Have you ever heard of Massimo Osti? Probably not, but Osti is an incredibly important figure in the history of streetwear fashion, the genius and mastermind behind both C.P. Company Undersixteen and Stone Island Junior. Most people don’t realise, but these two seemingly separate designer labels are inextricably linked. C.P. Company came first, founded by Osti in 1976; Stone Island came later, created almost by accident in 1982. Osti had been experimenting with fabrics for a long time and, having come up with a new material – which he dubbed Tela Stella – he was determined to make something out of it. He couldn’t find a way to make this new material fit within the C.P. Company Collection and, thus, decided to craft a small range of “Tela Stella” jackets instead. This range became the brand’s successful diffusion line and just like that, Stone Island was born.

C.P. Company Undersixteen and Kids Stone Island share many similarities; similarities that we’re guessing you’ve never noticed before, but are now glaringly obvious. Both of these designer labels are renowned for their endless research and investigation and, by constantly scrutinising fibres and experimenting with new dye techniques, together they have redefined our understanding of sportswear. Simple everyday garments enter their workshop and later emerge with a unique characteristic; something futuristically modern and new to the fashion industry. All styles have a casual off-duty feel and a military-inspired urban theme runs throughout each collection. Both C.P. Company and Stone Island are now a point of reference for trend-conscious boys and, here, we take a look at some of the highlights of the season – comparing and contrasting these twinning brands.

AW18 by C.P. Company Undersixteen and Stone Island Junior

Functional T-Shirts

A short-sleeved tee is one of the simplest garments in a little boy’s wardrobe; an everyday staple and the perfect blank canvas for experimental brand’s such as C.P. Company and Kids Stone Island. Over the years they have produced a plethora of casual t-shirts, all detailed with an unusual print or intriguing dye effect of some kind, and this year was certainly no exception.

Take for example the Boys Stone Island Black Compass T-Shirt. It may come in a classic black colourway and boast a traditional silhouette; however, a unique frosted compass logo can be found to the front chest and, as such, it is distinctively designer and one of our favourite pieces from the AW18 collection. C.P. Company has also experimented with their logo this year, introducing the Boys Royal Blue C.P. Company T-Shirt. This day-to-day essential is the perfect example of the brand’s legendary manufacturing techniques, dyed to perfection and detailed with a silver reflective logo print, and it offers the ideal balance of high-end style, comfort, and everyday functionality.

Contemporary Tracksuits

A Kids Stone Island Tracksuit is one of those things that kids are desperate to get their hands on, popular due to their comfy classic silhouette and understated branding. For AW18, researchers at the Stone Island lab have decided to keep things more understated than ever, with the Boys Stone Island Track Pants and Track Jacket. Both of these have a very simple and minimalist design; cut from grey cotton fabric and detailed with exposed tonal stitching and the brand’s iconic compass badge. They are comfortable yet stylish and perfect for lazy weekends at home. In a similar fashion, C.P. Company has also taken a minimalist approach to their autumn-winter tracksuit – offering up this Boys C.P. Company Undersixteen Track Jacket and matching Joggers. This everyday tracksuit combo stays true to the brand’s philosophy of “function and use” and – for that distinctive designer touch – the signature goggle lens can be found effortlessly incorporated into each style.

Cosy Coats

When the weather turns cold and the nights draw in, a coat becomes the focal point of a little man’s wardrobe and, for AW18, both C.P. Company Undersixteen and Stone Island Junior have embraced a classic military style. Take for example the Boys Stone Island Puffer Jacket. Coming in a khaki-green colourway, this everyday coat has an urban army-combat feel, and the iconic compass logo badge – buttoned to the left arm – adds to the overall look. A similar design has also recently been released by C.P. Company Undersixteen; that is, the Boys C.P. Company Shell Jacket. This hip-length jacket also boasts a trendy “puffer-style” silhouette and comes in a khaki-green colourway and, for that military-inspired designer touch, it features the brand’s split lens goggles to the hood. Invest in either of these winter coats for your little one and, we guarantee, it will become a season fave.

Shop C.P. Company Undersixteen and Kids Stone Island Today

If you take a look at these two designer labels a little more closely, it’s easy to see that they are essentially one and the same; designed and created with the same main principles in mind. Both C.P. Company and Kids Stone Island are led by research, dedicated to boundless investigation, and have an innovative approach. They may have been founded several decades ago, but they continue to push the boundaries of design and offer collection after collection of incredibly stylish yet functional clothing. Both the AW18 C.P. Company Undersixteen Range and the AW18 Stone Island Juniors Range are currently up for grabs, here at OD’s Designer Clothing. So why not browse the full online collections today, see if you can spot the similarities and subtle differences between these two legendary brands, and add a touch of technical military style to your little man’s wardrobe.