Who is Nicole Benisti? If you’re a follower of fashion trends and a sucker for fresh designer brands, you may have heard or seen this name in passing, but do you actually know who she is and what she does? At the moment we’re guessing the answer is probably no, but trust us, that won’t be for much longer. Nicole Benisti is the CEO and Creative Director of her own winter outerwear collection and, over the last few years, she has been colouring in the metropolitan landscape with her vibrant fur jackets and luxurious everyday parkas. She is a creative mastermind, a lady dedicated to creating feminine yet functional winter coats and – from her base in Montréal, Canada – she has quickly attracted the attention of fashion bloggers and style panellists from all across the world.

Nicole Benisti Parkas are all designed with the modern woman in mind and you can expect an artful balance of elegant sophisticated style and weather-resistant functionality. The signature design comes in black, with a sumptuously soft and vivid fur-trim hood, and the only sign of self-promotion is a subtly debossed logo to the reverse. These coats are the epitome of versatility and they sit somewhere in between high-end career-wear and urban streetwear fashion. It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do as a job, it doesn’t matter whether you spend your weekends rambling in the countryside or exploring the bright cities. A Nicole Benisti Parka is a worthwhile investment – perfect for transitioning from day to night and week to weekend – and they are fast becoming one of the most sought-after pieces of women’s winter outerwear in the world of fashion.

Although this edgy designer label was founded in 1996, it has only recently made its way onto the UK fashion scene and, as such, it is stocked at a select few designer stores across the country. Here at OD’s, we feel incredibly privileged to be one of these stockists. We’re always on the look-out for the freshest designer brands on the market and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on this amazing collection of stylish winter coats. The full AW18 Nicole Benisti Range can now be found online and in-store, as part of our women’s designer department, and here we take a look at the three main designs of the season – the Chelsea, the Madison, and the Belleville – in a little more detail.

Three Iconic Nicole Benisti Coats

No. 1: The Nicole Benisti Chelsea Parka

If there’s one Nicole Benisti Coat that completely embraces the cornerstones of this fashion-forward brand, it is the Nicole Benisti Chelsea Parka. Currently up for grabs at OD’s in a black and gold colourway, it shows us exactly how to be ladylike cool in a down-filled puffer and it offers the perfect combination of elegant womanly style and winter-month practicality. It is sleek and slender, and thanks to its defined waistline, it creates a perfectly flattering feminine silhouette. However, it also benefits from a luxurious 650 down filling and a plush coyote fur hood, and it is guaranteed to keep you warm and cosy on the coldest of winter days. If this is your first introduction to the genius that is Nicole Benisti and you want a coat that is practical (and pretty!) enough for every occasion, invest in the Chelsea Parka. We guarantee, it will soon become your everyday favourite.

No. 2: The Nicole Benisti Madison Parka

For those who like to make a fashion statement, the Nicole Benisti Madison Parka in Black-Blue is definitely the one to go for. This is the perfect style to elevate your everyday look and make sure you stand out from the crowd; coming in traditional black, yet detailed with an incredibly vivid (and somewhat eccentric) electric blue hood. Yes, it is one of the brand’s more youthful and edgy designs, but it still has that important feminine touch – with its glam a-line cut and sumptuous fur details – and its high-performance outer shell will ensure you stay protected, whatever the weather. The Madison Parka is also currently up for grabs in a black-silver and black-black colourway; so, if understated cool is more your sense of style, you can still get a piece of the action. Just be sure, whichever colour you go for, do this masterpiece justice and wear it with pride and confidence.

No. 3: The Nicole Benisti Belleville Parka

A coat is a staple of every girl’s winter wardrobe; something that can be thrown day after day, becoming the focal point of every outfit – and it doesn’t get much better than the Nicole Benisti Belleville Parka. Detailed with an opulent blush-pink hood and lined with luscious racoon fur, this everyday style has an incredibly feminine and girly-girl feel. Its silhouette is slightly more relaxed than those seen above, but it plays with volume and can be easily cinched at the waist to enhance your figure. The Belleville Parka also benefits from a water-repellent outer shell and a two-way centre zip and it is guaranteed to keep the cold and rain at bay. Invest in this sophisticated staple, throw it on in the morning, and give your everyday ensemble a touch of modern, cosmopolitan flair.

Embrace Feisty Femininity and Shop Nicole Benisti Today

Perhaps you’ve heard of Nicole Benisti before, perhaps you haven’t; but trust us, she is one of the freshest designers in the world of fashion and, if you’re not already, you will soon be desperate for one of her luxurious winter coats to be hanging in your wardrobe. So why not introduce yourself. Browse through our full online collection of Nicole Benisti Parkas today, decide which style suits you and your fashion sense the best, and add a touch of feisty femininity to your outerwear collection. A Nicole Benisti Coat is a worthwhile investment that, we guarantee, you will never regret.