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Being a teenager can be a pesky business; everyone at school wants to be in on the latest styles and once a trend is taken hold of, it spreads around the playground like wild fire, leaving parents everywhere with ideas for birthday and Christmas present ideas. But on the flip side, teenagers can be a picky lot. As much as there are brands they will leap at, there are also brands they will run away from in terror.


So, if you’re wondering which brands of teenage designer clothes will definitely put a smile on a moody teenager’s face, OD’s Designer Clothing have the answers! We have compiled a list of designer labels that are currently the trend for junior designer clothes and are perfect for all youngsters! Have a read and learn what brands will have your young man or woman jumping for joy.


Dsquared2 Junior Collection


Having picked up momentum in recent years, Dsquared2 has become a phenomenon around the world. A label that has become renowned for fashionable, well-made clothing items, it is no wonder that a Dsquared2 junior selection now exists. The iconic logo of the brand is found on most young people nowadays, with the Dsquared2 junior range featuring playful, stylish designs that appeal to the younger generations whilst keeping the brand’s nod to Canadian heritage intact.


Complete a stylized outfit for your teenage boy by combining the likes of the Boys Dsquared2 Sweatshirt and the Boys Dsquared2 Hockney Jeans courtesy of the Dsquared2 junior range. The dark coloured jeans take on board the ripped jeans trend, whilst the comfortable charcoal Dsquared2 sweatshirt pretty much salutes the Canadian heritage of the label’s designers through “CANAD²A” being emblazoned across the chest, the iconic red maple leaf also appearing on the hood. Complete the look by including a pair of smart black trainers and a white t-shirt. Bring together an iconic outfit by including one of the worlds leading brands in your child’s wardrobe.


C.P Company Junior Collection


C.P Company are popular for their contemporary designs and technology-based fabrics that give military-styled t-shirts, jumpers and other items of clothing a futuristic but smart look, and their junior selection is not to be exempt. The admired C.P Company junior range incorporates that same research-led fashioning that has made this brand popular so far, featuring the iconic goggle motif and being crafted from practical fabrics.


Make sure that your young man is trendy by rifling through the C.P Company junior selection, finding items such as the Boys C.P. Company T-Shirt and the Boys C.P. Company Jog Shorts. Creating the ideal chilled look, the cotton t-shirt in a blue colourway features the brand’s logo with embroidery alluding to the brand’s iconic goggle design, whilst the relaxed grey jog shorts come with an elasticated waist plus a drawstring and various pockets located on each side, the left leg’s front pocket incorporating the brand’s goggle design also. Create a relaxed yet smart outfit that is sure to be a hit continuously in the future.


Stone Island Junior Collection


Just like Dsquared2, the logo is recognised from a mile off when it comes to this brand. Stone Island is a decades old designer label that consistently investigate fibres and fabrics to bring you clothing items that last longer than expected and are distinctive in their design. In looking at the well-liked Stone Island Junior selection, the brand creates a sporty urban-style clothing that is both functional and fashionable. Stone Island Junior integrates the same iconic, stylish looks as the adult range, ensuring that teenagers have a sense of maturity and fine materials on their backs.


Throw the likes of the Boys Stone Island Sweatshirt into the mix of your teenager’s wardrobe to ensure a stylish, well-crafted addition that appears smart when combined with smart jeans and shoes, also displaying Stone Island’s signature compass logo on the left arm. Make sure the young man of the family has well-made, long lasting clothes from the extensive collection of Stone Island Junior.


Armani Junior Collection


As one of the most well-known brands around at the moment, Armani is a designer label that has a variety of items perfect for all ages and all occasions. The Armani junior selection offers clothes for teens that are smart, smart-casual or relaxed; basically, Armani caters to whatever occasion you need, being crafted from specialist materials and being designed for the perfect fit.


Get the smart look for your teenager with items such as the Boys Emporio Armani Long Sleeve Shirt, suited to special occasions that require him to look his absolute best. Bring in a fashionable smart-casual outfit by combining the likes of the Boys Grey Emporio Armani Polo Shirt and the Boys Emorio Armani Jeans for a well-dressed everyday look. For a relaxed, chilled outfit, look at items like the Boys Emprio Armani Tracksuit so the young man can spend his days off school comfortable but trendy. Adapt to any occasion easily with the help of The Armani junior collection.


Canada Goose Junior Collection


A must for AW18, Canada Goose is a popular brand amongst younger generations through their Canada Goose junior selection. With numerous coats that go well with almost any outfit, this brand caters their expertise to creating warm, luxurious outwear that will keep you cosy through the colder months of the year. Crafted with their signature fur-trim hoods and the famous logo depicting a bird’s eye view of The Arctic, a coat from Canada Goose is sure to have your teenager thrilled as we pass into the Winter season, allowing them to parade through the bitter cold in style.


Take a look at the designs from the Canada Goose junior range, viewing clothing items such as the Unisex Canada Goose Youth Logan Parka and the Unisex Canada Goose Youth Rundle Bomber. Though slightly different in design through the likes of length and hem design, both of these selections, like the rest of the iconic label’s coats collection, will keep your young man or woman safe from harsh weather conditions and freezing cold conditions with a stylized trendy look.



Get the Best Teenage Designer Clothes from OD’s

At OD’s Designer Clothing we have a wide assortment of junior designer clothes for your teenager to add to their wardrobe. We have gone through a number of popular designer brands that have proven to be a massive hit with the kids, but there are still more for you to encounter – including Hugo Boss, Kenzo and Pyrenex. Take a look at our full range online or in-store for juniors today to make sure your teens are in on the latest trends!

Teenage Designer Clothes That Your Teen Will Approve

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The weather that comes with Autumn and Winter requires the right kind of attire for stepping outside your front door. The possibility of bitter cold, windy days means that it is time to let go of the chino shorts and flip-flops and embrace the warmer layers. The likes of parkas, padded vests, bombers and puffer jackets are what you should be looking at stocking up on amongst other Winter clothing items.

At OD’s Designer Clothing we ensure that there is designer winter clothing for everyone in your family across our men’s, women’s and juniors department. Here we take a look at the top international designer labels that should be your go-to brands to make sure you feel more warm than cold for the next few months. Have a read through and see what you fancy wearing to help you brave the incoming cold conditions.


Canada Goose Coats – Practical Way to Battle Winter

If practicality and style is important to you, then Canada Goose is the right choice for you. Designed with a streetwear appeal, Canada Goose coats have become a worldwide phenomenon, fashionable to be worn on ski slopes in Switzerland or even just as you are making your way around Christmas markets with family and friends. You can’t deny that the popular logo displaying the Arctic isn’t recognisable to you, and this is because the functionality and designs of Canada Goose’s products appeal to the masses.

If you’re wondering what exactly makes Canada Goose a go-to label for the colder seasons, look at the likes of the Mens Canada Goose Khaki Chilliwack Bomber; a coat that incorporates a coyote fur-trim hood with a high collar that can be zipped up to fully from the bottom of the bomber-length design. With fleece-lined pockets and compartments found on the front and arms of the design, the iconic logo on the right arm and the added benefit of down-fill insulation, these design choices all make for a coat that is crafted for warmth, functionality and comfort. With a Canada Goose collection that reaches out to everyone, give you and your family a good chance of staying warm through these harsh cold months.


Moose Knuckles Clothing – Festive & Trendy

Although the brand has gone on to incorporate ranges of t-shirts, knitwear and accessories under its name, Moose Knuckles is still mainly renowned for its outwear range. With expert tailoring and luxurious materials, the Moose Knuckles reputation of appealing to outsiders and energetic youths mixes in well with their brand. If you are looking for a range of winter clothes that are perfect for your stylish side, look no further than Moose Knuckles coats and hats. This clothing range is ideal for when you are venturing out to your friend’s Christmas party through the wind and snow in your finest designer outfit.

When looking for why Moose Knuckles coats are sought after, look at the likes of the Womens Moose Knuckles Debbie Bomber. Perfect for the festive season especially, this fun design has a black colourway that brings in a fur-trim hood and pompoms coloured in white to blend in with possible snowy evenings. The bomber has an exterior material consisting of cotton and nylon with a design that makes sure rain and snow is kept out. With duck down to insulate heat and the brand’s metallic  trend for coats shown through the zipper and button design, you have a coat that is crafted to keep you hip and trendy on those colder days and nights. Moose Knuckles are a designer label that hit the ground running with outwear and their appeal to everyone’s energetic, free side, with other designs  such as the Mens Moose Knuckle 3Q Jacket and the Junior Girls Moose Knuckles Bomber Jacket amongst others. Through our full Moose Knuckle collection, give your warm outfits for the AW18 an update with the trendy clothing choices provided.


Froccella Women’s Coats – Elegant for the Cold Weather

For ladies who are wanting to make their way through AW18 with an elegant, visually striking look, Froccella is the brand you should be eyeing up. As you have probably noticed, most winter coats incorporate the fur-trim hoods and padded effect, but what Froccella coats do is take that trending look and give it an even more sophisticated, graceful look. The use of glossy material and well fitted designs make Froccella women’s coats the ideal choice this Winter season.

With Froccella coats, you want to make sure that you make a statement and wear one with pride and a flick of the hair. One of our main picks is the Womens Froccella B88 Jacket. This waterproof outwear coat brings together a polyester outer, a real fur hood, warm goose down filling, a mid-style look and a full zip at the front that leads to the top of the collar. Along with its tonal stitching throughout, side pockets and comfortable stretchy cuffs you have an example that screams the main stylish and beneficial factors of all Froccella women’s coats. If looking for something with less of a glossy look, maybe look at the Womens Froccella B203 Jacket or the colourful Womens Froccella B220S Jacket amongst other designs in our Froccella collection for the sophisticated, tasteful addition to any women’s winter look.


North Face Clothing – Dress Down in Style This Autumn & Winter

Prepare for the extreme in the best way with The North Face clothing. Designed as a more casual line of clothes, outwear from The North Face collection is a great pick for Winter clothing when braving a hike when it’s blowing a freezing cold gale or when you are finishing your Christmas shopping on a casual day off work. With a large range of coats, t-shirts, hats, gloves and pants, all ideal for the cold days of the year, The North Face is a brand you can stock up on.

Take on cold weather in style during the Autumn and Winter seasons with the likes of the Mens The North Face Himalayan Light Down Hooded Jacket and the Mens The North Face Diablo Pants. Crafted from weather-resistant and warming materials, the combination is sure to keep the cold out wherever you go. But, if you want to wrap up to the extreme there is always the likes of the Mens The North Face TNF Logo Box Cuff Beanie Hat and the Mens The North Face Etip Gloves for the extra heat on your head and hands whilst you’re hiking through the countryside or walking down the high street in the heavy snowfall. Always make sure you are prepared for the extreme weather with casual but effective clothes from The North Face clothing range.


Prepare for AW18 With OD’s

The weather that comes with the Autumn and Winter months is not to be taken likely, and these designer labels are the ultimate brands for your AW18 clothing. It is time to bring the outgear…well, out, and if you feel you haven’t got all of your winter clothing essentials handy there is no need to worry! At OD’s, we have our full online collection of designer clothing for men, women and juniors for you to view and choose from! We also offer free next day delivery on all items Monday to Thursday if you order before 2:45pm. So, what are you waiting for? Have a browse for the whole family today and find the right high-end Winter clothing from the brands above that we guarantee will keep you all warm and dry throughout AW18.

Most Wanted Designer Labels for AW18

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In a society filled technology and social media, fashion trends are all the go. You can easily see the correlation of what designer clothing people are tending to wear and what brands are getting the most appearances on your news feed daily. Everyone wants to be up on the latest styles and trends, no matter how many different brands and designs are floating around at the time, and with big brands constantly releasing new collections and looks, trends move on to something new at one point. But for now, we at OD’s have homed in on the biggest fashion trends that are doing the rounds at the moment and are getting the most recognition on the high streets.


Key Trends at The Moment

Animal Print

Both men and women can unleash their wild side with some animal print designs in their life. Footwear is becoming increasingly design-led as time goes on, and animal print designs are currently taking centre stage. You will often find women’s heels and boots to have effects reflecting the skin/fur of leopards, crocodiles or snakes, with men’s pumps and trainers not very far behind at the moment. An example on the male demographic’s side here at OD’s is one of our popular Android trainers selections: Men’s Android Homme Propulsion Mid Trainers. These high-top Android Homme shoes are covered in premium suede and nubuck leather upper for maximum comfort all day long when you are having yet another shopping day. They are coloured in variations of grey, and at the side you can find reflective snake-print panels that blend perfectly. If you are looking for stylized Android trainers that have an animalistic edge, look no further than the Men’s Android Homme Propulsion Mid Trainers to keep your fashion side untamed.


Glossy Fabrics

Many people like to have clothing that give off a certain effect or impression and are seen as irregular compared to the usual materials used in your every-day wardrobe garb. Glossy fabrics are incorporated into a lot of designer clothes these days, mainly in women’s fashion. The high-shine effect gleams in sunlight and gives your t-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt a more authentic, luxurious appearance. An example of one of our own products that takes on the glossy fabric effect is found in our Women’s Calvin Klein collection, being our Women’s Calvin Klein Hooded Sweatshirt. This all black women’s Calvin Klein sweatshirt, complete with a drawstring hood and kangaroo pocket, brings in a pairing of cotton blend fleece and gloss prints displaying a boxed version of the Calvin Klein Jeans logo on both the left side of the chest and the left hip. With this women’s Calvin Klein sweatshirt you see how the shine from the glossy fabric makes the logos really glow and makes the sweatshirt reek of luxury and glamour. With this selection from our range of women’s Calvin Klein clothing you will be sure to look chic and give off the appearance of a lavish lifestyle.


Sock Boots

Every woman wants that added bit of comfort when they go on a night out and worry that their feet are going to be killing before midnight. Sock boots definitely provide that wanted comfort! This fitted style of boots can come in various lengths, with a material that shows off the silhouette of your legs/ankles that they cover. The best thing about them? Expect them to easily slip off without hassle after a long night out or day at work. At OD’s, of course we’ve gotten in on this popular trend; we proudly stock Womens Tommy Jeans Sock Healed Boots. Featured in our womens Tommy Jeans collection, our Tommy Jeans boots Represent Tommy Hilfiger with the brand’s famous tricolour palette displayed around the top. These tight yet comfortable Tommy Jeans sock boots come in a tall heel to implement that extra height. Thrown in with a pair of skinny jeans or a long skirt, these Tommy Jeans sock boots are sure to have you travelling to work or venturing on a night out in style.



Lads love their hats nowadays. With the latest shoes, a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt/bomber jacket combo on the upper body, you can usually find the head covered with something to complete the outfit for venturing around town or going on a drive with your pals. Caps, beanies, newsboys; there are so many variations for what guys will thrown on today. But, the main trend at the moment has to be the cap. With more and more high-end brands releasing newer designs for caps constantly, you can always find this type of headwear somewhere nearby. That’s why we heavily stock our men’s Dsquared cap range. Found in our Men’s Dsquared Accessories category, Dsquared hats for men are designed to represent Canada, the home country of the brand’s twin designers Dean and Dan Caten. Giving off a rustic vibe and made to suit the look of a trucker cap or baseball cap, these increasingly popular hats give off a rough edge and once you see them you can tell why men’s Dsquared cap designs fit in perfectly with a guy’s casual look.

But, it’s not only men that are getting in on the hat trend. Women, especially with Winter creeping in, can constantly be found to have their outfit consisting of a parka, jumper, jeans, suede boots and a warm fur hat. Perfect for enjoying bonfire night or just getting you to work without shivering, hats for AW18 are all the go and are practical for any woman’s usual outfit in the backend of the year. If you are looking for the perfect way to complete your look, get in on the current trend with our Women’s BKLYN hat range. These comfy BKLYN hats are made using only the best Italian merino wool for that extra soft touch, with a single fluffy pom pom found at the top of them. Our BKLYN bobble hat range come in a variety of hues; so not only are you ensuring that you are given the softest, warmest product to keep your head warm, but you are also ensuring that you can get BKLYN hats in colours that complete your outfits perfectly.


Check Print

The check print shirt look is an age-old fashion trend that keeps on giving. Being crafted for either the formal or informal look, check shirts are perfect to be thrown on with casual or smart jeans depending on the occasion and their actual design. Men’s check shirts have always crept in and out of fashion, but you will always find at least one person wearing one on a normal day. With high-end fashion, men’s check shirts have certainly made another come back and are trending as much as ever. Examples from our own products at OD’s have to be our Men’s Vivienne Westwood Long Sleeve Checked Shirt and our Men’s Michael Kors Long Sleeve Slim Shirt. From looking at these two shirts, you can see that both use a careful blend of colours to create a relaxed pattern that looks smart and still calls back to the traditional look of check shirts. Perfect for a celebratory meal with your loved ones or a special occasion in general, these smart men’s check print shirts are ideally combined with smart blue or black jeans and a pair of brogues or smart black pumps.


Take A Look at Our Different Collections at OD’s

As mentioned before, fashion trends are all the go, and we at OD’s Designer Clothing want to make sure you are caught up! Want to make sure you are clued up on the latest trends? Maybe it’s high time that you give your wardrobe a bit of an update and throw in some new additions. Make sure you are in with the latest clothing crazes and more importantly make sure you look your best! If you need some help with that, check out our in-store or online collection of designer clothing for both men and women to see what the biggest designers have for you to choose from.

Key Trends That You Need to Know

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With the Winter months coming, it’s best that you prepare for a chill in the air. How do you do that I hear you ask? Invest in the best coats to keep you warm and cosy. But wouldn’t it be better if you could up your body temperature in style? That’s where Mackage coats come in to play. Mackage was started by lifelong friends Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan back in 1999 with their first collection of coats. Since its inception, Mackage has built itself up, introducing their own mens range in 2008 and then taking their next step by establishing their handbag range in 2013. The brand has since grown to become a leading, high end brand that is sold in more than twenty countries over a total of three continents.


