can find reflective snake-print panels that blend perfectly. If you are looking for stylized Android trainers that have an animalistic edge, look no further than the Men’s Android Homme Propulsion Mid Trainers to keep your fashion side untamed.


Glossy Fabrics

Many people like to have clothing that give off a certain effect or impression and are seen as irregular compared to the usual materials used in your every-day wardrobe garb. Glossy fabrics are incorporated into a lot of designer clothes these days, mainly in women’s fashion. The high-shine effect gleams in sunlight and gives your t-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt a more authentic, luxurious appearance. An example of one of our own products that takes on the glossy fabric effect is found in our Women’s Calvin Klein collection, being our Women’s Calvin Klein Hooded Sweatshirt. This all black women’s Calvin Klein sweatshirt, complete with a drawstring hood and kangaroo pocket, brings in a pairing of cotton blend fleece and gloss prints displaying a boxed version of the Calvin Klein Jeans logo on both the left side of the chest and the left hip. With this women’s Calvin Klein sweatshirt you see how the shine from the glossy fabric makes the logos really glow and makes the sweatshirt reek of luxury and glamour. With this selection from our range of women’s Calvin Klein clothing you will be sure to look chic and give off the appearance of a lavish lifestyle.


Sock Boots

Every woman wants that added bit of comfort when they go on a night out and worry that their feet are going to be killing before midnight. Sock boots definitely provide that wanted comfort! This fitted style of boots can come in various lengths, with a material that shows off the silhouette of your legs/ankles that they cover. The best thing about them? Expect them to easily slip off without hassle after a long night out or day at work. At OD’s, of course we’ve gotten in on this popular trend; we proudly stock Womens Tommy Jeans Sock Healed Boots. Featured in our womens Tommy Jeans collection, our Tommy Jeans boots Represent Tommy Hilfiger with the brand’s famous tricolour palette displayed around the top. These tight yet comfortable Tommy Jeans sock boots come in a tall heel to implement that extra height. Thrown in with a pair of skinny jeans or a long skirt, these Tommy Jeans sock boots are sure to have you travelling to work or venturing on a night out in style.



Lads love their hats nowadays. With the latest shoes, a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt/bomber jacket combo on the upper body, you can usually find the head covered with something to complete the outfit for venturing around town or going on a drive with your pals. Caps, beanies, newsboys; there are so many variations for what guys will thrown on today. But, the main trend at the moment has to be the cap. With more and more high-end brands releasing newer designs for caps constantly, you can always find this type of headwear somewhere nearby. That’s why we heavily stock our men’s Dsquared cap range. Found in our Men’s Dsquared Accessories category, Dsquared hats for men are designed to represent Canada, the home country of the brand’s twin designers Dean and Dan Caten. Giving off a rustic vibe and made to suit the look of a trucker cap or baseball cap, these increasingly popular hats give off a rough edge and once you see them you can tell why men’s Dsquared cap designs fit in perfectly with a guy’s casual look.

But, it’s not only men that are getting in on the hat trend. Women, especially with Winter creeping in, can constantly be found to have their outfit consisting of a parka, jumper, jeans, suede boots and a warm fur hat. Perfect for enjoying bonfire night or just getting you to work without shivering, hats for AW18 are all the go and are practical for any woman’s usual outfit in the backend of the year. If you are looking for the perfect way to complete your look, get in on the current trend with our Women’s BKLYN hat range. These comfy BKLYN hats are made using only the best Italian merino wool for that extra soft touch, with a single fluffy pom pom found at the top of them. Our BKLYN bobble hat range come in a variety of hues; so not only are you ensuring that you are given the softest, warmest product to keep your head warm, but you are also ensuring that you can get BKLYN hats in colours that complete your outfits perfectly.


Check Print

The check print shirt look is an age-old fashion trend that keeps on giving. Being crafted for either the formal or informal look, check shirts are perfect to be thrown on with casual or smart jeans depending on the occasion and their actual design. Men’s check shirts have always crept in and out of fashion, but you will always find at least one person wearing one on a normal day. With high-end fashion, men’s check shirts have certainly made another come back and are trending as much as ever. Examples from our own products at OD’s have to be our Men’s Vivienne Westwood Long Sleeve Checked Shirt and our Men’s Michael Kors Long Sleeve Slim Shirt. From looking at these two shirts, you can see that both use a careful blend of colours to create a relaxed pattern that looks smart and still calls back to the traditional look of check shirts. Perfect for a celebratory meal with your loved ones or a special occasion in general, these smart men’s check print shirts are ideally combined with smart blue or black jeans and a pair of brogues or smart black pumps.


Take A Look at Our Different Collections at OD’s

As mentioned before, fashion trends are all the go, and we at OD’s Designer Clothing want to make sure you are caught up! Want to make sure you are clued up on the latest trends? Maybe it’s high time that you give your wardrobe a bit of an update and throw in some new additions. Make sure you are in with the latest clothing crazes and more importantly make sure you look your best! If you need some help with that, check out our in-store or online collection of designer clothing for both men and women to see what the biggest designers have for you to choose from.