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The kids are returning to school after the Christmas break, and with a new year comes the ideal time to invest in kids designer coats so that your little guys can go through the school gates with that extra wow factor. But, what designer brand should you be looking at? Well, we at OD’s know the best option: Canada Goose.


So, Why A Canada Goose Kids Coat?


This brand has been favoured above most in recent years, being seen as one of the best outwear designers in the world, Canada Goose has flourished from being based in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada to conquering the fashion world with their appealing outwear items, namely their coats. It is not an irregularity to venture around your city, neighbourhood or even street and see a Canada Goose coat being worn. Kids want to be in on the latest trends just as much as anyone, and to venture into school in one of these coats would be a great way for them to kick start the new year.


But what makes Canada Goose coats for kids so special? Why is it best for you to invest in outwear from this brand? Below we have picked out the biggest features of a Canada Goose coat, explaining why they will benefit your kids on a day to day basis.


Down Filling


One of the main features of the brand’s coat range is the fact that the majority of their coats are down filled, meaning that the interior of the coats between the surface materials are compact with down. Down has fluffy strands that connect and create insulation. In turn, this creates warmth when a Canada Goose kids coat is worn, coats such as the Unisex Canada Goose Youth Logan Parka and the U Canada Goose Grizzly Bomber Jacket. With these examples and more on our full Canada Goose  Junior Collection, high-quality down filling provides professional insulation for these lightweight coats that have become world-renowned. So, don’t be worrying about your little one shivering on the way home from school; a Canada Goose kids coat will keep them pleasantly warm for the entire trip home.




Canada Goose coats for kids come in a variety of different lengths. The brand has been known to create different styles, and with that comes coats that are either long and covering the thigh, or shorter and waist length. For example, a full length Canada Goose Parka would of course differ in size to the Unisex Canada Goose Royal Blue Youth Rundle Bomber. The differences in length cater to the different styles and benefits of each jacket; a parka design will cover more of the body in a more relaxed fashion, whereas the bomber design will appear more fitted and compact. Canada Goose design coats of different lengths to allow a variety of choice within their range. So, whether your child prefers a longer style to benefit from more warmth or a bomber style for a more fitted appearance through the elasticated hem, Canada Goose has a coat for him or her.


Fur Trim


As expected, if you look into our collection you will see that all of our Canada Goose kids coats, even though they come in a number of different styles,  are designed with the iconic fur-trim hood in mind. Fur is seen as beneficial in the coldest of climates, especially when incorporated into the hooded section of a hood. Although many find fur-trim hoods merely cosy and warm, Canada Goose originally implemented fur into their designs to assist in preventing damaged skin in the coldest places on Earth; fur-trim hoods perfectly assist in shielding the face from freezing cold conditions. With how cold Britain can become, it helps that these kids designer coats from this world-famous brand are crafted to be both comfortable and functional. With exceptional warmth also provided by the coat’s hood on those days that are bitterly cold, you can see why Canada Goose coats for kids are a favourite.




Canada Goose coats are found to be used on the likes of film and TV sets for night shoots and filming areas with cold conditions. Why would production companies invest in coats from this brand? Because they only look for the finest of outwear for situations such as the ones mentioned. Canada Goose gives great attention to detail and uses expert craftsmanship in each of their coats. No one wants to buy their son or daughter a winter coat every single year and that is where this brand is favourable. Canada Goose kids coats, like their coats in other collections, are designed and crafted especially to be long lasting. The brand uses high-end nylon and polyester in the lining and surface materials of their coats, making sure that they are stitched together flawlessly meaning they are less likely to, for example, fall apart due to fraying stitches. So, it is safe to say that you won’t need to be buying the kids new coats for quite a while.


Canada Goose Coats for Kids at OD’s


When it comes to Canada Goose coats for kids, your little ones are in for definitive warmth and comfort whenever they are worn. With the amount of kids designer coats available today, Canada Goose kids coats take the lead for their stand-out high-quality down filling, variety of styles, comforting fur-trim hoods and expert craftsmanship. Winter is still here, and with your kids headed back to school, make sure you invest in a coat that is luxurious and functional for them. Want to see for yourself? Check out the full Canada Goose Junior Collection and see what you can treat your kids to as they start school again!

Features of A Canada Goose Kids Coat

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With the Winter months coming, it’s best that you prepare for a chill in the air. How do you do that I hear you ask? Invest in the best coats to keep you warm and cosy. But wouldn’t it be better if you could up your body temperature in style? That’s where Mackage coats come in to play. Mackage was started by lifelong friends Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan back in 1999 with their first collection of coats. Since its inception, Mackage has built itself up, introducing their own mens range in 2008 and then taking their next step by establishing their handbag range in 2013. The brand has since grown to become a leading, high end brand that is sold in more than twenty countries over a total of three continents.