Function of Mackage Coats

When Mackage was started, both Elfassy and Dahan believed that outwear clothing can function in more ways than one. They had the firm belief that outwear clothing can remain warm and comforting whilst also appearing stylish and trendy. Why can’t practical outwear for the Winter and Autumn months be fashionable and stylized at the same time? Elfassy and Dahan wanted to tackle this head on and create a brand that gave you comfort but still offered you a high-end, fancy clothing range for when you are out and about. That belief from 1999 has no catapulted Mackage to the forefront of the outwear game and made it a standout brand for the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Female Mackage coats have climbed to become the cornerstone of women’s fashion, going on to be worn by celebrities such as Gwenyth Paltrow and featuring in the media on TV shows such as the critically-acclaimed Suits. We at OD’s couldn’t be happier to have our Mackage range featured in our women’s department, displaying our stock with the utmost pride and excitement. With such an amazing brand to have in our possession, we can’t help but share the details on the features that make a female Mackage coat so suitable and perfect for the winter months.


Main Features of a Female Mackage Coat

No.1: Made from Water-Resistant Material

Although we all love the Winter months for various reasons, the weather that comes with the season doesn’t always please us. You can expect rain, snow and even hailstones. With these conditions you can expect to be soaked, but thankfully with Mackage coats it won’t matter. This range of outwear is made with effective water-resistant fabric that covers the entirety of the outer layer of the coat to help in stopping any absorption of water. This is perfect for those rain days when you are walking to work on a rainy day or when you are doing some last-minute Christmas shopping on a snowy day before meeting your friends for a spot of lunch! These coats will help in keeping your jumper, cardigan or t-shirt warm and dry for the whole day.


No.2: Duck Down Filled

One of the main qualities of a Mackage women’s coat is the warmth provided by it. With the Winter season, warmth is the priority whenever you step outside your front door. Mackage coats are filled with With 90% pekin duck down and 10% pekin duck feathers to assist with insulation of heat. With the use of duck down and feathers, you can be sure that whether you are just on a quick journey to your local shop or taking in the festivities by walking around the Christmas markets in your city, you will definitely not feel the chill in the air. Make sure you are kept warm for these last few months of the year with the right outwear for insulation.


No.3: Fur Trim for Extra Warmth

The functionality of Mackage coats is to keep you as warm as possible whilst also allowing your outfit to burst with style and class. This is strengthened with the incorporation of the brand’s iconic fur-trim hood. The fur-trim of a Mackage coat is more or less the signature of the brand and is seen as one of the it’s most noticeable qualities. Fur is aligned around the hood of the coat to assist in warmth and also protection. Coupled with a stand-up collar that surrounds the whole of your neck area, the fir-trim hood helps in keeping your entire upper body warm, protecting your face from the likes of rain and show,  whilst also having an elegant and stylish appearance wherever and whenever you wear it.


Check Out Our Full Range of Mackage Coats Today

With almost two decades of effort form two friends who wanted to create outwear that could provide both body warmth and a high-end fashion statement, Mackage has gained recognition around the world and become seen as a step forward in outwear fashion that brings together comfort and flair. They are multipurpose products that mix with many varieties of outfits, allowing you to wear them for a bonfire night display with your loved ones as well as for after work drinks in a classy bar/restaurant. If you like what Mackage coats have to offer, why not take a look at our full Mackage collection online now. Our Mackage women’s coat range come in a number of different colours and styles such as our Womens Mackage Kadalina Down Fox Fur Coat in Mineral Grey and our Womens Mackage Akiva Down Jacket with  Raccoon & Rabbit Fur. They are also eligible for free next day delivery for all customers. Get your own view on why Mackage has gained the reputation that it boats today.

Top Features of a Woman's Mackage Coat

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Moose Knuckles is a name that, over the last few years, has become synonymous with incredibly warm, winter outerwear. From the outset, this Canadian-based brand has done everything in its power to protect people against the cold – offering a range of coats and jackets that are designed with maximum functionality in mind. Yes, a Moose Knuckles Coat is stylish and tailored to create a sleek and sexy fit; but it is also incredibly cosy, and it is intended to keep people warm and toasty on the bleakest of winter days. If you haven’t yet joined the #MooseTribe, it’s time to make an investment and prepare for the wet and windy months that lie ahead. This is a brand that has worked hard to set itself apart from the competition and, earlier this year, the Moose Knuckles Parka was officially ranked as the warmest on the market. Here we take a look at the reasons why.

Research into the Moose Knuckles Coat

It’s not something that happens often; research into designer brands and the quality of their clothing. Yet, over the last few months, researchers at the Institute for Environmental Research (Kansas State University) have been casting their beady eyes over “cold weather garments”. Their latest study put some of the biggest designer brands to the test, investigating the thermal insulation value of their most popular winter coats and determining the temperature comfort rating for each. Canada Goose, Mackage, and Woolrich were all part of the study and they all performed well. However, there was one brand in particular that stole the show; that is, Moose Knuckles.

The Moose Knuckles Parka was ranked, scientifically, as the warmest coat – achieving a thermal insulation value of 2.11clo and a temperature rating of 4.3°C. By comparison, the Canada Goose Trillium Parka achieved 2.03clo and 5.3°C, the Mackage Akiva Parka reached 1.96clo and 6.2°C, and the Woolrich Arctic Parka fell at the bottom of the pile with 1.84clo and a temperature rating of 7.8°C. Unless you’re an expert in the field of clothing insulation, we’re guessing these numbers don’t mean much to you – but there is just one important point to note. Moose Knuckles was the clear front-runner and their luxury parka was deemed the cosiest style currently on the market.

Why is a Moose Knuckles Coat So Damn Warm?

Moose Knuckles was established based on the belief that they could make the “leanest, toughest, and most luxurious” winter outerwear in the world – and, judging by the results of this university study, they can officially say they have succeeded in this quest. This is a brand that believes the devil is in the detail and, as such, every single aspect of a Moose Coat is designed to contribute to its warmth and cosiness. For example, they all typically have a fur-lined hood, they all have an interior and exterior stormproof zip placket, they all have a cleverly reinforced interlining in critical heat-loss areas. However, aside from these little details, Moose Parkas essentially adhere to three main criteria and it is these criteria that really give them their research-proven toasty edge.

No.1: They Have a Tough Shell

All Moose Knuckles Coats are crafted from durable Canadian fabrics, including a water-repellent and windproof outer layer, and a lining that is silky-soft yet incredibly strong. These fabrics work together, creating a tough shell and shielding your body against the harsh winter elements.

No.2: They Are Fitted With a Sturdy Metal Zipper

Each design is fitted with the brand’s custom YKK full metal zipper. This is a heavy-duty two-way zip, constructed from an unbreakable metal. It is water-repellent, freeze and rust proof, and – once it is zipped up – it traps in the heat and enhances the overall warmth of the Moose Parka.

No. 3: They are Crafted from Luxe Duck and Goose Down

Moose Jackets have luxurious duck and goose down in all the right places. In order to attain superior insulation and the highest standard of warmth, the brand uses whole and undamaged clusters of down, with a 4-ply construction and a minimum of 650 fill power. Fill power refers to the weight to volume ratio of the down and the higher the number the better. This is why coats by Moose Knuckles are lightweight and comfortable, yet still able to keep you snug on a bitter winter day.

Invest in a Top Ranking Moose Knuckles Coats

If you’re looking to invest in a new coat for the cold winter months and you’re unsure of which brand or style to go for, let’s face it, the research speaks for itself. Winter outerwear has always been the focus of the Moose Knuckles brand and, from the outset, they have built their Canadian know-how and gritty urban style into every design. This study is proof of their expertise, proof that a Moose Knuckles Coat is a worthwhile investment – a coat that is guaranteed to keep you warm and dry in the wind and rain – and, here at OD’s, we’re proud to a be stockist for this top ranking brand. As part of our designer clothing department, you will find an extensive collection of Mens Moose Knuckle Coats, Womens Moose Knuckles Jackets and Moose Knuckle Parkas for Kids. So why not take a look today? Invest in a high-performance yet stylish winter coat, put it to the test, and see what all the fuss is about for yourself…

Moose Knuckles Jackets: Officially the Cosiest on the Market

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Who is Nicole Benisti? If you’re a follower of fashion trends and a sucker for fresh designer brands, you may have heard or seen this name in passing, but do you actually know who she is and what she does? At the moment we’re guessing the answer is probably no, but trust us, that won’t be for much longer. Nicole Benisti is the CEO and Creative Director of her own winter outerwear collection and, over the last few years, she has been colouring in the metropolitan landscape with her vibrant fur jackets and luxurious everyday parkas. She is a creative mastermind, a lady dedicated to creating feminine yet functional winter coats and – from her base in Montréal, Canada – she has quickly attracted the attention of fashion bloggers and style panellists from all across the world.

Nicole Benisti Parkas are all designed with the modern woman in mind and you can expect an artful balance of elegant sophisticated style and weather-resistant functionality. The signature design comes in black, with a sumptuously soft and vivid fur-trim hood, and the only sign of self-promotion is a subtly debossed logo to the reverse. These coats are the epitome of versatility and they sit somewhere in between high-end career-wear and urban streetwear fashion. It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do as a job, it doesn’t matter whether you spend your weekends rambling in the countryside or exploring the bright cities. A Nicole Benisti Parka is a worthwhile investment – perfect for transitioning from day to night and week to weekend – and they are fast becoming one of the most sought-after pieces of women’s winter outerwear in the world of fashion.

Although this edgy designer label was founded in 1996, it has only recently made its way onto the UK fashion scene and, as such, it is stocked at a select few designer stores across the country. Here at OD’s, we feel incredibly privileged to be one of these stockists. We’re always on the look-out for the freshest designer brands on the market and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on this amazing collection of stylish winter coats. The full AW18 Nicole Benisti Range can now be found online and in-store, as part of our women’s designer department, and here we take a look at the three main designs of the season – the Chelsea, the Madison, and the Belleville – in a little more detail.

Three Iconic Nicole Benisti Coats

No. 1: The Nicole Benisti Chelsea Parka

If there’s one Nicole Benisti Coat that completely embraces the cornerstones of this fashion-forward brand, it is the Nicole Benisti Chelsea Parka. Currently up for grabs at OD’s in a black and gold colourway, it shows us exactly how to be ladylike cool in a down-filled puffer and it offers the perfect combination of elegant womanly style and winter-month practicality. It is sleek and slender, and thanks to its defined waistline, it creates a perfectly flattering feminine silhouette. However, it also benefits from a luxurious 650 down filling and a plush coyote fur hood, and it is guaranteed to keep you warm and cosy on the coldest of winter days. If this is your first introduction to the genius that is Nicole Benisti and you want a coat that is practical (and pretty!) enough for every occasion, invest in the Chelsea Parka. We guarantee, it will soon become your everyday favourite.

No. 2: The Nicole Benisti Madison Parka

For those who like to make a fashion statement, the Nicole Benisti Madison Parka in Black-Blue is definitely the one to go for. This is the perfect style to elevate your everyday look and make sure you stand out from the crowd; coming in traditional black, yet detailed with an incredibly vivid (and somewhat eccentric) electric blue hood. Yes, it is one of the brand’s more youthful and edgy designs, but it still has that important feminine touch – with its glam a-line cut and sumptuous fur details – and its high-performance outer shell will ensure you stay protected, whatever the weather. The Madison Parka is also currently up for grabs in a black-silver and black-black colourway; so, if understated cool is more your sense of style, you can still get a piece of the action. Just be sure, whichever colour you go for, do this masterpiece justice and wear it with pride and confidence.

No. 3: The Nicole Benisti Belleville Parka

A coat is a staple of every girl’s winter wardrobe; something that can be thrown day after day, becoming the focal point of every outfit – and it doesn’t get much better than the Nicole Benisti Belleville Parka. Detailed with an opulent blush-pink hood and lined with luscious racoon fur, this everyday style has an incredibly feminine and girly-girl feel. Its silhouette is slightly more relaxed than those seen above, but it plays with volume and can be easily cinched at the waist to enhance your figure. The Belleville Parka also benefits from a water-repellent outer shell and a two-way centre zip and it is guaranteed to keep the cold and rain at bay. Invest in this sophisticated staple, throw it on in the morning, and give your everyday ensemble a touch of modern, cosmopolitan flair.

Embrace Feisty Femininity and Shop Nicole Benisti Today

Perhaps you’ve heard of Nicole Benisti before, perhaps you haven’t; but trust us, she is one of the freshest designers in the world of fashion and, if you’re not already, you will soon be desperate for one of her luxurious winter coats to be hanging in your wardrobe. So why not introduce yourself. Browse through our full online collection of Nicole Benisti Parkas today, decide which style suits you and your fashion sense the best, and add a touch of feisty femininity to your outerwear collection. A Nicole Benisti Coat is a worthwhile investment that, we guarantee, you will never regret.

Iconic Styles by Nicole Benisti

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Tommy Mallet is one of those popular household names, best known for his appearances on The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE). First bursting onto our screens in 2014, he embarked on a drama-filled romance with Georgia Kousoulou and has remained in the public eye ever since. But it’s fair to say, Mallet isn’t just another reality TV star looking for his 15 minutes of fame. This is a young entrepreneur, determined to succeed in life, and his business endeavours are incredibly impressive. He is the co-owner of a trendy Essex club, he has collaborated with designer brand Belvoir & Co to create a line of men’s sunglasses and, over the last few years, he has made a name for himself in the world of high-end fashion – designing and releasing his own collection of Tommy Mallet Trainers.

How Did the Tommy Mallet Trainer Brand Begin?

The brand was born out of both Tommy’s childhood memories and his enthusiasm for the humble sneaker. Growing up on a council estate, his family couldn’t afford to buy him fashionable trainers and he would often be the target of school bullies. He worked hard to bag his place on TOWIE and, whilst posing at a photoshoot in 2015 – wearing a £1200 pair of trainers – he realised that although they were exquisite, they were far too expensive for most people. He decided to take matters into his own hands and, calling upon the help of a friend in the fashion industry, he set about creating his own range of mallet trainers – trainers that are inspired by those he couldn’t afford as a kid.

Since its establishment just 3 years ago, Mallet has become one of the fastest growing trainer brands in the UK. It has attracted the attention of many A-list celebs (including Craig David, Olly Murs, and Will.I.Am, to name a few), it has sold more than 150,000 pairs of trainers and the brand is now stocked in over 190 stores – including, of course, here at OD’s. We’re incredibly excited to have this contemporary footwear range in our men’s department and, with the latest collection recently landing in store, we thought it was only right to put the brand into the spotlight. Check out our top 3 Tommy Mallet Trainers for AW18 and then head over to our website to browse the full range today.

Our Favourite Tommy Mallet Shoes of the Season

No.1: The Mens Mallet BTLR Hiker Dark Grey Trainers

When it comes to Tommy Mallet Trainers, flexibility is the basis of every single design. They are slick, comfortable, and designed to be suitable for all occasions  – and the Mens Mallet BTLR Hiker Black-Silver Trainers couldn’t be a better example. These stylish low-tops are constructed from high-quality leather, mesh, and soft scuba panels and, thanks to their chunky Italian sole, clocking up your daily 10,000 steps can be achieved with minimal fuss. Up for grabs in this multi-toned colourway and detailed with a mirrored heel strip, they are both understated and distinctively designer and they are perfect footwear for both casual days in the office and nights out with a friend. If you’re going to invest in one pair of Mallet Trainers this season, opt for versatility and go for this well-rounded pair.

No.2: Mens Mallet Nix Trainers

It’s fair to say, we’re head over heels for this pair of Mens Mallet Nix Trainers. Mallet is a guy who likes to keep one eye trained on the future of fashion and these everyday sneakers completely embrace this season’s “oversized sole” trend. Harsh straight lines are combined with smooth curves, khaki suede panels are combined with dashes of 3M gold fabric and the entire shoe sits upon a futuristically-modern yet comfortable Italian sole. These Mallet Trainers are sure to make you stand out from the crowd as you walk down the city street and they create an effortlessly cool urban look. Simply style them up with a pair of skinny black jeans and a slouchy everyday sweatshirt.

No.3: Mens Mallet Archway 1.0 Trainers

Talk about taking “sports-luxe” to the max. The Mens Mallet Archway 1.0 Trainers are the absolute epitome of a luxury sneaker brand – the definition of sports-luxe trainers, in fact – and for this reason, they just had to feature in our line-up. These casual low-tops offer the perfect balance of everyday comfort and statement style. Coming in pastel-pink and detailed with gold-tone hardware throughout, they are strictly for forward-thinking men with a modern sense of style and they are screaming out to be the focal point of your outfit. For men with a slightly more understated fashion sense, the Mallet Archway Trainers are also currently available in a sand-beige colourway and they are the perfect option if you want to add a small touch of cool to your everyday look. Be bold or keep things classic, the choice is yours; but be sure to do these Mallet shoes justice and team them both with a pair of modern ankle-grazing jeans and a very simple short-sleeved tee.  

Shop the Full Tommy Mallet Collection Today

Tommy Mallet may have made his claim to fame via TOWIE; however, he is now highly regarded within the fashion industry – the creative mastermind and founder of his own luxury footwear brand. Mallet Trainers are stylish, comfortable, and designed with maximum versatility in mind. They are an investment; a pair of shoes that will take you effortlessly from an afternoon in the yuppie office to after-work drinks with your friends. They can be easily styled up or dressed down, dependent upon the occasion, and they are guaranteed to be pulled out of the wardrobe time and time again. So why not browse the full online Tommy Mallet Collection today and see for yourself why, in such a short amount of time, this fresh designer label has rounded up a strong cult following.

