Today is National Compliment Day. Yes, this really is a thing! It’s thought to be the brainchild of two ladies back in 1998; as firm believers in the power of the compliment, they asked that everyone made an effort for just one day – the 24th January - and challenged people to say something nice to a friend, colleague, or relative. Let’s face it, it feels good when someone pays us a compliment. It cheers us up, boosts our confidence, and gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. According to researchers, it can even improve our performance on certain tasks.

So, if compliments have such a positive effect, wouldn’t it be great to be showered with them day after day after day? Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we think we have a way to make that happen. Treat yourself to some of our designer jewellery and, we guarantee, the compliments will come flooding in – and not just for one day, but all year round!


Swarovski is a brand known for its crystals; sparkly and shiny, they’re sure to attract attention. Take the Swarovski Greeting Pendant as an example. Currently available in rose-gold and silver, it features four interlocking rings that are embossed with black and silver crystals. As a testament to Swarovski’s expert craftsmanship, the central ring is free to move about and the unique 3D effect is beautiful – it’s the type of necklace that is sure to have your co-workers cooing!  

Alternatively, you could introduce this designer jewellery label into your everyday look with the Iconic Swan Double Necklace and Iconic Swan Earring Jackets. Both feature the infamous Swarovski swan, making them instantly recognisable and guaranteed to bring in the compliments!

Thomas Sabo Charm Club

With over 200 charms currently available at OD’s, the possibilities for your Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet are endless. You can create a truly unique, individual piece of designer jewellery that is special to you - and sure to capture peoples interest! Perhaps incorporate a romantic heart charm or your favourite animal, add a splash of colour with the new ethnic range - including the Ethnic Lotus Coin Charm or the Ethnic Feather Charm - or mark a special occasion.

The Royalty Cross Pendant by Thomas Sabo is another eye-catcher. Part of the Glam and Soul collection, it is artistic, colourful, and extravagant. Wear this statement necklace and you’ll find that the compliments are never-ending.  

Ted Baker

The Primm Earrings by Ted Baker may be a simple and understated jewellery design, but we promise, they will be admired and complimented on a daily basis. Gold-plated, heart-shaped, and adorned with crystals, they are a pretty pair of studs that will add a subtle touch of sparkle to your everyday outfit.

Alternatively, you could go for a quirky and edgy look with either the Ted Baker Carabel Pendant or the Ted Baker Bijou Pink Pendant. These trinket necklaces will certainly stand out from the crowd; they have an unusual yet pretty design that will pique people’s interest and attract lovely comments from your fashion-conscious friends.

Today is the day to pay somebody a compliment and, we must admit, saying something nice to a friend, relative, or colleague does make us feel good. But receiving a compliment definitely feels better! So here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we set a new challenge: browse our full collection of designer jewellery, choose something you like, and see how many compliments you can get in a day. We’re guessing it’s going to be a lot…