Function of Mackage Coats

When Mackage was started, both Elfassy and Dahan believed that outwear clothing can function in more ways than one. They had the firm belief that outwear clothing can remain warm and comforting whilst also appearing stylish and trendy. Why can’t practical outwear for the Winter and Autumn months be fashionable and stylized at the same time? Elfassy and Dahan wanted to tackle this head on and create a brand that gave you comfort but still offered you a high-end, fancy clothing range for when you are out and about. That belief from 1999 has no catapulted Mackage to the forefront of the outwear game and made it a standout brand for the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Female Mackage coats have climbed to become the cornerstone of women’s fashion, going on to be worn by celebrities such as Gwenyth Paltrow and featuring in the media on TV shows such as the critically-acclaimed Suits. We at OD’s couldn’t be happier to have our Mackage range featured in our women’s department, displaying our stock with the utmost pride and excitement. With such an amazing brand to have in our possession, we can’t help but share the details on the features that make a female Mackage coat so suitable and perfect for the winter months.


Main Features of a Female Mackage Coat

No.1: Made from Water-Resistant Material

Although we all love the Winter months for various reasons, the weather that comes with the season doesn’t always please us. You can expect rain, snow and even hailstones. With these conditions you can expect to be soaked, but thankfully with Mackage coats it won’t matter. This range of outwear is made with effective water-resistant fabric that covers the entirety of the outer layer of the coat to help in stopping any absorption of water. This is perfect for those rain days when you are walking to work on a rainy day or when you are doing some last-minute Christmas shopping on a snowy day before meeting your friends for a spot of lunch! These coats will help in keeping your jumper, cardigan or t-shirt warm and dry for the whole day.


No.2: Duck Down Filled

One of the main qualities of a Mackage women’s coat is the warmth provided by it. With the Winter season, warmth is the priority whenever you step outside your front door. Mackage coats are filled with With 90% pekin duck down and 10% pekin duck feathers to assist with insulation of heat. With the use of duck down and feathers, you can be sure that whether you are just on a quick journey to your local shop or taking in the festivities by walking around the Christmas markets in your city, you will definitely not feel the chill in the air. Make sure you are kept warm for these last few months of the year with the right outwear for insulation.


No.3: Fur Trim for Extra Warmth

The functionality of Mackage coats is to keep you as warm as possible whilst also allowing your outfit to burst with style and class. This is strengthened with the incorporation of the brand’s iconic fur-trim hood. The fur-trim of a Mackage coat is more or less the signature of the brand and is seen as one of the it’s most noticeable qualities. Fur is aligned around the hood of the coat to assist in warmth and also protection. Coupled with a stand-up collar that surrounds the whole of your neck area, the fir-trim hood helps in keeping your entire upper body warm, protecting your face from the likes of rain and show,  whilst also having an elegant and stylish appearance wherever and whenever you wear it.


Check Out Our Full Range of Mackage Coats Today

With almost two decades of effort form two friends who wanted to create outwear that could provide both body warmth and a high-end fashion statement, Mackage has gained recognition around the world and become seen as a step forward in outwear fashion that brings together comfort and flair. They are multipurpose products that mix with many varieties of outfits, allowing you to wear them for a bonfire night display with your loved ones as well as for after work drinks in a classy bar/restaurant. If you like what Mackage coats have to offer, why not take a look at our full Mackage collection online now. Our Mackage women’s coat range come in a number of different colours and styles such as our Womens Mackage Kadalina Down Fox Fur Coat in Mineral Grey and our Womens Mackage Akiva Down Jacket with  Raccoon & Rabbit Fur. They are also eligible for free next day delivery for all customers. Get your own view on why Mackage has gained the reputation that it boats today.

Top Features of a Woman's Mackage Coat

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With the kids back at school and a definite autumnal feel in the air, it’s the perfect time to invest in a new kid’s designer coat and – here at OD’s – we believe there is one designer label that every parent should be taking into consideration for AW18… that is, Pyrenex. This is one of the very best winter outerwear brands in the business, renowned for its ancestral know-how and its unbeatable level of expertise. As a family business, founded more than 150 years ago, their knowledge and practices have been passed down from one generation to the next and the brand has continued to go from strength to strength over the years. Pyrenex is now one of the most popular and sought-after winter labels in the industry and the latest kid’s collection has recently made its way into our store.