Top 3 Tommy Mallet Trainers for AW18

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If you’re not already familiar with Moose Knuckles, it’s time to join the #MooseTribe and add a touch of this premium brand to your casual weekend collection. Moose Knuckles has been protecting Canadians from the bitter cold since 1921; yet, it made its first UK appearance in 2007 and has quietly risen to fame ever since – offering collection after collection of signature tech-savvy waterproof coats. There’s no denying that winter outerwear is their area of expertise and, over the last decade, they have built their expert knowledge and gritty urban style into every single jacket they have made. However, recent years has also seen the introduction of everyday wardrobe staples – including t-shirts, sweaters and accessories – and the brand has become renowned for both its wild irreverent attitude and advertising campaigns that are giggle-worthy and riddled with innuendo.

AW18 has been no exception. This season, Moose Knuckles have decided to promote their new collection with a horror-themed advertising campaign, entitled the “Shady Maple Motel”. This campaign comes complete with a short horror film, which tells the tale of a doughnut-chain heiress and her friends as they check into a suspicious motel in Toronto. Yes, we agree, it sounds totally bonkers – but it certainly catches your attention and it is a fantastic way to showcase this year’s range of winter coats, jackets and clothing. Moose Knuckles is by no means a shy brand and it has set itself apart from other luxury outerwear labels. Here we take a look at some of the top picks from this season’s collection and, hopefully, recruit some new followers for the #MooseTribe.

Moose Knuckle Men

If you’re going to add Moose Knuckles to your everyday wardrobe, you may as well go all out and completely embrace it’s wild and ballsy nature. This is the type of designer label that stands out from the crowd and we absolutely love the way it combines the finest luxury materials and expert tailoring with eye-catching and unique playful designs. Take for example the Mens Moose Knuckles Munster Sweatshirt. This long-sleeved jumper is one of our favourite pieces from this season’s collection; a practical day-to-day essential, built with all-day comfort in mind and detailed with the brand’s iconic mascot – the Moose Munster. It can be easily styled with a pair of skinny jeans and trainers and it is guaranteed to turn a few heads as you walk down the city street.

We’re also a massive fan of the Mens Moose Knuckles London Flag T-Shirt, currently up for grabs in both a crisp white and a classic black colourway. This short-sleeved tee is a celebration of one of the brand’s favourite places in the world, printed with a union jack to the front and detailed with the word “London” to the reverse of the design. Subtle branding gives it that distinctive designer touch, it offers the perfect balance of everyday comfort and high-end style, and it works well with either the Mens Moose Knuckles Comeau Bomber or the Mens Moose Knuckles North Arm Hoody.

Moose Knuckle Women

For AW18, the Moose Knuckles Womens Range focuses on what they do best; that is, luxurious coats and bomber style jackets. These jackets artfully fuse the brand’s Canadian know-how with a slick urban sense of style and, with the days rapidly cooling and a bitterness in the night air, they are exactly what you need to stay warm and comfortable throughout the autumn-winter season.

Here at OD’s, our absolute favourite design has to be the Womens Moose Knuckles Yorkdale Bomber. Hip-length, water-repellent, and filled with luxurious duck down – it is a testament to the brand’s long-standing expertise and guaranteed to keep you warm and dry in the harshest of conditions. Yet it is also incredibly stylish too. Up for grabs in this classic black colourway, it is detailed with plush red fur and finished with a gold-plated logo for that distinctive designer touch. Simply style with a figure-hugging jumper dress and a pair of high-top boots and, trust us, you’ll be ready for wild days out in the city! We’re also currently loving the Womens Moose Knuckles 3Q Jacket. Boasting a trendy slim fit design and a contrasting black and white colourway, this is the type of winter coat that will make you stand out from the crowd, whilst also keeping you warm and dry on the coldest of days. Zip it up, pull up the hood, and enjoy cosy fur-trimmed heaven.

Join the #MooseTribe Today

Moose Knuckles is one of those heritage brands that has earnt its place in the world of luxury outerwear and, thanks to its free spirit, exquisite attention to detail, and playful style, it has been noted by some of the best luxury retailers across the world. Maybe you’re already familiar with Moose Knuckles, maybe it’s the first time you’ve ever heard of it; either way, we want you to join the #MooseTribe! Go wild, browse through our full online Moose Knuckles Collection today and add a touch of this tongue-in-cheek designer label to your everyday wardrobe. And when it’s time to don your new clothes, remember to take a snap and get it online with #MooseTribe #odsdesignerclothing.

Join the Moose Knuckles Tribe #MooseTribe

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Have you ever heard of Massimo Osti? Probably not, but Osti is an incredibly important figure in the history of streetwear fashion, the genius and mastermind behind both C.P. Company Undersixteen and Stone Island Junior. Most people don’t realise, but these two seemingly separate designer labels are inextricably linked. C.P. Company came first, founded by Osti in 1976; Stone Island came later, created almost by accident in 1982. Osti had been experimenting with fabrics for a long time and, having come up with a new material – which he dubbed Tela Stella – he was determined to make something out of it. He couldn’t find a way to make this new material fit within the C.P. Company Collection and, thus, decided to craft a small range of “Tela Stella” jackets instead. This range became the brand’s successful diffusion line and just like that, Stone Island was born.

C.P. Company Undersixteen and Kids Stone Island share many similarities; similarities that we’re guessing you’ve never noticed before, but are now glaringly obvious. Both of these designer labels are renowned for their endless research and investigation and, by constantly scrutinising fibres and experimenting with new dye techniques, together they have redefined our understanding of sportswear. Simple everyday garments enter their workshop and later emerge with a unique characteristic; something futuristically modern and new to the fashion industry. All styles have a casual off-duty feel and a military-inspired urban theme runs throughout each collection. Both C.P. Company and Stone Island are now a point of reference for trend-conscious boys and, here, we take a look at some of the highlights of the season – comparing and contrasting these twinning brands.

AW18 by C.P. Company Undersixteen and Stone Island Junior

Functional T-Shirts

A short-sleeved tee is one of the simplest garments in a little boy’s wardrobe; an everyday staple and the perfect blank canvas for experimental brand’s such as C.P. Company and Kids Stone Island. Over the years they have produced a plethora of casual t-shirts, all detailed with an unusual print or intriguing dye effect of some kind, and this year was certainly no exception.

Take for example the Boys Stone Island Black Compass T-Shirt. It may come in a classic black colourway and boast a traditional silhouette; however, a unique frosted compass logo can be found to the front chest and, as such, it is distinctively designer and one of our favourite pieces from the AW18 collection. C.P. Company has also experimented with their logo this year, introducing the Boys Royal Blue C.P. Company T-Shirt. This day-to-day essential is the perfect example of the brand’s legendary manufacturing techniques, dyed to perfection and detailed with a silver reflective logo print, and it offers the ideal balance of high-end style, comfort, and everyday functionality.

Contemporary Tracksuits

A Kids Stone Island Tracksuit is one of those things that kids are desperate to get their hands on, popular due to their comfy classic silhouette and understated branding. For AW18, researchers at the Stone Island lab have decided to keep things more understated than ever, with the Boys Stone Island Track Pants and Track Jacket. Both of these have a very simple and minimalist design; cut from grey cotton fabric and detailed with exposed tonal stitching and the brand’s iconic compass badge. They are comfortable yet stylish and perfect for lazy weekends at home. In a similar fashion, C.P. Company has also taken a minimalist approach to their autumn-winter tracksuit – offering up this Boys C.P. Company Undersixteen Track Jacket and matching Joggers. This everyday tracksuit combo stays true to the brand’s philosophy of “function and use” and – for that distinctive designer touch – the signature goggle lens can be found effortlessly incorporated into each style.

Cosy Coats

When the weather turns cold and the nights draw in, a coat becomes the focal point of a little man’s wardrobe and, for AW18, both C.P. Company Undersixteen and Stone Island Junior have embraced a classic military style. Take for example the Boys Stone Island Puffer Jacket. Coming in a khaki-green colourway, this everyday coat has an urban army-combat feel, and the iconic compass logo badge – buttoned to the left arm – adds to the overall look. A similar design has also recently been released by C.P. Company Undersixteen; that is, the Boys C.P. Company Shell Jacket. This hip-length jacket also boasts a trendy “puffer-style” silhouette and comes in a khaki-green colourway and, for that military-inspired designer touch, it features the brand’s split lens goggles to the hood. Invest in either of these winter coats for your little one and, we guarantee, it will become a season fave.

Shop C.P. Company Undersixteen and Kids Stone Island Today

If you take a look at these two designer labels a little more closely, it’s easy to see that they are essentially one and the same; designed and created with the same main principles in mind. Both C.P. Company and Kids Stone Island are led by research, dedicated to boundless investigation, and have an innovative approach. They may have been founded several decades ago, but they continue to push the boundaries of design and offer collection after collection of incredibly stylish yet functional clothing. Both the AW18 C.P. Company Undersixteen Range and the AW18 Stone Island Juniors Range are currently up for grabs, here at OD’s Designer Clothing. So why not browse the full online collections today, see if you can spot the similarities and subtle differences between these two legendary brands, and add a touch of technical military style to your little man’s wardrobe.

C.P. Company Undersixteen vs. Stone Island Junior

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HUGO BOSS is one of those legendary brands that everybody knows and loves. Initially founded in 1924, by Mr H. Boss himself, it is a brand that started small – making suits, raincoats and overalls for professional men in Germany – and despite its controversial links with the Nazis, it has come a very long way. BOSS’ grandchildren took over the reigns in the 1950s and, since then, generation after generation have continued with the family business, seemingly creating a successful empire from nothing and reaching icon status. Various new lines have been added to the brand over the years and, as a result, HUGO BOSS is no longer just renowned for its work uniforms and formal suits. It now offers a complete wardrobe for a fast-paced modern lifestyle, including casual ready-to-wear clothing, relaxed athleisure pieces, and trendy designs to suit men of all shapes and stature.

But the question is: do you know the difference between each HUGO BOSS line or wearing occasion? 2018 saw the introduction of BOSS Business, BOSS Athleisure and BOSS Casual (formerly known as BOSS Black, Green, and Orange) and, unless you’re a full-blown fashion aficionado, we’re guessing the answer is no. This is the type of thing we pride ourselves on knowing at OD’s and, as such, we thought we’d make things easy. Here we put each wearing occasion under the magnifying glass, picking out their unique characteristics and highlighting some of our favourite styles from each.

Your welcome…

A Guide to HUGO BOSS Wearing Occasions

BOSS Business

Quite simply, BOSS Business is the brand’s heritage. It is the wearing occasion they are best known for, globally renowned in fact, and it includes a range of smart suits and formal workwear attire. This is a collection designed with the modern working man in mind; young professionals, who need their wardrobe to work as hard as they do. Expect classic formal silhouettes that are tailored to perfection and crafted from the finest quality materials. Clothes that are refined and sophisticated, with just the right level of contemporary trend. If you’re looking to create an impressive first impression, perhaps at a job interview or business meeting, BOSS Business is the wearing occasion for you.

Here at OD’s, we believe that BOSS Business can be worn one of two ways – either smart-casual or smart-smart. For example, there are occasions when a man needs to look slick and dapper, but not overly formal and – for those occasions – we recommend styling the Mens BOSS Business Pleins Polo Shirt with the Mens BOSS Business Cento Jacket and a pair of dark-wash jeans. Alternatively, if you’re a powerhouse professional who needs to look seriously on-point, you can’t go wrong with a crisp suit, a Mens BOSS Business Shirt and the Mens BOSS Carmon Shoes. Dial it up or tone it down, dependent upon the scenario, and get ready to take on the business world in style.

BOSS Athleisure

Athleisure or “sports-luxe” is one of the biggest fashion trends of late and, it’s fair to say, HUGO BOSS has taken it to a whole new level with the BOSS Athleisure Wearing Occasion. This particular sub-brand is all about being impeccably dressed, even on the laziest of days. Think of clothes that are designed with extreme comfort and practicality in mind, but are still effortlessly stylish. Designs that are understated and sporty, yet with a high-end fashionable touch. BOSS Athleisure is perfect for casual day-to-day wear and it can be thrown on for everything from active sessions at the gym, to long days of travelling and relaxed weekends at home.

Take for example the Mens BOSS Athleisure Sarrotech Track Jacket and BOSS Athleisure Harotech Track Pants. Boasting a classic tracksuit silhouette and subtle brand detailing throughout, this is the type of outfit that will provide maximum comfort and style when most needed. Simply team it with a BOSS Athleisure T-Shirt and a pair of statement trainers to complete the high-end athleisure look.

BOSS Casual

Sitting directly in the middle of BOSS Business and BOSS Athleisure is the compromise, BOSS Casual; a range of contemporary clothing, perfect for when you want to look casual yet incredibly on-trend. This is the off-duty wearing occasion that will take you seamlessly from drinks with the work friends to a weekend in the city with bae. Expect a range of subtle understated tones that are detailed with bold and eye-catching prints, t-shirts and sweaters that have sleek lines and a modern fit, and styles that are cut from the highest-quality fabrics and finished with an exquisite attention to detail.

For AW18, we’re particularly loving the Mens Boss Casual Akanice Knitwear. This two-tone woven design comes in dark blue and white, with a small metal logo tag to the left hemline, and its features are designed to ensure all-day comfort. It is understated yet high-end and, when styled with the Mens BOSS Casual Zince Jacket and the Mens BOSS Casual Delaware BC-P Jeans, it will create a smart hipster-ish look and is guaranteed to turn heads as you walk down the city street.

Other BOSS Wearing Occasions

In a day-and-age where inclusivity is more important than ever, designer labels have to cover all the bases, and nobody does “inclusive” better than HUGO BOSS.  Perhaps you’re big boned with a muscular build? Or 7ft tall with legs as long as a runway? It doesn’t matter, as thanks to the BOSS Big & Tall Wearing Occasion, you too can get a piece of the HUGO BOSS action – with clothes that are stylish, luxurious and perfectly proportioned. Other wearing occasions, currently available at OD’s, include BOSS Body & Swimwear, BOSS Footwear, and BOSS for Kids. Whoever you are and whatever you fashion preferences or needs, we guarantee, this is a brand that has something for you.

Shop HUGO BOSS Today

HUGO BOSS is a long-standing and globally renowned brand, with almost a century of experience in the world of fashion – and, it’s fair to say, this experience shows in the quality and design of their impeccable clothing. Each of the BOSS Wearing Occasions detailed above are currently up for grabs, online and in-store, as part of our designer label department. So why not take a look at each, see which styles catch your eye, and start to create a wardrobe that is suitable for every possible modern-day occasion and every possible eventuality.

Understanding HUGO BOSS Wearing Occasions

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Never mind autumn; with dark mornings, temperatures drastically falling, and storms charging through the country, it definitely feels as though winter has arrived. Perhaps you’re still clinging on to the remnants of summer, donning your shorts with flip-flops and sliders – but if so, you’re much braver than we are! Here at OD’s, we think it’s about time to embrace the chilly season ahead and we’re switching out summer footwear for something a little warmer and a little more practical. The toe-post sandals are officially getting thrown to the back of the wardrobe (or at least confined to use at home) and we’re bringing out the autumn-winter ’18 collection of designer footwear.

As part of our designer footwear department, new styles are currently up for grabs by a host of internationally acclaimed designers, and here we take a look at some of the top picks for men, women, and children. Have a read, browse the full range online, and put your best foot forward into the new season with a weather-appropriate but high-end pair of designer shoes.

Mens Designer Trainers – Don the Sports-Luxe

When it comes to the cold winter months, mens designer footwear is all about the sports-luxe trainer. A number of key brands have emerged over the last couple of years – offering a range of laid-back trainers that are luxurious, high-end, and city street cool – and as a result, it has become one of the biggest trends of late. Team your casual everyday ensemble with a pair of statement sneakers and, we guarantee, it will create an instantly trendy yet practical autumn-winter look.

Android Homme and Tommy Mallet are two of the main contenders in the world of sports-luxe and, for AW18, their highly coveted collections are available here at OD’s – and we simply can’t get enough! One of our favourite styles of the season has to be the Mens Android Homme Propulsion Mid Nubuck Trainers. These casual mid-tops come in a black colourway and, thanks to their custom-made midsole and cushioned footbed, they are certainly appropriate for all-day everyday use. They also feature the brand’s signature logo and golden eyelets and are just what you need to create an understated yet iconic designer look. The Mens Android Homme Malibu Runners are another great option, with their subtle nod to this year’s camouflage trend, and we absolutely love the Mens Mallet Archway Trainers. Effortlessly stylish, comfortable, and practical enough for the harsh winter weather. Don a pair of mens designer trainers this season and you literally can’t go wrong.

Womens Designer Footwear – Get Booted Up

For the style-conscious ladies who want to keep their tootsies warm this season, heeled boots are the way to go. In fact, heeled sock boots are the way to go! We’re talking about the 90s style second-skin variety, typically crafted from soft – but not-so-waterproof – luxury suede or stretchy ankle-hugging fabric. This is a style that celebrities have been wearing for a couple of seasons now and it has finally made its way into our range of women’s designer footwear. Admittedly, they’re not ideal for when the rain starts to pour and you’re hopping around knee-deep puddles; but for those crisp mornings, when you need to look your best, we think they fit the bill nicely.

Here at OD’s, we are absolutely in love with the Womens Tommy Jeans Sock Heeled Boots. Coming in a traditional black colourway, these day-to-day boots boast a pull-on stretchy design and are finished with a chunky patent heel and a wrap-around flag to the ankle. They are the epitome of high-end fashion, incredibly on-trend for this season, and they work perfectly with a classic jumper dress and tights. Ted Baker is another designer label to embrace the sock boot trend, offering up the Womens Qatena Boots in Charcoal Grey and Black. However, if you’d rather play things safe and prepare for the unpredictable UK weather, you can always rely on those designer footwear classics – such as a pair of UGG Boots or Hunter Wellies – to save the day.

