The festive season is now upon us, which means Christmas parties, New Years Eve celebrations and preparing for a fresh year. With everyone wanting to look their best, you want to make sure that you look good from head to toe, and in terms of the toe part we have you covered with Mercer Amsterdam shoes. Mercer Amsterdam is a brand that comes from humble beginnings and to this day has never forgot its roots. Started by Pim Dreson in 2013, the brand was started when Dreson’s obsession with trainers inspired him to create his own pair. This led to interest from companies and eventually seen him quitting his fulltime job in banking within weeks of his shoes having their first bite of success. Dreson pushed himself to create trainers that he believed had a perfect, comfortable fit and that were different from the rest on the market; uniqueness was the key for him. To this day, Mercer Amsterdam has not stepped into the mass production game and instead opts for family run small-scale factories, wanting to run the production of his footwear in the same way people view them: differently.


Mercer Amsterdam Shoes from OD’s

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing we proudly supply Mercer Amsterdam trainers, being inspired by their independence and unique look compared to other brands of footwear. The individuality of this brand makes it stand apart from others, with Dreson even saying his target audience for his products are people who are different and set themselves apart from the masses. If you aren’t familiar with Mercer Amsterdam shoes, or even if you are, you may be wondering what the big craze is about Mercer Amsterdam’s footwear. Well, let us tell you. Have a read and see if these types of trainers pique your interest or do so more than before.


Revolutionary Trainer Models

Mercer trainers have helped to change the game in the appearance of everyday footwear. If you look at the likes of the Mens Mercer Amsterdam W3RD Trainers or the Mens Mercer Amsterdam Wooster Trainers you can see that Dreson’s mission is complete; he has designed footwear that truly steps apart from the looks of other brands and companies. Their look and feel are somewhat outlandish and irregular yet stylish, which gives them their unique flair and makes Mercer Amsterdam the footwear brand that you go to if you want to make a statement with a different type of shoes.


Streetwear for Smart Occasions

There was once a time when no one would really see trainers as the kind of footwear that would be worn for special occasions. Brogues and pumps were the usual go-to footwear for birthdays, nice meals and parties. However, could you say how many people wear trainers for these kinds of occasions nowadays? Probably not because it’s pretty much an every day occurrence. High-end trainers like Mercer trainers have excelled to become contemporary shoes to go out in. You can see from looking at the Mens Mercer Amsterdam Backspin Trainers as an example. Trainers such as these have transformed the traditional look of going out for a night on the town with their sleek design and attractive colour scheme that would fit well with trendy evening garb.


Crafted in Various Materials

As you would expect, numerous materials are used to craft these luxurious Mercer Amsterdam trainers, with variations being used for different designs and looks. Dreson and co use high-grade leather skins and linings, which are brought together with luxurious rubber soles to complete the usual look of their shoes, wanting to constantly meet Dreson’s goal of the ultimately comfortable shoe range. The brand will also use the likes of suede to give different types of trainers a certain feel, and this is where their materials become even more important. The materials used help to give a certain impression and idea of when they can be worn. Some materials used in designs will help to give the impression of a more laidback look for your outfit whilst some will be suitable for painting the town red with smarter attire. The same can be said for most footwear brands in that they give an impression of which design can go with their outfit, but Mercer Amsterdam trainers create a definitive look for each type that is produced and fashion infinite possibilities of outfits from pair to pair.


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Mercer Amsterdam trainers contain the essence of style and individuality that make for a stand-out footwear brand. With beautiful, chic designs and crafting through materials that are luxurious and extremely comfortable, Dreson did what he set out to do and created a footwear brand that appeals to the niche market and the style-minded. So, why not treat yourself? Complete a smart outfit whether it is for a day out or an evening occasion with Mercer Amsterdam trainers. Browse our full Men’s Mercer Amsterdam Collection today and I’m sure you will soon be agreeing with us on their comfort, style and uniqueness.