But what makes a kid’s Pyrenex coat so special? Why does your mini-me need a kid’s Pyrenex coat in their life? Here we put this authentic and legendary brand under the magnifying glass, examining its ancestral know-how in a little more detail and outlining the main features of their world-renowned kid’s designer coats. Have a read and then check out the full online collection today!

The Main Features of a Kid’s Pyrenex Coat

Luxurious Feather Down

It doesn’t matter if you opt for a mid-length parka, such as the Boys Pyrenex Authentic Matt Fur Jacket, or a trendy bomber-style coat such as the Unisex Junior Pyrenex Aviator Fur Jacket, all designs by Pyrenex boast a luxurious feather down filling. This is the brand’s trademark feature. From the very beginning, they have been incredibly passionate about the quality of the raw materials they use – selecting only the finest goose and duck down and feathers, from the very best producers in France – and each step of the transformation process is painstakingly executed. Thanks to their natural filling, kid’s Pyrenex coats demonstrate an exceptional level of insulation whilst remaining light and durable and they have set the international standard. When it comes to a lush feather down children’s designer coat, we guarantee, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Water-Repellent Finish

Kid’s Pyrenex coats come in different shapes and sizes; however, one thing they all have in common is their effective water-repellent finish. Take for example the Girls Pyrenex Authentic Shiny Fur Jacket and the Boys Pyrenex Spoutnic Jacket. One design is intended for a style-conscious girl, one for a trendy young man; one features a mid-length design, the other a bomber-style silhouette – however, they are both constructed from the same wind-stopping and waterproof taffeta fabric. If the rain starts to fall on the morning run to school, simply fasten them up using the front zip and these kid’s designer coats are guaranteed to keep your little one feeling completely snug and dry.

A Cosy Fur-Trim Hood

Adding to their appeal, most designs in the Kid’s Pyrenex Collection feature a cosy hood. This hood is typically crafted from the same taffeta fabric as the coat, with a soft and silky lining and a luxurious racoon-fur trim. It’s fair to say, the British winter is getting colder and wetter with each year that passes and the “Beast from the East” is likely to return at some point over the next few months – therefore a cosy luxurious hood is bound to come in handy! It will offer an exceptional level of additional warmth on the coldest of days and, thanks to its elasticated cord and stoppers, it can be pulled in tightly to create a snug fit and it will keep out the gale-force winds and rain.

Iconic Pyrenex Branding

Aside from their technical features, it’s important to note the cool and contemporary aesthetic of kid’s Pyrenex coats. Their slim-fit yet puffer jacket design is currently all the rage with young fashion aficionados and, thanks to their iconic Pyrenex branding, they are a massive hit with kids who like to stand out from the crowd. Take for example the Unisex Junior Pyrenex Aviator Fur Jacket. Currently up for grabs in this vibrant red colourway, it is incredibly on-trend for AW18 and it is guaranteed to be a popular choice for boys and girls alike. Silver branded hardware can be found throughout and the iconic Pyrenex badge is stamped proudly to the left sleeve of the design. Not only does this badge give the coat a distinctive designer touch, it is a symbol of the brand’s expertise and status in the world of outwear and it is a subtle feature that your little one is bound to love.

Invest in a Kid’s Pyrenex Coat Today

Kid’s Pyrenex Coats are the epitome of the brand’s ancestral know-how. Crafted from luxurious water-repellent fabric, with a luxurious feather-down filling, they carry the DNA of this legendary brand and they are guaranteed to keep your little one warm and dry on the coldest and wettest of days. Its official, autumn is here, winter is well and truly on the way and it’s time to get prepared. If you’re looking for a children’s designer coat that is high-quality, stylish and capable of defying the UK elements, this is the brand for you. But don’t just take our word for it! Browse the full Kids Pyrenex Collection today, treat the kiddies, and discover why these winter coats are held in such high regard.

Perks of a Kid’s Pyrenex Coat

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It’s that time of year; parents are counting down the days until its “back to school”, the nights are ever-so-slightly drawing in, and the autumn and winter months are starting to creep up on us. You might not want to admit it, but it’s time to start thinking about investing in that all-important winter coat and – for Autumn-Winter 18 (AW18) – the brand on everybody’s mind is Canada Goose. Originally founded in 1957, this is a brand that has gone from strength to strength over the last 60 years and their range of extreme outerwear has become somewhat of a global phenomenon. Not only does it look great, but it is capable of protecting against the world’s most arctic conditions and it is exactly what your family needs to stay warm and toasty throughout the chilly seasons.

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we have recently received our first offering of Canada Goose Coats for AW18 – including styles for men and women and kids – and we couldn’t wait to share our top picks. The collection is bursting at the seams with high-performance parkas and bomber jackets; all crafted from the brand’s famous technical fabrics and down-feathers, with coyote fur trims and a range of deep contemporary colourways.  So why not check out some of our absolute favourites of the season, including both the classic silhouettes and the new season designs that we think should be making their way into your winter outerwear wardrobe.