Kids Designer Shoes – Keep Things Casual

All parents would agree, it’s important to invest in a pair of kid’s designer shoes that are comfy, durable, and guaranteed to get their stylish seal of approval – and for AW18, we reckon the best solution is to just keep things casual. Opt for a pair of classic sporty trainers and, whatever your plans for the weekend, they can be thrown on with a pair of jeans, a hoody, and a puffer jacket and your little one will be ready to head outside and tackle the treacherous weather in style.

Most of the junior designer labels currently available at OD’s offer a selection of kid’s designer trainers; however, for this season, Lanvin is definitely the one to watch. This is a brand renowned for its thoughtful balance of practicality and fashion and their everyday sneakers certainly don’t disappoint. Take for example the Boys Lanvin Leather Trainers. Crafted from 100% leather, with a ridged rubber sole and contrast laces, they are comfy enough for little weekend adventures and stylish enough for the young and fussy. Little girls can also don casual designer footwear with the Girls Moschino Trainers, available in White or Black.  These day-to-day low-tops are girly yet iconic and, we guarantee, they will be pulled out of the wardrobe time and time again over the winter.

Shop the Full Range of Designer Footwear Today

We’re sorry to break it to you, but summer is officially over and – socks or no socks – it’s no longer acceptable to be hitting the streets in a pair of designer slides…well, not until next year, at least! It’s time to prepare for the autumn and winter months that lie ahead and update your designer footwear line-up with shoes that are weather-resistant, comfy, but still incredibly on trend. So, do yourself a favour; put the sandals back in the wardrobe, head over to our designer footwear department for men, women, and children, and invest in a pair of winter-appropriate shoes today.

The Best Designer Footwear for AW18

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OD’s has recently been graced with the latest collection by Kids Kenzo and, as a designer label that continually releases new statement prints and fresh designs, we thought it was a good idea to throw it back into the spotlight and see what this season’s range has to offer. Straight away it’s easy to see that creative directors, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, have worked their street-cred magic once more – taking the brand’s vibrant and quirky spirit and giving it a cool and contemporary tweak. The AW18 Kids Kenzo Collection is bursting at the seams with the brand’s trademark tiger motif and, this year, you can expect a combination of both the traditional bold colour palette and slightly more muted pastel tones. Three new themes have been introduced, including cosmic, frozen, and fantastic jungle; however, the emphasis is on comfortable classics with a distinctive designer touch and everyday staples that surely deserve a place in your little one’s wardrobe.

Here we take a look at some of our top picks from this season’s coveted collection and highlight four easy ways for your mini-fashionista to don Kenzo Junior over the upcoming autumn and winter months.

No. 1: The Iconic Kids Kenzo Jumper

Although initially designed to be worn by Leon and Lim on the catwalk, the Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt has become one of the brand’s most iconic and popular designs. In fact, it is now an international bestseller, worn by everyone from A-list celebrities to style-conscious parents and their newborn. It’s only right that such an iconic style features in the new collection and, for AW18, there are new statements styles for children of all ages. Take for example the Boys Kenzo Cosmic Tiger Sweatshirt. Embracing this season’s cosmic theme, it comes in a charcoal black colourway and features both the multi-coloured tiger motif and a number of unique and abstract globe prints to the front. Girls can also get a piece of the action with this grey-marl number and we’re sure tiny tots will appreciate the Baby Boys and Baby Girls Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt – coming in pale blue and pastel pink, respectively. These jumpers are warm, cosy, and incredibly iconic and, in our option, they are one of the easiest (and most practical!) ways to don Kids Kenzo over the chilly months ahead.

No. 2: A Branded Kenzo Kids T-Shirt

If a piece of clothing by Kenzo doesn’t feature the signature tiger motif, it will more than likely feature the brand’s equally iconic logo and – it’s fair to say – it crops up quite a lot in this season’s collection. Short-sleeved tees come in subtle colourways and, with the logo printed simply across the front of the design, they offer an incredibly easy and understated way to wear this designer brand. Here at OD’s, we particularly like the Girls Kenzo White Logo T-Shirt, with its relaxed longer-length fit and gold metallic branding. Simply style it up with a pair of leggings and a puffer jacket and create a high-end winter look for your mini fashionista. Boys also have a selection of Kenzo Kids T-Shirts to choose from, including this simple white exemplar. Add it to his casual weekend collection and, we guarantee, it will be pulled out of the wardrobe time and time again.

No. 3: Signature Kids Kenzo Tights

Admittedly, this is one for the little girls, but we couldn’t resist pointing out the range of luxurious day-to-day tights that Kids Kenzo have released for AW18. These come in a variety of different colourways; however, we absolutely ♥ them in fuchsia pink. They are bright, eye-catching, and truly reflect the vibrant nature of the brand and we reckon they’ll go down a treat with pink-obsessed girly-girls. They are also constructed from luxuriously soft cotton fabric, with a stretchy elasticated waist, thus making them an ideal option for everyday use. Ensure they are the focal point of an outfit and team with a simple denim dress and chelsea boots to complete the colourful look.

No. 4: Casual Kids Kenzo Joggers

A kid’s winter wardrobe isn’t complete without a pair of casual joggers and, thanks to the Kenzo Junior AW18 Collection, it’s easier than ever to tick them off the checklist. Styles are available for both boys and girls of all ages, starting from teeny tots to fussy teens, and this season they come in a range of subtle colourways. Take for example the Boys Grey Kenzo Logo Trousers. Up for grabs in a light grey marl, they feature a white rubberised logo to the bottom left leg and are an incredibly comfy way to don the designer brand. Simply combine with the matching Boys Kenzo Grey Logo Hoody and a short-sleeved tee and get him ready for those lazy winter weekends at home.

Shop the Full Kids Kenzo AW18 Collection Today

Since Leon and Lim took over the reigns in 2011, Kids Kenzo has become known as the master of motifs and bold eye-catching designs – and we’re glad to say, the AW18 collection certainly lives up to expectations! It includes everything your little one could possibly need for the autumn and winter months ahead and, with a range of everyday staples to choose from, there are countless ways for them to don this iconic designer brand (whatever their personal style or preferences…). So why not take a look online today? Browse the full Kenzo Junior Collection and invest in a few key pieces. We guarantee, this is the type of designer label that your trend-conscious little one will approve of!

4 Ways to Wear Kids Kenzo

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Camouflage is one of the greatest ironies of the fashion industry. Ultimately, this is a print designed to help military personnel blend into their surroundings. It is intended to help soldiers stay unseen, incognito, hidden from the enemy; and yet, outside of the trenches, it’s one of the most conspicuous and attention-grabbing patterns you can get. Camo has been a trend on-and-off ever since we can remember and it’s making a comeback for autumn-winter 2018. Designer labels are weaving this acquired print into their new collections, offering a range of statement camo pieces and everyday camouflage clothing  – guaranteed to make you stand out, rather than blend into, the crowd.

When it comes to donning this distinctive print, it’s important to make it the focal point of your outfit. Camouflage clothing is busy enough without adding in a range of other prints, logos, and clashing colours. The trick is to keep things simple. Simply style one item of camo clothing with an otherwise understated ensemble and you’re on the right track. Here we take a look at some of the key camouflage pieces that have recently hit our store – including styles by some of our most popular designer labels – and we offer top tips on how to nail this not-so-discreet trend.

The Classic Camo T-Shirt

A simple camouflage t-shirt is the easiest way to get to grips with this eye-catching and perennial pattern. Dependent on how “under-cover” you want to go, you can either opt for a short-sleeved tee with an all-over camo print – such as the Mens Camo The North Face Red Box T-Shirt – or something a little more understated, perhaps with camouflage detailing running throughout. Here at OD’s, we particularly like the Mens True Religion 3D Camo T-Shirt. This everyday tee comes in a classic white colourway and, with a camo print logo to the front, it is a subtle nod to the bold trend. Soothe camo’s attention-grabbing nature and style this t-shirt with a pair of straight-cut or skinny black jeans (never blue!) and a pair of comfy trainers.

Camouflage Hoodies

A hoody is a staple item in any man’s autumn-winter wardrobe and, as one of the biggest and boldest trends of the season, it seems only right that it has been given a camo-inspired make-over. Take for example the Mens The North Face Raglan Red Box Hooded Sweatshirt. This is a classic design by one of our most popular designer labels and, for AW18, it has returned to our store with an all-over khaki camouflage print. Finished with a large TNF logo to the reverse and cut from luxuriously soft cotton fabric, it offers the perfect balance of high-end style and everyday comfort and it is the type of camouflage clothing that will see you through the autumn-winter months. Simply combine with a pair of black jeans or joggers to complete the on-trend look.

A Pair of Camo Trainers

If you don’t like to draw attention and you’d rather avoid looking like an army-combat action man, a pair of camouflage trainers may be the best option for you. They offer a small and subtle dose of this high-end trend and can be easily thrown on with your classic everyday ensemble – so long as you stick to darker tones! Here at OD’s, we recommend bagging the Mens Propulsion Mid Camo Velvet Trainers by Android Homme. Android Homme is a designer label renowned for its incredibly on-trend luxury trainers and, once again, they have hit the mark perfectly with these camo-themed mid-tops. Dress head-to-toe in black and let them become the focal point of your day-to-day outfit.

Camo Accessories

For the closet camo admirers out there, a camouflage accessory is another easy way to try out the print, without committing to it fully – and the best thing is, they can be styled with just about every outfit! It doesn’t matter if you opt for a cross-body bag, a cap, or a bandana-style headband. Add a camouflage accessory to your ensemble, for work or play, and you’re telling the world that you know the latest trends and can rock them with minimal fuss. Ladies, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the beauty of this Womens Love Moschino Shoulder Bag, with its bold brand logo, silver hardware and all-over camo print. Simple style with your LBD and block heel sandals for a night out with the girls. And for men with a trendy yet understated sense of style, we recommend the Mens Borealis Classic Backpack by The North Face. It offers the perfect mix of comfort and practicality and, thanks to its unusual white camo print, it will add that all-important trendy touch to your everyday look.  

Shop our Statement Camouflage Clothing Today

Whilst camouflage clothing has never really gone away, for AW18, it has been given a high-fashion update and it has become one of the most popular prints of the season. Sure, it was initially designed to let members of the military stay incognito – but wear a camo print t-shirt or accessory on the city streets and, we guarantee, you’ll be setting the trend and standing out the from crowd. A number of our most popular designer labels have recently added camo-print statement pieces to their collection. So why not take a look through our full online collection of designer clothing for men and women and be brave enough to don this under-cover print.

Stand Out from the Crowd in Camouflage

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We don’t like to brag too much; however, this week, we managed to bag a highly prestigious national award for our children’s designer store and we’re incredibly proud of what we have achieved. OD’s has been named the Kidswear Independent Retailer of the Year at the Drapers Independent Awards 2018 and we’re going to tell everyone who cares to listen. Our team have worked tirelessly over the last year, investing precious time and effort into our brand, the launch of our new website and the success of our kidswear store. The fact that we were nominated for this award was a great honour in itself, but to actually win it… that is the absolute cherry on the cake!

Drapers Independent Awards 2018

The Drapers Independent Awards is an esteemed annual event, attracting the very best in the fashion retail industry, and this year it was held at The Brewery in London. Outstanding independent retailers, designer brands and key suppliers from up and down the country came together in one place to celebrate their success and we felt incredibly privileged to be a part of the crowd.

New for 2018, the Kidswear Independent of the Year Award is aimed at celebrating a retailer with a strong edit of children’s designer brands and judges were looking for evidence of a complimentary online and in-store environment, a strong business strategy and exceptional customer service. Of course, this is a national award intended to recognise the very best in the industry and the competition was incredibly fierce. To walk away a winner is an absolute testament to our passion and commitment and proof that our continuous hard work over has paid off.

So How Did it All Begin?

OD’s Designer Clothing was originally founded in 1992 and, it’s fair to say, we hit the ground running with a fantastic range of designer clothing for men and women. The business went from strength to strength and, soon enough, the demand for a children’s designer clothing department became apparent. Several junior clothing lines were first introduced to our store in 2010 and then, in 2016, we decided to expand further – purchasing four terraced houses across the road and converting them into a modern stand-alone shop, dedicated solely to children’s designer fashion.

Our kidswear designer store is now one of the largest in the UK and – despite fierce, nearby competition – we have consistently managed to thrive in an already crowded market. We have employed several new members of staff, we offer an incredible range of children’s designer brands and “mini-me” styles, and we have recently branched out to include sizes for children aged 0-4. However, crucially, our target customers have remained the same; they are the same people who walked through our doors way back in 1992 and have continued to stay loyal to us ever since.

Thank You for Your Support

2018 has been a fantastic year for us here at OD’s; not only have we improved our online presence and significantly strengthened our brand, but our stores have continued to grow and we are incredibly proud to be given this prestigious award. Yes, we’re ambitious and hardworking, but customers are always at the heart of everything we do. They are ultimately the key to our success and we’d like to say thank you, once again, for all of their continued support. Join us in celebrating this massive achievement and why not head over to our award-winning kidswear designer department today? We must be doing something right, after all, and it’s definitely worth a look…  

OD’s: Kidswear Independent Retailer of the Year

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Freshers Week ’18 is just around the corner and new students are gearing up for what will, probably, be the best year of their lives so far. But, let’s face it, leaving home for uni can be a pretty daunting time. The bedroom you’ve slept in for the last eighteen years is gradually being packed away, your mum gets emotional every time she looks in your direction, and there are so many different things to think about. Will I get on with my new housemates? Have I chosen the right course? How do I cook a meal…? Trust us, the first week at uni can be crazy and the last thing you need to be worrying about is what to wear. It makes sense to prep your wardrobe in advance – and luckily for you, we’ve come up with a stylish edit of designer clothing to get you through those first few days.


Moving in Day


The big day has arrived; your dad has fine-tuned the satnav, you’re squashed in the back of the car with a mountain of cardboard boxes, and you’re ready for moving into student digs. When it comes to choosing an outfit, it’s important to get the right balance between style and comfort. Chances are, you’re going to be lugging heavy stuff up several flights of stairs, but you also want to make that killer first impression. There’s no excuse for turning up in your old gym gear on this occasion!


Here at OD’s, we reckon that ladies should rock up wearing the Womens Tommy Jeans Leggings. They are soft, stretchy, with just the right amount of high-end style, and they can be easily paired with trainers and the Womens Tommy Jeans Flag T-Shirt to complete the look. Guys should take a similarly casual approach to the big day, perhaps teaming these Mens True Religion Horseshoe Shorts with the matching Mens Metal Horseshoe T-Shirt. Simply throw on these designer clothes with a pair of white trainers and you’re ready to meet your new housemates in style.


Lounging in the Digs


Students have earned a reputation for sleeping in till the late afternoon and lounging about in the common room in their comfy threads – beer in hand, watching the game. We don’t see anything wrong with that (truth be told, we’re green with envy!), but just be sure that when you’re dossing in student digs, you do it in style and get comfy in your high-end designer clothing. The Womens Calvin Klein Track Pants and Hoody is the perfect option for ladies and we reckon that lads should settle down in the Mens Love Moschino Track Pants and matching Mens Love Moschino Track Sweatshirt. Both are crafted from luxuriously soft cotton fabric and, when you’re too broke to put on the heating, they’ll keep you feeling warm and cosy throughout the autumn and winter months.


For the brave souls choosing to stay in uni halls, with those dreaded communal showers and questionable carpets, it’s also worth investing in a pair of designer flip-flops or sliders. Girls, protect your tootsies with the Womens Calvin Klein White Slides or the Tommy Jeans Funny Fur Slides and boys, be prepared with this pair by Mens BOSS. Trust us, this is one purchase that you won’t regret…


First Lecture


We hate to break it to you, but the first week of uni isn’t just parties, nights out and drinking games. At some point you’re going to have to get serious and head to your first lecture and, once again, it’s important to choose the right outfit. You want to make the best first impression possible with both tutors and course-mates and, here at OD’s, we reckon we have just the right thing. John Smedley is one of the latest designer clothing brands to hit our menswear department and the collection is bursting at the seams with lecture-appropriate apparel. Take for example the Mens John Smedley Belper Long Sleeve Knitted Polo Shirt in Grey. It is smart-casj with a subtly designer vibe and it works well when paired with the Mens Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber and dark-wash jeans.

For the intelligent yet trendy females out there, we recommend either the Womens Love Moschino Logo Box Dress or the Womens Love Moschino Jumper Dress. Both can be styled with a pair of black tights and cute chelsea boots and, for those chilly mornings, layer up with the Womens Mackage Kadalina Down Fur Trim Hooded Coat. It may blow your student budget, but trust us, you’ll be grateful of the warmth and comfort when your hungover and heading in for an early morning lecture.

Going Out Out

So, this is the important one. Freshers week is your first week of freedom away from the parents, it’s notorious for being a wild one and, we guarantee, you’ll be hitting the bars and clubs every single night of the week. Unless you’re heading to a fancy dress party, you’re going to need a line-up of outfits – designer clothes that are slick, stylish, and guaranteed to pull in the compliments – and, here at OD’S, our designer clothing department is overflowing with potential options.

For trend-setting men, we recommend styling the Mens RH45 India Print T-Shirt or the Mens Vivienne Westwood Long-Sleeve Shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans. Together they will create a casual yet distinctive look and they are guaranteed to turn heads when throwing shapes on the dancefloor. Just add the Mens Android Homme Propulsion Mid Nubuck Trainers for that final designer touch. Ladies can also don their heels and head out to party in this Womens Rebecca Rhoades River Flamingo Playsuit. It is cute but sexy and totally unique. No matter which club you decide to hit up, there’s unlikely to be an unwanted twinning scenario with this outfit!

