Although Christmas may be out of the way, the Winter season is still very much present and is sticking around until late March. We all want to make sure that we keep the chill off for the next few months, and so what should you be doing? Looking at brands such as Ted Baker of course! Even though Ted Baker caters to all members of the family, women’s Ted Baker clothing items are definitely a stand-out range. Ted Baker’s focus on women’s clothing helps to create elegant clothing that can be ideal for everything from a night out to having a chilled day at home, and the items to wear during Winter time? You can be sure to enjoy whatever plans you have with constant comfort and warmth through the colder days and evenings of the year!



Women’s Ted Baker Items at OD’s


Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we can’t get enough of the Ted Baker women’s range. We see the appeal of them so much that we stock women’s ted baker items extensively, with a high number of them being perfect for the rest of the Winter season. With comfort and warmth in mind, we have compiled a number of items from our full women’s Ted Baker collection that will be perfect all year round but especially over the next couple of months. Have a read and see which items are sure to put a smile on any lady’s face.



Women’s Ted Baker Maddey Knitwear


Knitwear clothing at Ted Baker is favourable for a number of reasons. You are given comfortable materials and designs that appear both elegant and fitting to different situations. One great example is this; the Women’s Ted Baker Maddey Knitwear. Crafted using warming, soft materials, this sweater is perfect for the new year. The sweater is designed with a ‘sports luxe’ feel, which makes it perfect if you are looking to stay warm and stay fit from the start of 2019. The design is as graceful and lady-like as you can get, displaying floral embroidery on the right shoulder. It also has stripe detailing running down the sleeves and around the cuffs, neckline and hem. If you are looking to be sportier whilst having a classy look, then hit the ground running with this piece of knitwear from a world-renowned brand.



Women’s Ted Baker Qatena Boots


Even though New Year’s Eve is not long gone, there can still be special occasions happening around you. Birthdays and various celebrations are still all the go even in the first few months of the year, such as Valentine’s Day. Wouldn’t you like to make sure that your feet aren’t frozen into icicles when out and about on the evening? Look no further than the Women’s Ted Baker Qatena Boots. Available in both black and charcoal grey, these women’s Ted Baker boots are crafted with a suede design that includes a 10cm block heel, metal pointed toes and a zip on the side for ease in taking off and putting on. The biggest stand-out feature? The boots are designed to cover your ankle, meaning even better comfort and warmth for your feet when you are out and about. Want to have extra cosiness and warmth on your feet, maybe try these women’s Ted Baker boots to help you enjoy any special occasions at the beginning of the year!



Women’s Ted Baker Phlufy Slippers


With these cold days comes the occasional evening time with nothing to do and relaxed weekends. With these situations you want to curl up in a robe and enjoy the peace and quiet. Want to take relaxing to new heights? Include the Women’s Ted Baker Phlufy Slippers in your down-time. These slippers from Ted Baker are designed with fluffy uppers, cushioned insoles and comforting rubber soles. To complete the elegant touch? A singular rose gold bow on the side. If you are looking to add some maximum comfort and toasty warmth to when you are relaxing at home, definitely take a look at these well-designed slippers from this famous brand.



Women’s Ted Baker Saffra Chevron Wool Midi Coat


Whatever time of year it is, you want to look your best. You want to dress to impress when at the likes of work and meetings. However, when it comes to the Winter season, you need to think about doing so whilst constantly not feeling chilly and shivering. Well, Ted Baker is way head of you. Feast your eyes on the Women’s Ted Baker Saffra Chevron Wool Midi Coat. Available in a pink colourway, this Women’s Ted Baker coat is crafted with a chevron texture through luxurious wool that is ideal for keeping you warm. The coat also comes in a midi length to help in covering more of your body and is styled with double-breasted button fastening. Giving off a sophisticated appearance, you are bound to impress anyone all year round and not feel the bitter cold for the rest of Winter with this women’s Ted Baker coat.



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Ted Baker is a world-famous brand which has grown from a simple idea over 30 years ago to become a name that is recognised as iconic in the fashion world. The popularity of Ted Baker clothing, namely Ted Baker women’s items, is evident in the designs; being created with great focus on quality and specific requirements. Having shown a number of items that would be helpful during this time of year, go and take a look at our Full Women’s Ted Baker Collection, either in-store or online, and plan ahead for what is sure to be a great year!