Canada Goose Mens Coats

Thanks to the Canada Goose Mens AW18 Collection, getting ready for the autumn and winter months really couldn’t be easier. Designs are surprisingly lightweight without compromising on warmth and, with an urban contemporary aesthetic, they are perfect for both active winter days in the countryside and casual day trips to the city. Take for example the Mens Canada Goose Brookvale Hoody. This waist-length quilted jacket is constructed from water-resistant nylon fabric and – despite being lightweight and breathable – it is guaranteed to keep you feeling cosy on the frostiest of days. Currently up for grabs in a classic black colourway, it features iconic Canada Goose branding throughout, and we think it is the ideal everyday option for a style-conscious man.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little on the chunkier side, we absolutely love the Mens Canada Goose Wyndham Parka. Constructed from one of the brand’s most proven textiles – the Arctic Tech – this is the kind of coat that will defy the unpredictable UK elements. It will keep you dry when the torrential rain starts to pour, it will keep you warm when temperatures start to drop, and it will keep you looking slick and smart when you head out to work on a bitter morning. Finished with the brand’s signature fur-trim hood and a Canada Goose badge to the left arm, trust us, you can’t go wrong with this winter-warmer classic.

Ladies Canada Goose Coats

Just because something is designed to be technical and high-performance, doesn’t mean that it can’t be flattering too – and the AW18 Ladies Canada Goose Coats are proof of that fact! One of our favourite feminine-inspired designs includes the Womens Canada Goose Rossclair Parka. Up for grabs in both a classic black and navy-blue colourway, this mid-length parka can be worn either sleek and straight or tightened at the waist to create a popular A-line silhouette. It is detailed with a luscious fur trim hood and shiny over-sized buttons to the front and – crafted from Arctic Tech fabric – it offers the perfect combination of extreme weather-protection and pretty high-end style.

For similar reasons, we’re also loving the Womens Canada Goose Kensington Parka in Black. Constructed from premium insulating fabrics, with a plush duck down filling, this day-to-day women’s Canada Goose coat creates paramount comfort and an unbeatable level of warmth. It is perfect for battling the elements on the daily commute and, to give it that flattering female touch, it is slim-fitting and cinched tactfully at the waist. Simply throw it on over your work-wear outfit and, we guarantee, this practical weather-resistant coat will create a stylish high-end look.

Canada Goose for Kids

Kids love to play outside and, year after year, parents are tasked with finding a coat that will shield against the harsh winter elements. If you’re about to embark on this hunt, trust us, you won’t get any better than a Kids Canada Goose Coat. Here at OD’s, our Canada Goose Kids Collection is regularly updated with new and supercharged unisex designs and – at present – we’re particularly liking the Unisex Canada Goose Kids Snowy Owl Parka. Constructed from technical fabrics and detailed with the brand’s signature features, it maximises warmth and will ensure they stay warm whilst playing on the playground. It also comes with a number of nifty features that are guaranteed to get the little one’s seal of approval. For example, the entire coat can be easily converted into a backpack and additional fabric in the sleeves allows is to grow with your mini outdoor-adventurer!

Discover the Canada Goose Collection Today

Although it’s hard to admit, it’s time to start creating your autumn-winter wardrobe and a high-quality coat is an absolute essential. It needs to be warm, cosy, weather-resistant and it also helps if it looks good too; which is why, here at OD’s, we are a massive fan of Canada Goose. The AW18 collection combines the brand’s arctic heritage with both modern silhouettes and a subtle colour palette and we guarantee there is a style to suit everyone in the family. So why not check out the full range of Canada Goose Coats for Men, Women, and Kids and prepare for the chilly months ahead.

A Canada Goose Coat for All the Family

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These changes in the weather really do creep up on you, don’t they! If you’ve had a summer as busy as ours, you might not have even had time to think about the Autumn/Winter season. Yet now the leaves are brown, and there’s that unmistakable feeling in the air. Before it all gets a bit too chilly, maybe now’s the time to check out your options.


Winter is a wonderfully stylish time thanks to the many opportunities to accessorise we can find in the form of gloves, hats, scarves, boots, and ever-popular layering, but before you can think about all that, you need a strong, fashion-forward base. A brand new winter coat. OD’s Designer Clothing has collected some of the very best pieces from the world of outerwear to give you a little inspiration and help you transform your wardrobe into a winter wonderland!

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Find the Number One Winter Coat This Season!

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