Prep Your Uni Wardrobe with Fresh Designer Clothes

The madness that is fresher’s week is about to begin and, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get your uni wardrobe prepared. It’s a strange time for most students; a little bit sad, a little bit stressful, but mostly incredibly exciting and fun. Be sure to look your absolute best and make that killer first impression. Browse our full online collection of designer clothing for men and women today, sort out those all-important outfits; then, pack up and head off for the best year of your life!

Fresh Designer Clothes for Freshers Week 2018

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OD’s is a proud style aficionado; it’s fair to say, when it comes to the latest, hippest, and most promising designer labels, we certainly know our stuff. We always keep our eyes peeled for any newcomers on the scene and, for AW18, there’s one particular brand that was very difficult to miss – that is, luxury menswear brand, RH45. RH45 has hit the fashion industry at full speed, offering a collection of day-to-day streetwear clothing that is classically casual with a cool and rebellious twist. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on it and, here, we put this up-and-coming alternative brand into focus and explore the RH45 Mens Collection that has finally landed online and in store.

The Designer

RH45 was founded in 2013 by a young chap called Joshua Lanyon. A graduate from the London College of Fashion, with a BA in Menswear Design, he started his career as he meant to go on – that is, determined to shake up the all-too-boring and unadventurous menswear market. His first ever collection was rebellious, urban and fiercely modern and, as a result, it attracted the attention of contemporary fashionistas from all over the globe and since then the brand has continued to go from strength to strength. RH45 is now loved and worn by some of the world’s best sportspeople and musicians and his quirky collections are now being seen in designer label stores everywhere.

The Brand

As the chemical symbol for Rhodium, RH45 is a luxury designer label that certainly lives up to its name. The chemical element is regarded as noble, valuable, and extremely rare and, in many ways, RH45 men’s clothing demonstrates the same characteristics. Styles are constructed from the finest quality materials with an expert level of Italian craftsmanship and they have become renowned for their distinctive and bright evocative prints. Expect hand-painted and cool distressed effects, sleek leather detailing, and graphic images that are guaranteed to get your imagination whirring. RH45 is a rare and incredibly unique menswear brand that will make you stand out from the crowd; inspired by the streets of London, made in Italy, and giving off an impeccable cool and rebellious vibe.

The RH45 Menswear Collection

Here at OD’s, we absolutely adore RH45 for daring to be different and introducing a collection that isn’t the same run-of-the-mill stuff that we’ve become so used to seeing. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, something a little out of the ordinary, yet something that is still tailored to perfection, RH45 is the designer label for you – and with the new AW18 collection recently making its way into our store, it’s time to bring out your rebellious side and start shopping.

This collection is bursting at the seams with urban contemporary designs – designs that will take you effortlessly from days in the office to nights on the town – and we reckon it’s one that will go flying off the shelves in just a matter of days. Take for example the Mens RH45 Flower Print T-Shirt. Coming in either a classic black or khaki-green colourway, it features a vivid flower-inspired graphic print to the front and it is exactly what you need to create a statement designer look.. The Mens RH45 Doberman Print T-Shirt is another of our favourites, showcasing the brand’s signature white paint strokes and printed with an evocative image of a dog to the reverse. There’s no denying, these short-sleeved tees will make sure you stand out from the crowd this season; however, they also benefit from a pure cotton construction and they are comfy enough for day-to-day use. Simply style them both with a pair of grey jeans and a casual cosy hoody and complete the look.

The AW18 RH45 Menswear Collection also includes a number of hoody designs; all crafted from premium fabric with that same hip and impeccably cool vibe. We absolutely love the Mens RH45 Doberman Print Hooded Sweatshirt. Featuring a digital image of a snarly dog, the brand’s trademark paint stripe, and a leather ribbed patch to the left arm, it is an iconic design by this upcoming designer label and it’ll add a distinctive and rebellious touch to your everyday ensemble. The Mens RH45 Snake Print Hoody is a second design that completely epitomises the RH45 brand, with its evocative image of a snake, gunmetal zips, intricate bead detailing and black leather trims. It is the perfect layer for the cold winter months ahead. Just throw it on over a short-sleeved tee and jeans and create a practical yet high-end look for work and play.

Unleash Your Rebellious Side Today with RH45

RH45 is, quite possibly, the freshest designer label currently on the market and we are incredibly excited (and proud!) to be one of its first UK stockists. If you’re fed up with humdrum day-to-day essentials and casual wardrobe staples, why not be a rebel and try something completely different this season with RH45? Browse our full online RH45 Menswear Collection today or, if you’re in the area, pop into our store and check out this cool and luxurious menswear brand for yourself.

Introducing RH45: The Cool, Rebellious Designer Label

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With the kids back at school and a definite autumnal feel in the air, it’s the perfect time to invest in a new kid’s designer coat and – here at OD’s – we believe there is one designer label that every parent should be taking into consideration for AW18… that is, Pyrenex. This is one of the very best winter outerwear brands in the business, renowned for its ancestral know-how and its unbeatable level of expertise. As a family business, founded more than 150 years ago, their knowledge and practices have been passed down from one generation to the next and the brand has continued to go from strength to strength over the years. Pyrenex is now one of the most popular and sought-after winter labels in the industry and the latest kid’s collection has recently made its way into our store.

But what makes a kid’s Pyrenex coat so special? Why does your mini-me need a kid’s Pyrenex coat in their life? Here we put this authentic and legendary brand under the magnifying glass, examining its ancestral know-how in a little more detail and outlining the main features of their world-renowned kid’s designer coats. Have a read and then check out the full online collection today!

The Main Features of a Kid’s Pyrenex Coat

Luxurious Feather Down

It doesn’t matter if you opt for a mid-length parka, such as the Boys Pyrenex Authentic Matt Fur Jacket, or a trendy bomber-style coat such as the Unisex Junior Pyrenex Aviator Fur Jacket, all designs by Pyrenex boast a luxurious feather down filling. This is the brand’s trademark feature. From the very beginning, they have been incredibly passionate about the quality of the raw materials they use – selecting only the finest goose and duck down and feathers, from the very best producers in France – and each step of the transformation process is painstakingly executed. Thanks to their natural filling, kid’s Pyrenex coats demonstrate an exceptional level of insulation whilst remaining light and durable and they have set the international standard. When it comes to a lush feather down children’s designer coat, we guarantee, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Water-Repellent Finish

Kid’s Pyrenex coats come in different shapes and sizes; however, one thing they all have in common is their effective water-repellent finish. Take for example the Girls Pyrenex Authentic Shiny Fur Jacket and the Boys Pyrenex Spoutnic Jacket. One design is intended for a style-conscious girl, one for a trendy young man; one features a mid-length design, the other a bomber-style silhouette – however, they are both constructed from the same wind-stopping and waterproof taffeta fabric. If the rain starts to fall on the morning run to school, simply fasten them up using the front zip and these kid’s designer coats are guaranteed to keep your little one feeling completely snug and dry.

A Cosy Fur-Trim Hood

Adding to their appeal, most designs in the Kid’s Pyrenex Collection feature a cosy hood. This hood is typically crafted from the same taffeta fabric as the coat, with a soft and silky lining and a luxurious racoon-fur trim. It’s fair to say, the British winter is getting colder and wetter with each year that passes and the “Beast from the East” is likely to return at some point over the next few months – therefore a cosy luxurious hood is bound to come in handy! It will offer an exceptional level of additional warmth on the coldest of days and, thanks to its elasticated cord and stoppers, it can be pulled in tightly to create a snug fit and it will keep out the gale-force winds and rain.

Iconic Pyrenex Branding

Aside from their technical features, it’s important to note the cool and contemporary aesthetic of kid’s Pyrenex coats. Their slim-fit yet puffer jacket design is currently all the rage with young fashion aficionados and, thanks to their iconic Pyrenex branding, they are a massive hit with kids who like to stand out from the crowd. Take for example the Unisex Junior Pyrenex Aviator Fur Jacket. Currently up for grabs in this vibrant red colourway, it is incredibly on-trend for AW18 and it is guaranteed to be a popular choice for boys and girls alike. Silver branded hardware can be found throughout and the iconic Pyrenex badge is stamped proudly to the left sleeve of the design. Not only does this badge give the coat a distinctive designer touch, it is a symbol of the brand’s expertise and status in the world of outwear and it is a subtle feature that your little one is bound to love.

Invest in a Kid’s Pyrenex Coat Today

Kid’s Pyrenex Coats are the epitome of the brand’s ancestral know-how. Crafted from luxurious water-repellent fabric, with a luxurious feather-down filling, they carry the DNA of this legendary brand and they are guaranteed to keep your little one warm and dry on the coldest and wettest of days. Its official, autumn is here, winter is well and truly on the way and it’s time to get prepared. If you’re looking for a children’s designer coat that is high-quality, stylish and capable of defying the UK elements, this is the brand for you. But don’t just take our word for it! Browse the full Kids Pyrenex Collection today, treat the kiddies, and discover why these winter coats are held in such high regard.

Perks of a Kid’s Pyrenex Coat

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September has arrived, there’s a definite chill in the air, and it’s about time to refresh your little man’s autumn-winter wardrobe – and thanks to the new AW18 Kids Stone Island range, doing so could be a little easier than you think! Over the last four decades, this is brand whose name has become synonymous with luxurious and functional kid’s designer clothing and their new mini-me collection includes everything your boy could possibly need to see him through the winter months. Expect the brand’s signature military-inspired and utilitarian designs; crafted using the finest materials and cutting-edge dyeing techniques and finished with the iconic compass motif. Kids Stone Island follows closely in the footsteps of the adult line and here we take a look at just a few of this year’s highlights – guaranteed to be a firm favourite with your little fashion aficionado…

The Stone Island Kids Winter Wardrobe

A Classic Polo Shirt

Perfect for a plethora of smart and casual occasions, every trendy young man needs a classic polo shirt in his life and you can’t beat those available as part of the AW18 Stone Island Juniors Collection. Take for example the Boys Stone Island Navy Polo Shirt. Cut from soft pure cotton, it boasts a very traditional polo-shirt design – with short sleeves, a flat-knit collar, and a modern two-button placket to the front – and it is finished with iconic brand detailing to the chest. Style it up with a pair of chinos and a blazer, dress it down with a pair of jeans and a hoody, the choice is yours. This is a highly versatile wardrobe staple by Kids Stone Island and it will be worn time and time again.

Winter Woolies

When it comes to those bitter autumn nights and frosty winter mornings, Kids Stone Island certainly have your little man covered. The AW18 collection includes a number of woolly winter warmers, including sweatshirts, track jackets and hoodies that are guaranteed to keep him feeling snug and looking stylish on the coldest of days. Here at OD’s, we particularly love the Boys Stone Island Navy Marl Sweatshirt. Crafted from luxuriously soft cotton fabric, with ribbed trims and a round crew neckline, it is comfy enough for casual after-school and weekend wear. It also boasts a number of the brand’s iconic features, including an unusual marl fabric technique and the distinctive removable compass badge to the left arm. Throw it on with a pair of dark-wash jeans and trainers and create a look that is cool and casual and will protect against the falling winter temps.

A Staple Pair of Jeans

Jeans are an absolute winter wardrobe staple and if you’re looking to replenish his casual denim collection, look no further than the Junior Stone Island Collection. The Boys Stone Island Skinny Jeans are currently up for grabs for AW18 and, we guarantee, they tick all the right boxes. They are high-quality, durable, built to last and they will get his all-important seal of approval. Coming in a popular dark-wash colourway, with the brand’s iconic compass badge to the back pocket, they offer the right balance of style and everyday comfort and they can be thrown on with just about every outfit. Pair this Kids Stone Island classic design with a shirt and jacket for a family meal out or simply combine with a sweatshirt and trainers for a pared-down weekend look.

That All-Important Winter Coat

A practical day-to-day coat is, arguably, the most important item in your young man’s autumn-winter wardrobe. It is pulled on day after day – for both the morning run to school and weekend trips into town – and it needs to be stylish, warm and capable of defying the harsh UK elements. Demonstrating their technical expertise and their military-inspired sense of style, Stone Island Junior have introduced the Boys Khaki Puffer Jacket for AW18 and we think it will go down a treat with both style-conscious boys and their parents. This everyday jacket perfectly fuses functionality and urban style; coming in an incredibly on-trend khaki colourway with iconic branding throughout. It boasts a slim-fit yet quilted design and, thanks to its luxurious feather down lining, it is guaranteed to keep him feeling toasty come rain, hail, or shine. What more could you ask for?

A Statement Accessory

Boys love to show off their designer labels and an accessory is an easy way to add his favourite brand to everyday outfits. You can’t really go wrong with an accessory from the Stone Island Junior Collection – but we think he will particularly appreciate the Boys Stone Island Navy Baseball Cap. This is one of the brand’s most iconic designs; returning for AW18 in a traditional and understated colourway, with the iconic compass logo embroidered to the front. It is practical, comfortable, and unmistakably designer – and it will protect his head from the changeable winter weather. Treat your little man to this simple cap and, we guarantee, he will never want to take it off.

Get Ready for Autumn-Winter with Stone Island Junior

It’s official, the weather has taken a turn for the worst and – after a long and hot summer – autumn is finally here. If you’re looking to update your little man’s wardrobe for the cold and wet months that lie ahead, the AW18 Stone Island Junior Collection is the perfect place to start. This is an incredibly popular brand amongst the young and style-conscious and, as a mirror image of the adult range, the children’s autumn-winter collection offers the perfect balance of functionality, comfort, and stylish urban flair. Browse our Kids Stone Island Department today, stock up on those winter wardrobe essentials, and make sure that your boy is ready to take on the new season.

Stone Island Junior AW18

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If you’re going to invest in one piece of designer clothing for your little one this winter, it has to be a kid’s designer coat. This is arguably the most important item in your kid’s autumn-winter wardrobe. Worn day after day, either thrown over their school uniform for the daily commute or layered over their home-time clobber for a range of smart and casual occasions. It has to be warm, comfy and practical enough for the harsh winter elements, and trendy enough to get their seal of approval. We understand; kids can be really fussy about this type of thing. But thanks to our fantastic range of kid’s designer coats, finding the right AW18 style might be a little easier than you think!

Here we have compiled an edit of the top 5 children’s designer coats of the season, including styles by some of the most popular and globally renowned fashion brands in the industry. Take a look at our favourite designs of the year below, browse the full online collection of kid’s designer coats, and make sure that your mini fashionista is prepared for the cold and wet winter months that lie ahead.

The Top 5 Kid’s Designer Coats of the Season

No. 1: The Unisex Youth Logan Parka by Canada Goose

Canada Goose is a long-standing and legendary brand and, over the last few years, it has developed quite a cult following amongst style-conscious little ones. This is a designer label renowned for extreme weather outerwear and their range of kid’s designer coats tick all the right boxes; stylish, comfortable and built to defy arctic conditions.

For AW18, our favourite style has to be the Unisex Youth Logan Parka in Grey. This is a hip-length, high-performance, and modern jacket. Constructed from the brands famous “Arctic Tech Fabric”, it is fully resistant to wind and water and it is designed to keep them warm and dry on the coldest and wettest of days. We also love its nifty “Graduate Gosling System”. Thanks to additional fabric in the sleeves, this is a coat that will literally grow with your child. It is finished with iconic brand detailing throughout and, we guarantee, it will go down a treat with your fashionable little boy or girl.

No. 2: The Boys Reversible Jacket by The North Face

The North Face is another long-established brand, known for clothing which encourages kids to go outside and “never stop exploring”. Their children’s designer coats offer a unique combination of contemporary design, luxury fabrics and ground-breaking technology and, come rain or shine, they are designed to shield your little one against the harsh outdoor elements.

Take for example the Boys Reversible Perrito Jacket. Currently up for grabs in a traditional black colourway, it features a modern puffer-jacket design and can be turned inside out to create an alternative look – a seemingly simple feature that is incredibly popular with young trendy men. It is crafted from a durable yet soft taffeta fabric and benefits from both a rain-shedding finish and the brand’s innovative “Heatseeker Insulation”. Throw on this stylish coat in the morning and your little boy will stay warm and dry during all outdoor adventures!

No. 3: The Unisex Junior Aviator Fur Jacket by Pyrenex

Pyrenex is a brand best known for their lightweight yet luxurious feather-down jackets. These jackets were originally designed for expeditions to far-flung wintry locations and, as a result, they offer an unbeatable level of warmth, protection, and comfort. They are the ultimate experts in their field and now, six decades after their establishment, they offer a range of kid’s designer coats - guaranteed to see your little one through the harshest of winters.

Here at OD’s, we are particularly liking this season’s Unisex Junior Aviator Fur Jacket. Up for grabs in a khaki-green colourway, it is incredibly on-trend for AW18 and it features the iconic Pyrenex branding that we have come to know and love. This waist-length children’s designer coat boasts a slim-fit yet quilted design and, thanks to its luxurious duck down filling, it will keep your little one snug on the bitterest of days. Simply pull up the fur-trim hoody, fasten it up using the concealed zip, and they will be ready for the morning expedition to school.

No. 4: The Boys Windbreaker by HUGO BOSS

HUGO BOSS is yet another designer label that has earned itself legendary status over the years, offering a range of designer clothing that is stylish and contemporary yet completely timeless in design. Having branched out into the world of children’s apparel, they now offer a selection of boy’s designer coats that live up to these standards; ensuring that – whatever the occasion – your little man is ready and raring to go.

The Boys BOSS Blue Windbreaker is one style which recently made its way into store and, we have to admit, it instantly become one of our season faves. This waist-length jacket is a great option for the chilly autumn days that lie ahead; fashioned from soft lightweight fabric and featuring a cosy cotton lining. Not just practical, it is also incredibly stylish too. It can be thrown on with just about every outfit, creating an understated yet high-end look that will get your son’s seal of approval.

