If you look around today, men are much concerned with their clothing than they were many years ago. Designer menswear has become a massive cornerstone of many brands that is now equal to that of women’s fashion and children’s fashion. However, like women and teens, men can be fussy about the brands that they invest in; it depends on good craftsmanship, materials and the fashion statements they provide, which is a fair enough point.

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, designer clothing for men is an important factor of our business and due to that, we cater to the best brands for the male demographic and likewise for the female and junior demographics. So, to help give an idea of the best designer menswear around, we have compiled some of the top brands that we know men are happy to invest in. Whether you are a woman trying to think of what to get your significant other or a guy wanting to be a bit more clued up on the fashion trends of today, have a read and see what’s new to you.


Men’s Dsquared2 Clothing

Dsquared2 clothing may seem like a trend that has only taken a grip in the past few years, but this designer label has been building since its inception in 1995. Twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten decided to take their love for fashion and design their own clothing range after working under clothing brands such as Versace and Diesel. What makes Dsquared2 so unique and special is the brand’s unquestionable respect and dedication to its motif style. Dean and Dan Caten were born and brought up in Canada, which makes a lot of sense when you look at their clothing range; The maple leaf of Canada is a constant feature and logo of the Dsquared2 brand. Although some of their clothing is clean cut and feels fresh, a lot of the designs for Dsquared2 clothing pay homage to rustic Canadian vibes.


Men love the rough, hardened appearance that this clothing label gives off and the fine materials and artistry of design makes the brand even better. Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at the likes of the Mens Dsquared2 New Runner Hiking Trainers and the Mens Dsquared2 Shield Logo Print Baseball Cap. From looking at these examples of Dsquared2 trainers and a Dsquared2 cap you can see how the brand is a credit to fashion. The fine craftsmanship in terms of design and materials used, also the inspiration from Canadian aesthetics to give a particular impression, make guys feel tough and fashionable, whether it be through Dsquared2 trainers, t-shirts, caps or other clothing items.


Men’s Hugo Boss Clothing

Hugo Boss is a name most will be familiar with. The German label was founded in 1924 and has since gone on to be much more than just a clothing manufacturer. By 2010, the label was boasting a net profit of over $262,000,000. In terms of men’s Hugo Boss clothing, the label has gained a reputation for creating attractive and appealing designer menswear that is fashionable and relevant to trends at the time of their release. Designing clean cut ranges of clothing that include the likes of polo shirts, jumpers and t-shirts over the decades, Hugo Boss has grown into a powerhouse of fashion.


Many males trust what has worked and has a reputation for doing so, which is why men’s Hugo Boss clothing is still thriving today. Just look at items such as the Mens HUGO Didentity T-Shirt and the Mens HUGO Dayfun Hooded Sweatshirt. Both coming from the HUGO range, these items show how Hugo Boss continues to move with the times, taking into account the trends of the modern era such as the camo print look and the use of abstract art designs. Hugo Boss continue to create clothing that touches upon current trends, ensuring that their clothing ranges relate to their audience time and time again.


Men’s Zegna Clothing

It is fair to say that Zegna clothing came from humble beginnings, being started up in 1910 through a wool mill and growing to today where it now has over 500 stores globally. Zegna has garnered recognition for being progressive with their clothing in terms of designs and Italian tailoring, whilst also not being afraid to look into their past and take ideas from designs that have proved successful. Today Zegna clothing comes in the form of polo shirts, t-shirts, jumpers and other various items that can be worn for both smart and smart-casual occasions.


Many men like to be able to blend traditional looks with looks that come off as contemporary and trendy. Look at the likes of the Mens Navy Zegna Sweatshirt and the Mens Zegna Trio of Men T-Shirt. The materials and classic look of these items are met with designs that appear somewhat abstract and eye-catching, but in a way that appears smart and high-end. Zegna understands that designer menswear needs to progress and keep up with trends, but also look at making sure that comfortable, well-fitting materials are used to ensure the contentment of the wearer whilst making them presentable and trendy for today’s fashion.


Men’s Fusalp Clothing

Founded in 1952 in the French alpine town of Annecy, Fusalp clothing was started with the aim of making function combine strongly with fashion. Fusalp has gone on to become famous for their warm, comfortable coats amongst other items that would be seen as necessities in The Alps such as hats and scarves. Nowadays a Fusalp coat is seen as a perfect piece of streetwear on cold days as opposed to just skiwear due to their functionality and their appealing look, which is why they have a massive appreciation from people today.


Men, as you would expect, find a massive appeal in clothes that are both fashionable and functional for certain requirements. We at OD’s stock the likes of the Mens Fusalp Altus Jacket and the Mens Fusalp Ted Jacket. Both of these Fusalp coat choices are examples of our point. The designs of these jackets could be worn with a variety of men’s streetwear or casual wear. Their darkened colours and fitting silhouettes enable Fusalp clothing to be worthy of being included in every man’s wardrobe and allow them to be attractive for not just ski trips to a chalet in The Alps but also for general winterwear due to their padded lining and reliable warmth.


Get the Best Designer Clothing for Men at OD’s

Every guy deserves to be walking the streets in the best attire that the fashion world has to offer, and here at OD’s we want to help with that. Our range of designer clothing for men is extensive and world-renowned, with the four brands we have referred to leading the charge in high-end, appealing menswear. Simply head over to the Mens Designer Clothing Department to browse our full collection and begin to update a man’s wardrobe the proper way.