No. 5: The Navy Parka by Dsquared2

Dsquared2 have a strong celebrity following and, thanks to their recent collaborations with popular football clubs, they have become a “must-have” brand amongst trend-conscious kids. Casual items of clothing, including children’s designer coats, are often designed with Canadian iconography in mind and they offer a unique blend of iconic DSQ2 style, everyday comfort, and protection against the winter weather. 

Take for example the Boys Navy Dsquared2 Parka. It may be subtle and understated, but thanks to the unique brand badge to the left arm, it has a highly distinctive designer feel and we think it is one of the best kid’s designer coats available for AW18. Boasting a modern padded design, with a cosy duck down filling and an elasticated-trim hood, it is a worthwhile investment for the autumn and winter months and we guarantee it will be pulled out of the wardrobe time and time again.

Shop for Kid’s Designer Coats at OD’S

An autumn-winter coat is one of the most important items in your little one’s wardrobe and it’s important to shop wisely. If you’re looking for something that is warm and cosy, that will protect them against the cold winter elements and get their approval, it’s definitely worth investing in a kid’s designer coat. Here we have outlined our top 5 favourite styles of the season; however, head online to our junior clothing department, and you will find an extensive collection of both boys and girls designer coats. Check it out today and start to prepare your little one for the wintry season.

AW18 Edit of Kids Designer Coats

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It’s that time of year; parents are counting down the days until its “back to school”, the nights are ever-so-slightly drawing in, and the autumn and winter months are starting to creep up on us. You might not want to admit it, but it’s time to start thinking about investing in that all-important winter coat and – for Autumn-Winter 18 (AW18) – the brand on everybody’s mind is Canada Goose. Originally founded in 1957, this is a brand that has gone from strength to strength over the last 60 years and their range of extreme outerwear has become somewhat of a global phenomenon. Not only does it look great, but it is capable of protecting against the world’s most arctic conditions and it is exactly what your family needs to stay warm and toasty throughout the chilly seasons.

Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we have recently received our first offering of Canada Goose Coats for AW18 – including styles for men and women and kids – and we couldn’t wait to share our top picks. The collection is bursting at the seams with high-performance parkas and bomber jackets; all crafted from the brand’s famous technical fabrics and down-feathers, with coyote fur trims and a range of deep contemporary colourways.  So why not check out some of our absolute favourites of the season, including both the classic silhouettes and the new season designs that we think should be making their way into your winter outerwear wardrobe.

Canada Goose Mens Coats

Thanks to the Canada Goose Mens AW18 Collection, getting ready for the autumn and winter months really couldn’t be easier. Designs are surprisingly lightweight without compromising on warmth and, with an urban contemporary aesthetic, they are perfect for both active winter days in the countryside and casual day trips to the city. Take for example the Mens Canada Goose Brookvale Hoody. This waist-length quilted jacket is constructed from water-resistant nylon fabric and – despite being lightweight and breathable – it is guaranteed to keep you feeling cosy on the frostiest of days. Currently up for grabs in a classic black colourway, it features iconic Canada Goose branding throughout, and we think it is the ideal everyday option for a style-conscious man.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little on the chunkier side, we absolutely love the Mens Canada Goose Wyndham Parka. Constructed from one of the brand’s most proven textiles – the Arctic Tech – this is the kind of coat that will defy the unpredictable UK elements. It will keep you dry when the torrential rain starts to pour, it will keep you warm when temperatures start to drop, and it will keep you looking slick and smart when you head out to work on a bitter morning. Finished with the brand’s signature fur-trim hood and a Canada Goose badge to the left arm, trust us, you can’t go wrong with this winter-warmer classic.

Ladies Canada Goose Coats

Just because something is designed to be technical and high-performance, doesn’t mean that it can’t be flattering too – and the AW18 Ladies Canada Goose Coats are proof of that fact! One of our favourite feminine-inspired designs includes the Womens Canada Goose Rossclair Parka. Up for grabs in both a classic black and navy-blue colourway, this mid-length parka can be worn either sleek and straight or tightened at the waist to create a popular A-line silhouette. It is detailed with a luscious fur trim hood and shiny over-sized buttons to the front and – crafted from Arctic Tech fabric – it offers the perfect combination of extreme weather-protection and pretty high-end style.

For similar reasons, we’re also loving the Womens Canada Goose Kensington Parka in Black. Constructed from premium insulating fabrics, with a plush duck down filling, this day-to-day women’s Canada Goose coat creates paramount comfort and an unbeatable level of warmth. It is perfect for battling the elements on the daily commute and, to give it that flattering female touch, it is slim-fitting and cinched tactfully at the waist. Simply throw it on over your work-wear outfit and, we guarantee, this practical weather-resistant coat will create a stylish high-end look.

Canada Goose for Kids

Kids love to play outside and, year after year, parents are tasked with finding a coat that will shield against the harsh winter elements. If you’re about to embark on this hunt, trust us, you won’t get any better than a Kids Canada Goose Coat. Here at OD’s, our Canada Goose Kids Collection is regularly updated with new and supercharged unisex designs and – at present – we’re particularly liking the Unisex Canada Goose Kids Snowy Owl Parka. Constructed from technical fabrics and detailed with the brand’s signature features, it maximises warmth and will ensure they stay warm whilst playing on the playground. It also comes with a number of nifty features that are guaranteed to get the little one’s seal of approval. For example, the entire coat can be easily converted into a backpack and additional fabric in the sleeves allows is to grow with your mini outdoor-adventurer!

Discover the Canada Goose Collection Today

Although it’s hard to admit, it’s time to start creating your autumn-winter wardrobe and a high-quality coat is an absolute essential. It needs to be warm, cosy, weather-resistant and it also helps if it looks good too; which is why, here at OD’s, we are a massive fan of Canada Goose. The AW18 collection combines the brand’s arctic heritage with both modern silhouettes and a subtle colour palette and we guarantee there is a style to suit everyone in the family. So why not check out the full range of Canada Goose Coats for Men, Women, and Kids and prepare for the chilly months ahead.

A Canada Goose Coat for All the Family

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There’s just over one week left until the kid’s go back to school (try not to look too delighted about that fact!) and, if you’re yet to stock up on the new year essentials, it’s definitely time to get started. Trust us, we understand that it can be an incredibly hectic and stressful time for parents, especially if you’re trying to kit out more than one child. From the tiny tots on their first day in school to fussy teens heading to secondary, you want your kids to have the best quality threads on the market. You want to find clothes and footwear that are high-performance and built to last, yet guaranteed to get their all-important stylish seal of approval. Which is why, kid’s designer clothing– such as that available at OD’s – is a fantastic place to start the yearly search.

Here we have compiled a comprehensive and practical edit of back-to-school essentials for 2018, including kid’s designer clothing, footwear and accessories that tick all the boxes mentioned above. Simply work through our handy checklist and check out our top picks for each section.

The Ultimate Back to School Checklist

No.1: A Winter Coat

When the kid’s go back to school, the sun inevitably decides to make an appearance. But let’s face it, it won’t last forever. Not before long, your little one will be in need of a warm winter jacket and, here at OD’s, we have the perfect solution. We have recently received a new range of kid’s designer coats by Pyrenex, and we particularly love the Unisex Junior Pyrenex Aviator Fur Jacket. Currently up for grabs in a navy-blue, khaki-green, and black colourway, this quilted jacket is ideal for both little boys and girls alike. It offers the perfect combo of style and comfort and it is guaranteed to keep them warm and cosy on the morning run to the school. Styles are also available for the girly-girl fashionistas, including the Girls Pyrenex Authentic Shiny Fur Jacket in Pink, and we reckon the Boys Pyrenex Blue Spoutnic Jacket is a great option for style-conscious young men.

No.2: A Cosy Hat

It can be hard work getting the kids to don their winter woollies, especially when they’re playing out on the playground with their pals. However, we guarantee, invest in a bobble hat by BKLYN and they won’t just put it on… they’ll never want to take it off! For AW18, this NYC-inspired designer label has introduced a range of cosy unisex designs – including, for example, the Black Unisex BKLYN Fur Bobble Hat. Crafted from luxurious merino wool, it is incredibly soft and cosy, and its snug fit will protect little ears from the cold biting frost. Each BKLYN design is detailed with a racoon fur bobble, which can be detached and mixed and matched to suit your little one’s preferences. Either keep things natural or inject a little colour into their winter outdoor look with the Rainbow Unisex BKLYN Pom Pom.

No.3: A Stylish Backpack

Whether it’s for their exercise books, PE kit, or just their lunchtime treats, a spacious school bag is an absolute essential. It needs to be big enough for their day-to-day essentials, but cool enough to get their approval and – here at OD’s – we reckon we have just the thing. Our junior accessory collection currently includes a range of designer backpacks that will do the job nicely; including, for example, the Tiger Print Backpack by Marcelo Burlon. With a number of spacious pockets and hidden compartments, it is roomy enough for a lunchbox, pencil case, and gadgets, and its iconic tiger-print will ensure they are the coolest kiddie in the classroom. For those heading to secondary school, we recommend either the Mens Dsquared2 Icon Backpack or the Womens Khaki-Print Love Moschino Backpack. Both are practical enough for day-to-day use and, thanks to their high-end and incredibly distinctive designs, they’re guaranteed to impress even the fussiest of teenagers.

No.4. A Pair of Trainers

Updating their PE kit at the start of the academic year is just as important as replacing their uniform, especially when it comes to trainers – and for AW18 – Dsquared2 is the designer label to be seen in. Their low-top sneakers offer just the right balance of comfort and style and they are the type of trainers that students will enjoy showing off in the sports hall. Take for example the Girls Dsquared2 Pink Stripe Trainers and the Boys Dsquared2 Vitello Sport Trainers. Thanks to their traditional structure and ridged rubber sole, they are the perfect footwear for a wide range of sports, and their colourful detailing will make them a hit with the trendy junior in your life.

No. 5: A Cosy Hoody

This isn’t a back-to-school essential, as such, but it will certainly come in handy over the cold winter months. Invest in a new designer hoody for your pupil and it can be layered under a coat in the morning, thrown on for afterschool club, or used to keep warm during a chilly outdoor lesson. Our range of kid’s designer sweatshirts has been recently updated for AW18, with new styles and designs by designer labels such as The North Face, Dsquared2, and Lanvin. Crafted from luxurious premium cotton and featuring subtle yet iconic branding throughout, these hoodies offer the perfect mix of warmth, comfort and style. Check out the full range today and get this last item ticked off the list!

Get Ready for School with Kid’s Designer Clothing

If you’re still searching for those back-to-school essentials for your kids, the clock is ticking and – here at OD’s – we’re here to help. Our range of kid’s designer clothing is a fantastic place to start your search, featuring everything from kid’s designer coats to the latest trainers and accessories. We also offer free next day delivery on all orders before 2.45pm, meaning you don’t even need to brave the hectic high street. Simply head over to the Kids Designer Clothing and Footwear Department today, browse the full collection, and start to get organised.

Get Back to School with Kids Designer Clothing

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Whether you’re stocking up on some day-to-day essentials or searching for an outfit for that special occasion, once in a while, everybody has to go shopping for clothes. Head to the high street on a Saturday afternoon and you will find the streets buzzing with shoppers, all looking for that new piece of clothing that makes them look and feel great. There’s no denying that, over the last few years, there has been a significant rise in fast fashion retailers; mass-production shops, selling clothes for all the family at a ridiculously cheap price. However, with a big question mark over the quality of clothes churned out by these retailers, more and more people are starting to ask; is it worth investing in designer clothing? Should I spend that little bit more and get more bang for my buck?

Of course, here at OD’s, we’re going to argue that yes – it is absolutely worth it! We believe that designer clothes are worth every single penny. They are the highest quality threads that money can buy, the result of hours of hard work by some of the most creative names in fashion, and here we take a look at the top five reasons why they should be making their way into your wardrobe.

Why Should I Buy Designer Clothing?

No.1: Quality

We’ve all heard of the idiom “buy cheap, buy twice” and, like most expressions and well-known phrases, it exists for a reason. Ok, so designer clothes may cost more to buy; however, we guarantee, they will last a hell of a lot longer than clothes bought from fast fashion and bargain stores. Designer clothes are typically constructed from the finest fabrics and they are made with an expert level of craftsmanship. Wash after wash, they will continue to look as good as new and – in the long run – you will get much more value for money. It helps to think of designer clothes as an investment. Rather than constantly replacing items that look old after they’ve been worn once, make an investment and bag yourself a couple of designer clothing assets. You really do get what you pay for!

No.2: Style

Designer labels are synonymous with style and ready-to-wear collections – such as those seen here at OD’s – are heavily influenced by the latest runway shows. You will find a plethora of fresh trends and statement styles, all of which will make you stand out from the crowd in a good way and even day-to-day wardrobe staples are given a luxurious and high-fashion twist. This is why, if you’re looking for a unique outfit that will turn heads when you walk into the room, designer labels are the perfect place to start. Treat yourself to a new designer dress by Ted Baker, Vivienne Westwood or Love Moschino and, we guarantee, there’s very little risk of turning up to party in the same outfit as somebody else!

No.3: Affordability

It’s a common misconception that, in order to afford any kind of designer clothing, you’d need to re-mortgage your house and get a second job. In reality, the opposite is actually true. Thanks to a rise in online shopping, the competition amongst retailers is fiercer than ever and designer clothing can now often be found at a very reasonable price. Here at OD’s, we even have a designer clothes online outlet – a department dedicated to selling the biggest designer labels at a discounted price. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in those new up-and-coming designer labels or the classic iconic brands; with up to 75% off, keep an eagle eye out and it is incredibly easy to find a high-end bargain.

No. 4: Fit

Fast fashion retailers are all about mass-production. They supply the demand and get clothes into shops as quickly as humanly possible and,  as a result, you will often find subtle shifts and differences in sizing. No two items are ever exactly the same. By contrast, designer clothing is constructed using precise and consistent customised measurements – if you order a size 12, you will get a size 12 and not something that is closer to the next size up. At the same time, most designer labels also take the fact that people come in different shapes and sizes into consideration. Invest in a t-shirt by Dsquared2, Zegna, or The North Face, and there’s a much greater chance of getting the perfect fit.

No.5: Psychology

“Dress to impress is another clothing-related idiom with some truth to it. Put on your new designer clothing and you will not only look good, but you will feel great too. It will make you feel confident, allowing you to walk into any situation – whether that be a casual social gathering or formal job interview – with the certainty that you are at your absolute best. Shopping for new designer clothes is also a great way to relax and boost your mood. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every once in a while. We all live hectic and pressured lifestyles and a little retail therapy, particularly in the designer clothing department, is a fantastic way to unwind and grab a small slice of happiness. 

Make a Worthwhile Investment at OD’s Designer Clothing

We admit, designer clothing may be slightly more expensive than the clobber found in some high street stores; but all things considered, it is definitely worth the extra dough. Incredibly stylish and on-trend, of the very highest quality and crafted with the perfect fit in mind. There really is no comparison. So why not forget about everything else and take a look at what we have to offer, here at OD’s? Currently up for grabs online and in store, we stock an extensive range of designer clothing for men, women and children – including both the biggest designer labels to hit the catwalk and the most iconic and classic of designer brands. Stop throwing away your money on clothes that don’t last and make your first worthwhile designer clothing investment today!

5 Reasons to Buy Designer Clothing

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It’s hard to admit, but the nights are drawing in already, chilly September mornings are on the way and – here at OD’s  – we have just received our first AW18 Dsquared2 offering. The D2 brothers have cranked up the bar this season, presenting a transitional wardrobe that will see you through mild autumn days and cold winter nights. Once again, they have turned to their Canadian roots for inspiration and a wild west cowboy theme runs throughout the entire collection. Think buffalo-checks, rhinestone detailing and elaborate sequin work, all on a canvas of rich leather and denim. Dean and Dan Caten have a knack for giving classic day-to-day staples the high-end glamour treatment and the AW18 range of Mens Dsquared Clothing definitely lives up to expectations.

Here we pull out a few of the highlights from the collection, including the old faithful styles that we all rely on and noting the fresh new designs that we reckon you should be donning this autumn. So why not have a read and then head over to our full Dsquared Clothing Collection to see more.

The Signature Styles by Dsquared2

Dsquared2 release a new collection twice a year and each collection taps into a different theme and includes a variety of fresh designs. However, no matter what theme the brothers choose to focus on, there are some styles that are guaranteed to come back time and time again. These are the popular wardrobe essentials and they have certainly earnt their place in the autumn-winter line-up.

Distressed Denim

It’s fair to say, distressed denim is a bit of a speciality for the Caten brothers and much of the mens Dsquared clothing range is detailed with rips, faded patches, whiskering and frays. Take for example the Mens Dsquared2 Cool Guy Jeans. These are a classic day-to-day staple; just a pair of distressed denim jeans, with a five-pocket design, a tailored slim fit, and vintage-inspired detailing throughout. But, thanks to their high-quality construction and distinctive designer feel, they sell out season after season and they’re back for AW18 – available in dark-wash navy, light-wash blue, and grey.

A second signature style, returning for AW18, is the Mens Dsquared2 Distressed Long Sleeve Shirt. This traditional silhouette has an incredibly rugged and worn-in feel; cut from blue stretch denim, with ochre stitch detailing, multiple brand tags, and an abundance of old and distressed features. Here at OD’s, we recommend wearing it open with a short-sleeved Dsquared t-shirt and – if you can dare to double the denim – combine it with a pair of the aforementioned cool guy jeans. These are understated yet distinctive mens Dsquared clothing and they will create an instant high-end look.

Classic Runners

Running full steam ahead, from last year’s mens Dsquared range into the new AW18 collection, the Canadian brothers proudly reintroduce the Mens Dsquared2 551 Runner Trainers. These are another mainstay and hugely iconic design by Dsquared2. Up for grabs this autumn in both a black and white colourway, they feature multiple textured contrasts throughout and are finished with embossed brand detailing. They offer maximum levels of day-to-day comfort and streetwear style and they are exactly what you need to add a touch of designer fashion to your everyday ensemble.

Fresh Designs for the Mens Dsquared AW18 Collection

Logo Mania

Rolling with the rodeo theme, the AW18 ready-to-wear collection includes both timeless classics with a wild west and glamorous twist and a subtle nod to the brother’s Canadian heritage. For example, the brand has introduced a new range of self-promotion Dsquared t-shirts – which are casual and understated and make reference to the Caten brothers in some unique way. Our season favourite has to be the Mens Dsquared2 Circle Print T-Shirt in Navy Blue. It may be simple, but it features the brand’s signature distressed detailing throughout, and the subtle circle logo is just enough to give it that distinctive designer touch. We’re also loving the Mens Dsquared2 Tape Print Sweatshirt. By contrast, this long-sleeved jumper is not-so-subtle, but it perfectly embraces the “logomania” trend of late and it will create an unmistakable and iconic day-to-day look.

Metallics and Sequins

Fresh for AW18, many classic designs have also been given an irreverent and glamorous make-over, with metallic logo embossments and sparkly sequin detailing. Take for example the Mens Dsquared2 Metallic Logo T-Shirt, available in both black and white. This simple day-to-day tee is a tailored classic; cut from luxurious pure cotton, with short sleeves and a regular straight fit. However, with a bold metallic logo printed across the front of the design, it has an incredibly distinctive designer feel and it is a fantastic option if you like to keep on top of the latest trends. The Mens Dsquared2 Sequin Logo T-shirt is another fantastic example. Despite its casual silhouette, the front panel is embroidered with glitzy gold sequins and it takes the idea of glam-rock to a completely new level.

Update Your Dsquared Clothing Collection Today!

With the chilly months on their way and the new mens Dsquared styles sliding into our store, it’s time to start updating your autumn-winter wardrobe. Our extensive Mens Dsquared Collection includes both the brand’s most-wanted signature styles and the latest AW18 trends; so why not check it out today and bag yourself some casual yet high-end clobber before it gets snapped up.

Dsquared2: New Arrivals for AW18

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Most people lead a hectic and fast-paced lifestyle. With the pressures of a high-flying job, a young family to look after and a list of household chores to keep on top of, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, it’s important to remember, from time to time, you need to relax and unwind and have a little “you” time. The 15th August is National Relaxation Day – a day that is completely dedicated to sitting back, taking it easy, and doing something that you enjoy. So why not enjoy a quiet morning on the sofa watching trashy daytime TV or perhaps go for a leisurely stroll in the local park? Alternatively, you could indulge in a little retail therapy…


Online shopping is a kind of mini-holiday for the mind. It gives you something else to think about, pushing away the stresses and anxieties of day-to-day life and, of course, treating yourself to something nice is guaranteed to give your mood a bit of a boost. Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we can’t think of a better way to spend National Relaxation Day than settling down with a tablet and bagging some new designer clothing. Put your feet up, make the most of this laid-back 24 hours, and check out our top picks from the hottest designer labels currently on the market.


Treat Yourself to True Religion


Since bursting onto the style scene in 2002, True Religion has been leading the way with their fashion-forward line of designer clothing. Their horseshoe and laughing Buddha logo has become synonymous with quality craftsmanship and bold designs and – with a fantastic new collection recently making its way into our store – it is the perfect place to start your retail therapy session.


Take for example the Mens True Religion Seasonal Buddha T-Shirt. Crafted from luxuriously soft pure cotton, this short-sleeved t-shirt features an all-over camouflage print in white, grey and yellow and iconic branding can be found to both the front and back of the design. It is bold and distinctive and not necessarily something you would usually buy – which, in our opinion, makes it the perfect option for National Relaxation Day! Alternatively, you could go for something a little more understated and update your casual day-to-day collection with the Mens True Religion Circuitz T-Shirt. Available in a traditional black colourway, it boasts the iconic horseshoe logo to the front and it is an easy way to add a touch of luxury to your everyday wardrobe, giving yourself that new-clothes-buzz.


For the ladies looking to relax and unwind with a little retail therapy, we also recommend the Womens True Religion Collection. We particularly love the Womens True Religion Jennie Curvy Skinny Jeans and, to create a high-end and distinctive look, we recommend pairing them with the Womens True Religion Foil T-Shirt and the Womens Faux Fur Bomber Jacket. Animal prints are incredibly on-trend for AW18 and, with this style currently up for grabs as part of our designer clothes online outlet, there’s no need to feel guilty about sitting back and treating yourself.


Loving the Love Moschino


Here at OD’s, we are currently in love with the new Love Moschino Collection. Think playful prints, standout colours, and that timeless heart logo. It is the little sister of designer label Moschino and, if you’re looking to treat yourself, it provides the perfect level of high-end style and designer luxury.


Take for example the Mens Love Moschino Print T-Shirt. This short-sleeved tee is currently up for grabs in both white and navy-blue and, cut from super-soft premium cotton, it has that luxurious high-quality feel that only comes with designer clothing. A multi-coloured Love Moschino logo can also be found to the front of the design, thus adding to its appeal and giving it that distinctive designer touch. Splash out on this splash of colour and style with a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans to complete the look. Ladies can also lift their mood with a little Love Moschino and treat themselves to the Womens Love Moschino Logo Sweatshirt. This long-sleeved jumper comes in a deep luscious shade of red and, decorated with “love by” embroidery and a sequinned logo, it has love in abundance. Forget about your everyday troubles, be kind to yourself, and bag this designer style before its gone.


Tempt Yourself to Some Ted Baker


Admittedly this is one for the girls, but whilst we’re on the topic of retail therapy and indulgent treats, we have to mention our new range of designer clothing and accessories by Ted Baker – particularly the Ted Baker handbags that are currently available online and in-store. A designer handbag is an ultimate treat for a fashion-conscious lady, an epitome of the phrase “retail therapy”, and here at OD’s we absolutely adore the Womens Ted Baker Jicksy Bag. It is simple yet sophisticated and perfect for everyday use and, if you live a busy and stressful lifestyle, we’re going to go ahead and say that you deserve it.


Celebrate National Relaxation Day, Go Designer Clothes Shopping


It’s so easy to get caught up in the hectic whirlwind of life and lots of people actually like to be busy. However, you have to admit, you can’t beat a bit of good old-fashioned R&R from time to time. Retail therapy is a fantastic way to relax and unwind and – as the old adage goes – when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. So why not celebrate National Relaxation Day with us and check out our full online collections of designer clothing for men and women. Treat yourself to something special, even if it’s just this once, and give your mood a much-needed boost.

It’s National Relaxation Day! Relax, Unwind and Buy Designer Clothing

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There’s something strangely special about men’s designer trainers. Perhaps once, many moons ago, they were simply worn for playing sports and running; but now, they are donned for just about every occasion other than weddings and funerals. It’s fair to say, they have become somewhat of a mainstay wardrobe staple, pulled out time and time again and thrown on with every type of outfit imaginable. They are casual, comfortable, and perfect for day-to-day use and – thanks to the recent sports-luxe trend seen on the runway – they are deemed more stylish and more popular than ever.

Encouraging further enthusiasm for the simple sneaker, a number of new men’s designer footwear brands have emerged over the last few years – including, for example, Android Homme and Tommy Mallet. These brands offer a range of luxury trainers that are laid-back yet incredibly high-end and they are taking the fashion industry by storm. Here we take a look at each of these brands in more detail, exploring exactly why their casual creps have become all the rage and highlighting some of the most popular Android Homme Shoes and Mallet Trainers currently available at OD’s Designer Clothing.

Luxurious Android Trainers for Men

Android Homme is an LA-based brand, completely obsessed with the evolution of their footwear range. Since their establishment in 2008, they have continuously explored the notion of what constitutes a luxury trainer and – as a result – they have continuously updated their collection with the most fashion-forward and intriguing sneaker designs. All Android Homme shoes are hand-made in Italy, with a strong focus on quality and luxury materials. You can expect premium fabrics, such as luscious suede and pure leather panels, and a level of expert craftsmanship that is rarely matched within the industry. Styles are influenced by streetwear fashion, the music industry, and graffiti art and the entire range is aimed at a modern man with a love for high-end luxurious kicks.

Here at OD’s, we currently have a fantastic range of Android trainers up for grabs and one of our favourite styles has to be the Mens Android Homme Belter 2.0 Trainers. Constructed from soft suede and netting, these android shoes completely epitomise the brand and its love for high-quality and innovative fabrics. Red detailing can be found throughout and, thanks to little touches such as the branded tongue and gold eyelets, they offer a stylish luxury twist on the classic runner. For the forward-thinking men out there, we also recommend the Mens Android Homme Propulsion Mid Trainers. These trendy mid-tops offer a unique combination of fabric and textures, with a smooth leather upper and reflective snake side strips, and they certainly inject a little luxury into everyday streetwear attire. Simply style with jeans and a jumper and you’re ready for work or play!

Versatile Tommy Mallet Footwear

Tommy Mallet may be one of the biggest stars from hit reality show TOWIE, but that isn’t his only claim to fame; he is the mastermind and creative director behind the popular designer footwear brand, Mallet. As a sneaker enthusiast and urban trendsetter, back in 2015, Tommy had an idea for a unique pair of trainers and reached out to his close friend in the high-end footwear industry. Together they designed and produced the first-ever “Tommy Mallet Shoes” and, having placed their creations online as a trial, the response was phenomenal. Within 24 months, Tommy Mallet footwear was being stocked in all the biggest high-end stores and online retailers across the UK and Europe.

Mens Mallet trainers are designed with one eye on the future of footwear. It is an ergonomic collection, combining slick silhouettes with urban aesthetics and contemporary colours and the focus is versatility. Tommy Mallet footwear is suitable for both dressing up and dressing down, taking the modern man effortlessly from an afternoon in the office to a night out on the town with friends. Take for example the Mens Mallet Archway Trainers, currently available here at OD’s. These sand-coloured sneakers are cut from high-quality suede, with a contrasting white sole and a neoprene inner tongue. Perfect for both day and night, just style them with a pair of skinny jeans and a short-sleeved tee and you will create an incredibly cool yet understated designer look. The Mens Mallet Archway 1.0 Trainers are another popular style for this season. Currently available in pastel pink, with gold trim detailing throughout, they are a fantastic example of luxury sneakers in action and they are the perfect option for forward-thinking men with a modern sense of style.

Browse Our Full Collection of Men’s Designer Trainers

Over the last couple of years, the sports-luxe trend has boomed, and more and more luxury high-end trainers can be seen sauntering casually down the catwalk. They are super-comfy, practical, versatile, and incredibly on-trend. So, really, what’s not to like? A simple pair of luxury trainers can be worn for pretty much every occasion, just dress them up or down accordingly, and here at OD’s we’ve always been a massive fan. Our men’s designer footwear department is continuously updated with the biggest and latest brands on the market and we currently offer an extensive collection of both Android Homme Shoes and Tommy Mallet Trainers. Take a look today, pick out the first style that catches your eye and, we guarantee, you will never want (or need!) to take them off!

Mens Designer Trainers: Android Homme vs. Tommy Mallet

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With the UK experiencing a little summertime sun for the first time in decades, we can hardly complain. The shades have been dug out of the wardrobe, there’s been day trips to the beach and fun weekend BBQs, and it’s been a pleasant change to the wet and miserable summers we’re used to. But you have to admit, it’s still hard to beat a nice summer holiday away – perhaps to a sunny Mediterranean island or beyond. Just a few days away from everything and everyone, to simply lie on a white-sand beach by day (with a good book and cocktail in hand) and party long into the night.

So why not book yourself a last-minute vaccay? It’s easier than ever to find a bargain last-minute deal online and, once you’ve secured your seat on the plane, you can simply head over to OD’s for those last-minute holiday clothing essentials. Of course, we always have an extensive range of designer clothing for men and women to choose from and here we have devised a last-minute edit of the hottest designer holiday clothes currently up for grabs. From women’s designer swimwear to summery holiday dresses and stylish evening attire for men, we have it all. Check out the highlights below and get ready to say hello to that idyllic holiday sunshine.

Designer Holiday Clothes for Men

Whether you’ve decided to book a spontaneous weekend getaway or you’re just a last-minute packer, the Mens BOSS Beach Set is a fantastic way to kill two exotic parrots with one stone. Available in light blue, this designer holiday clothing set includes both a pair of traditional swimming shorts and a matching beach towel. The brand name can be found embroidered subtly onto both, thus giving them an understated yet distinctively designer feel, and they come with a matching branded drawstring backpack – which could come in very handy when you’re heading down to the beach! Simply style the shorts with a white short-sleeved t-shirt and throw on a pair of Mens BOSS Green Solar Logo Slides to complete the perfect day-time holiday look.

When the sun goes down and it’s time to try out the local nightlife, you can’t go wrong with our range of designer holiday clothing by Antony Morato. This is a collection aimed at the young and vibrant and it is the perfect brand for sultry summer nights. Take for example the Mens Antony Morato Playing Card Print T-Shirt in White. Constructed from light and airy 100% cotton and boasting a regular fit, it is stylish yet comfortable, and it can be easily styled with either the Mens Anthony Morato Ozzy Skinny Jeans or the Navy Blue Mens Antony Morato Shorts. Alternatively, for those who will be heading out for a romantic evening meal, perhaps opt for something a little smarter – such as the Mens Antony Morato Short Sleeve Shirt in either black or white.

Designer Holiday Clothes for Women

For a fashion-conscious lady, buying designer holiday clothes and packing light is no easy feat; but if you’re jetting off last-minute, it’s more important than ever to just get the essentials. Perhaps you could start by investing in one or two sets of designer swimwear. Bamboa is by far the hottest designer swimwear brand of the season, with one particular style (the Bamboa Esme Bikini) even worn by Dani Dyer in this year’s series of Love Island. Currently available at OD’s, we recommend adding both the Womens Bamboa Shia Bikini Top and Bottoms and the Bamboa Venus Bikini to your suitcase. These styles can be easily mixed and matched and they can be paired with a variety of day-time cover-ups, such as the Womens Venus Sarong and the Womens Bamboa Shia Kaftan. Add in the Womens Bamboa Beach Towel and you’re ready for lazy days relaxing by the sea.

Holiday dresses are another last-minute essential, best styled with your sun-kissed tan and a pair of open-toe wedges. Take for example the Womens Ted Baker Erin Dress. Crafted from floaty chiffon fabric, it features an all-over summery floral print and delicate ruffles throughout and it is the perfect choice for humid nights spent sipping cocktails with the girls. Alternatively, you could choose a couple of pieces by Rebecca Rhoades. This collection has designer holiday clothing written all over it. Whether you plan on dancing til’ dawn or dining out with a loved one, designs such as the Maddison Maxi Dress and the Millie Mini Flamingo Dress are guaranteed to steal the show.

Start Your Last-Minute Holiday Shop Today at OD's

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on a last-minute summer holiday, but you still haven’t packed, don’t panic just yet! Thanks to OD’s, there’s still plenty of time to bag those perfect designer holiday clothes and beachwear essentials before heading off to the airport. In fact, we offer free next day delivery on all items if you order them before 2.45pm. So why not get online, find that sunny summer escape at a bargain price and head over to OD’s for those essential summer clothes. You could take a look at our favourite holiday pieces highlighted above or browse through our full online collection of designer clothing for men and women online. We guarantee, there will be something to suit you and your sunny-holiday sense of style!

The Last-Minute Edit of Designer Holiday Clothes

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One accessory that is making a big splash this summer is the designer slide. Ideal for the hot weather we’ve been enjoying in the UK and still better for any holiday to a sun drenched shore, all the major fashion brands have jumped in and added their special twist to this comfy footwear classic. The sharp new designs that have appeared on shelves this year make it easy to take your look from the beach to the street to the bar, as the trend heavily features pieces that look great whether dressed up or down. Throw out your old threadbare sandals and take a look below to see OD’s Designer Clothing’s top slide picks that will send your style points skyrocketing. We’ll also give you some tips on how to incorporate your new slides into your look with outfit suggestions fresh from some of the top designers in the world.


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Mens Stylish Slides - Best Pool Footwear 2018

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Ibiza is considered one of the party capitals of the world, where wild ones and fashionistas spend their days basking in the sun, soaking in the sea or swimming pool and shopping at the markets and designer stores around the island. Then, when evening descends and the blazing sun sinks beyond the sea, they pour en masse through Spanish streets lined with palm trees, sharp whitewashed buildings and glowing neon lights to worship at the altars of the gods of music - world famous superclubs and celebrated venues such as Amnesia, Pacha and DC10, where DJ idols lead the revels way into the early hours of the morning.

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What To Wear in Ibiza in 2018

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It may be more than 50 years since its humble grand opening, but the fundamental mission of The North Face (TNF) has remained unchanged: that is, to provide athletes and modern-day explorers with the highest-quality performance apparel. It is a brand that constantly pushes the boundaries of innovation so that you can go outside and explore the amazing world that is around us – whether that be trekking up a mountain, taking a leisurely stroll in the countryside, or gallivanting in the city.

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The North Face Technologies Guide for Men

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Easter bunny is well and truly on his way, hopping along through the daffodils with a basket full of eggs. It is a celebration of cocoa, a holiday dedicated to chocolate, and an excuse to treat your kiddies to a bit of sweet chocolatey-goodness. But if you’re looking for something a little more original, perhaps an Easter gift that will last a little longer than chocolate, we have the perfect suggestion… surprise your boys and girls with a new Easter outfit!

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Adorable Easter Outfits for Boys and Girls

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Lots of people like to get away at Easter; with the kids off school for two whole weeks, and a long bank holiday weekend to look forward to, it’s the perfect time to pack a bag and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind. The beast from the east is about to bite again and UK temperatures are set to plunge for the Easter break, so if you haven’t booked a holiday yet, why not ditch the bitter UK weather and jet off somewhere hot and sunny? Just be spontaneous, find a late deal, and grab some last-minute holiday clothes from OD’s Designer Clothing!

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Going Away for Easter? Treat Your Son to an Easter Outfit by BOSS

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Winter is “officially” over for another year; the sun has passed across the celestial equator (marking the spring equinox of 2018), the mornings are getting brighter, and we no longer have to trek home from work in the dark. But don’t be fooled! Spring may be here, but the bad weather is refusing to budge. In fact, Britain has been warned to expect plunging temperatures and further snowfall in the days leading up to the Easter bank holiday weekend. It has been dubbed the third wave of the Beast from the East and the chances of waking up to a white Easter are becoming more and more likely.

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5 Easter Outfits to Keep the Little Bunnies Warm

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Easter is no longer just about giving the kids a chocolate egg; more and more people are sending cards, giving gifts, and putting up decorations in their home. Believe it or not, Easter crackers are now actually a thing… and you can almost guarantee your little one has been invited to an Easter egg hunt or Easter party of some sort. You’ll want to make sure your son or daughter looks the part and, of course, it’s a chance to show off in front of the other mums. So why not dress your little chick in something high-end? A distinctive, designer Easter outfit that stands out from the clutch.

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Distinctive Designer Easter Outfits for Boys and Girls

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The North Face is named after the coldest, most unforgiving side of the mountain. It started in 1966 as a small mountaineering shop in San Francisco and, over the last 50 odd years, it has developed a strong following of athletes and it has sponsored expeditions to some of the most far-flung corners of the world. The brand’s well-known mantra is “Never Stop Exploring” and their fundamental mission is to encourage people to go outside and explore the amazing world around us. They constantly push the boundaries of design, innovation, and technology and, as a result, they create a collection of clothing that is perfect for little outdoor adventures…

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5 Outdoor Activities & Easter Outfits Inspired by The North Face

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Did you know? Dsquared2 started way back in 1995; when Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten relocated to Italy and cosied up with some of Italy’s most celebrated fashion houses. Their designer clothing collections for men, women, and juniors have received huge backing from sports clubs and celebrities all around the world – including Barcelona FC, Robbie Williams, Nick Jonas, Beyoncé and Justin Bieber, to name just a few. It’s fair to say, they have become a seriously popular designer brand over the last two decades and – now more than ever - their clothes go flying off the shelves.

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Boys Easter Outfits by Dsquared2 – Stylish and Comfortable!

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If you still haven’t found the perfect Mother’s Day gift, the clock is ticking, and time is running out! There’s not long to go until that all-important day and you need to find something special; something that shows how much you care, something that shows your appreciation and says thank you for everything that your mum has done – and probably still does! Let’s face it, a last-minute cheap bottle of plonk and a bunch of flowers from the supermarket just doesn’t cut the mustard. Your mum deserves so much more and, here at OD’s, we have the solution…

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Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts Courtesy of Thomas Sabo

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Whether it’s for your birth mother, step-mum, grandma, adopted ma, or just a motherly figure in your life, a designer watch is the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea. It is a timeless and dependable piece of jewellery; something that will become a go-to accessory, worn day and night, and cherished for many years to come. Not only will it show the number one lady in your life how much she means to you, but choose correctly, and it will demonstrate how much you know her too. There are hundreds of designer watches to choose from, so put a little thought into and make sure you get it right.

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5 Designer Watches for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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Your mum is incredible. From the day that you were born, she took on a very complex and multifaceted job role. She became a teacher, counsellor, cook, cleaner, chauffeur, nurse, best friend and more, all rolled into one. Some mums devote every single hour of their time to these roles, others somehow manage to do all of this whilst holding down a full-time paid job. According to a research study conducted by Interflora Flowers, the average mum works 119 hours a week and would earn a salary of about £172,000 a year for everything that she does. She is a superhero, a multifaceted woman, and she deserves to be celebrated.

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Celebrate Your Multifaceted Mum with Multifaceted Jewellery

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With less than two weeks to go until Mother’s Day, you need to find that all-important gift. Something special, something that will show your mum just how much you care, something that she will love as much as you love her – and if it puts your siblings to shame, well, that’s a bonus too! After years of buying flowers and chocolates, here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we think it’s time for the sons and daughters of the world to start thinking outside of the box. Don’t leave it until the last minute and grab the first thing you see on the supermarket shelf. Put a little thought into it and try to come up with a thoughtful and unusual Mother’s Day gift idea.

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Turn to Ted Baker for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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Infinity jewellery has become an increasingly popular trend over the last few years. More and more pretty necklaces and dainty bracelets feature the simple, sideways figure of eight; a symbol first introduced by English mathematician, John Wallis, in 1655. It refers to something with no bounds, a quantity larger than any number, and it is believed to represent eternity and everlasting love. Due to this beautiful meaning, infinity jewellery is not just a pretty addition to an outfit – it is often sentimental, something that represents a relationship or a special moment in someone’s life.

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Infinity Jewellery: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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This year, Mother’s Day 2018 falls on Sunday 11th March. It’ll come around soon enough, so pencil it into your diary and start making plans! Arguably one of the most important days of the year, it is a chance to show your wonderful mum just how much you love and appreciate her. It’s an opportunity to pamper her, spoil her rotten, and treat her to something that is just as special as she is.  But what exactly do you buy for the woman that has done and will do anything in the world for you?

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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide For 2018

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Saturday is Random Act of Kindness Day! Bet you didn’t have that one in your diary…  

First introduced by the Random Act of Kindness Association (RAK) in 1995, it is a day for altruism; twenty-four hours to perform at least one selfless act that will put a smile on someone’s face. It’s often the smallest things that can have the biggest impact. Someone might help you to open a door when your hands are full or treat you to cake for no apparent reason, and suddenly, life seems that little bit better. According to RAK, such random acts of kindness have the power to change how people see and experience the world – and they can also have a positive effect on the giver!

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Celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day and Give a Luxury Gift

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Valentine’s day has a crafty way of creeping up on people. January was a hectic month, you’ve been super busy at work and then, all of a sudden, February 14th is less than 48 hours away. You’re giftless, desperate, and time is quickly running out. If you’re wife or girlfriend means a lot to you, the last thing you want is for her to think you don’t care, and being in her bad books won’t be much fun! So, it’s time to start searching for that perfect last-minute valentine’s day gift

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Flowers: The Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift That She Will Love

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A charm bracelet is not just a piece of jewellery; it’s a story. Each individual charm, link, and bead has a unique meaning, perhaps marking a significant milestone or special occasion in the wearer’s life and celebrating their main accomplishments. There is nothing more personal and symbolic. A charm bracelet is a completely individual accessory, and for that reason, it often holds a very dear place in a woman’s heart. She’ll wear it with pride, draw people’s attention with its signature jingle, and tell anyone who cares to listen what each little charm and quirky bead represents.

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4 Steps to Creating a Charm Bracelet: The Perfect Valentine’s Gift

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February is here at long-last, which means we’re officially in the season of love and romance. Valentine’s Day is now just over a week away and its time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your sweetheart. Of course, you want to treat her to something special; a valentine’s day gift that says thank you for all her support throughout the year. Perhaps a piece of jewellery, a necklace that is just as beautiful as she is. Something thoughtful, that shows her how much you care.  

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Valentine’s Day Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank… We Promise!

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As a 21st century man, talking about your emotions may not come naturally to you. You know exactly how you feel, but you struggle to find the right words. Having a heart-to-heart is something you find difficult, embarrassing even, and you usually avoid it at all costs. But with valentine’s day just around the corner, you need to find a way to tell your loved-one just how much she means to you.

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Say it with Nomination Italy this Valentine’s Day

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Gentleman, it’s a fact that can’t be ignored; Valentine’s Day 2018 is fast-approaching and its time to start making plans. So how are you going to celebrate the day of love and romance this year? Perhaps you could prepare a candlelit dinner, have it ready for when your valentine gets home. You could go for a long, romantic stroll in the park, catch a movie at the cinema, or revisit the coffee shop where you had your first date. The possibilities are endless; just put a little thought into it and make sure it’s something that she’ll enjoy.

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Valentine’s Day is Coming! Find the Perfect Designer Jewellery Gift Today

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People are different, especially when it comes to fashion. We all have our own unique sense of style, personal tastes, and individual preferences. One woman’s dream wedding dress is another woman’s nightmare. High-heeled shoes are pretty and stylish to one woman, but impractical and ridiculous to another. A necklace is too plain and simple for one lady but may seem extravagant and over-the-top to somebody else. Why? Because we are all individuals!

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There’s a Piece of Thomas Sabo Jewellery for Everyone!

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Today is National Compliment Day. Yes, this really is a thing! It’s thought to be the brainchild of two ladies back in 1998; as firm believers in the power of the compliment, they asked that everyone made an effort for just one day – the 24th January - and challenged people to say something nice to a friend, colleague, or relative. Let’s face it, it feels good when someone pays us a compliment. It cheers us up, boosts our confidence, and gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. According to researchers, it can even improve our performance on certain tasks.

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Glamorous Designer Jewellery that will be Complimented all Year Round

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Vivienne Westwood stole the show once again last week at London Fashion Week (LFW) Men’s AW18. Rather than staging a traditional catwalk-style fashion show, the designer presented her unisex range using a short film called ‘Don’t Get Killed’. The theme was war. Models marched about, waving flags and talking about their commitment to the Westwood Army. The clothes were military-inspired and featured lots of camouflage and tartan patterns. There was also a big focus on colour, including traditional army red and Mountbatten – a shade of pink first introduced during WW2.

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Get London Fashion Week Style with our Vivienne Westwood Collection

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Christmas may seem like a distant memory already. You’re back to the usual day-to-day routine, the weather is miserable, and the mornings are dark and cold. You’re lacking motivation and, by now, you’ve probably given up on your new year’s resolution. According to life coach and happiness consultant, Dr Cliff Arnall, all of these factors come together; making today the most depressing day of the year.

But there’s no need to despair, as here at OD’s, we have the antidote to your Monday morning blues. Treat yourself to some new designer clothing and we guarantee you’ll be feeling happier in no time at all. Here are just a few of our favourite blue items to help cheer you up:

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It’s Blue Monday; Cheer Yourself Up with Blue Designer Clothes!

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Have you vowed to get fit and healthy this January? If so, you’re not alone! A time for resolutions, most people decide to ditch the mince pies and chocolate in favour of their five-a-day. You may have even signed yourself up to a fitness class, joined a local gym, or simply started to run to work in the morning; all in an effort to shed the pounds gained throughout the festive period.


If you’re ready to get active this new year, you’re going to need some new clothes to work out in. Be sure to exercise in style with OD’s Designer Clothing!

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New Year, New You; Hit the Gym in Style

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If Christmas is a time for giving, January is most definitely the time to treat yourself! Shops start to slash their prices, offering discounts and deals and enticing people back into their stores following the December shopping frenzy.  OD’s Designer Clothing is no exception. A large range of our items and products are currently up for grabs and at a fraction of the original price, with up to 50% off clothing, jewellery, and watches.

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Bag yourself a bargain in our designer outlet January sale

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Winter is upon us and when you step outside into the bitter cold with the slushy ice under your feet a pair of durable boots is a season must be it for your morning commute to work, a night on the town or a leisurely winter stroll.

Yet while the boot function is paramount, who says your style has to be compromised and that’s when OD’s Designer Clothing comes in. Our huge collection of both Men’s and Women’s Designer Boots, suitable for many an occasion, leaves you spoilt for choice when picking out your next pair of winter footwear.
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Which Boots to wear this Winter!

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New Years Eve at OD's Designer Clothing

It only rolls around once a year, but with the huge build-up to Christmas, it’s easy to get distracted and leave searching for your perfect New Year’s Eve outfit until the last minute; finding yourself caught in the middle of the mad boxing day rush or settling for something you’ve dug out of the back of your wardrobe. Never fear though - we’ve cherry picked a small selection of spectacular pieces that are sure to make you the belle of the ball, saving you the hassle and stress of navigating the shops at this very busy time of year!

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Want to turn heads this New Year’s Eve?

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Now is the time for glitz and spangle, for glitter and glimmer. It’s the most wonderful time of the year after all. OD’s Designer Clothing can offer you the perfect excuse to shine all day and all night through Christmas and New Year; right now, we are holding a huge sale of high end designer items, including some of our favourite accessories. Many pieces are up to 75% off. For some tips on how best to flaunt your new jewels, take a look below!

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Accessories for the Festive Season -OD’s Designer Clothing

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It’s a busy time of year for everyone - with family to visit, presents to seek out, parties to attend and maybe even the odd snowy morning walk - so a good winter wardrobe needs to be more than just stylish; it needs to be versatile both in terms of look and function. Luckily, the festive collections available at OD’s Designer Clothing this season offer a huge array of options that you can mix and match in order to switch from office drinks to cosy evenings by the fire with the in-laws with ease.


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What to Wear When Out and About at Christmas Time

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Wrapping up warm certainly doesn’t mean you can’t still look cool. Even if the youngsters in your life insist that they’d rather go out in jeans and a t-shirt that don a coat as the days grow colder and shorter, it’s hard to deny that fact when you take a look at the fantastic array of winterwear we have available at OD’s Designer Clothing. There are really exciting offerings from a number of the labels we stock - so here’s a brief guide to what your kids could be wearing for bonfire night this year!

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Keep your kids warm and stylish this 5th November with our winter range

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Coats are so often seen as utilitarian, as a necessity rather than a luxury. While it’s true that you wouldn’t want to pass the winter months without one, it really doesn’t have to be so dull! Don’t get a coat that feels like a cocoon, keeping your inner fashionista bundled up until Spring sets you free. You can be the butterfly now, and brighten the dark, cold months with a stunning coat from Froccella. Whatever your desired look, this bold brand offers complementary outerwear that can really make a statement. Here’s why we think Froccella is the way to go as the weather gets colder!

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Why A Froccella Jacket Is An Essential Addition To Your Wardrobe This Fall!

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We’ll be the first to admit it - we are completely in denial that another year is almost over. And yet we can’t help but yearn for the Christmas season, mulled wine, sparkles, cinnamon, heating on full, dressing up to the nines…


Now you’re talking. The year has gone so fast that many of us are in danger of leaving it too late to plan our seasonal looks, and with the thrilling party season hurtling into view, it’s about time we got that sorted! Luckily, OD’s Designer Clothing hosts a plethora of brands that will truly make Christmas the most wonderful time for your wardrobe! Take a look below for some of our seasonal recommendations.

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Make Sure You're Dressed To Impress This Christmas Party Season!

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These changes in the weather really do creep up on you, don’t they! If you’ve had a summer as busy as ours, you might not have even had time to think about the Autumn/Winter season. Yet now the leaves are brown, and there’s that unmistakable feeling in the air. Before it all gets a bit too chilly, maybe now’s the time to check out your options.


Winter is a wonderfully stylish time thanks to the many opportunities to accessorise we can find in the form of gloves, hats, scarves, boots, and ever-popular layering, but before you can think about all that, you need a strong, fashion-forward base. A brand new winter coat. OD’s Designer Clothing has collected some of the very best pieces from the world of outerwear to give you a little inspiration and help you transform your wardrobe into a winter wonderland!

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Find the Number One Winter Coat This Season!

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As it slowly begins to get a little colder, and the evenings draw in a little earlier, it certainly seems to be the right time to think about your little ones’ wardrobes. Summer is easy - you needn’t think twice about sending the kids out in t-shirts and flip-flops - but now is the time for snuggly boots, lined jackets and wooly jumpers. Warmth isn’t enough either; they have to look great too! It’s important for you to be able to trust that your child will want to wear their new clothes not just when they’re told to, but when out with their friends or having fun in the playground during school lunchtimes too!Read More

Get Ready for Winter with these Kids’ Designer Clothes!

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Established back in 1992 as a designer menswear store, and growing to include a women’s clothing selection by 1998, a junior section by 2012, and a jewellers by 2015, OD’s Designer Clothing has been the go to destination for designer clothing for everyone based in Liverpool, Manchester and in between, for over 25 years.

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Where to buy designer kids clothing? Say hello to OD’s Designer Clothing’s new Junior Store!

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It’s that time again! September is coming up fast, and parents are going to have to start thinking about their back-to-school shopping lists pretty soon to avoid any last minute stresses. So to make sure you’ve got a head start on ensuring that your youngster is the most stylish in the playground, OD’s Designer Clothing have done all the work for you, rounding up some of the coolest school worthy pieces from our superb Stone Island collection.

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Head Back to School in Stone Island Kids’ Clothing

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Hugo Boss has long been one of the biggest names in snappy dressing, whether for the office, the bar or the street, and now it’s making waves in the classroom too! Yes, it’s nearly back to school time already, and, to avoid any stress, OD’s Designer Clothing has put together a useful list of pieces you’ve just got to check out if you want to send your kids to school in head-to-foot Boss this year.Read More

Head Back to School in Hugo Boss Kids’ Clothing

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No matter whether it’s a Vivienne Westwood bracelet or a Vivienne Westwood necklace, you’re bound to find something suitable at OD’s Designer Clothing! We supply an extensive range of Vivienne Westwood jewellery to ensure that your stylish needs are satisfied. The Vivienne Westwood bracelets make the perfect addition to any outfit, whether it be for smart evening wear or casual out and about attire. Our bracelets can accessorise any style and provide you with a elegant look and feel.Read More

Why Vivienne Westwood Jewellery?

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At OD’s Designer Clothing, our specialists are dedicated to seeking out some of the most exciting and unique luxury brands in fashion today. If you’re on the lookout for footwear that is in equal parts inspired, stylish and daring, the kind that translates seamlessly from a casual day out in the city to classy drinks in a high end bar, we suggest that you look no further than Giuseppe Zanotti – a couture-influenced shoe maestro boasting multiple awards, including the Marie Claire France Prix d’Excellence de la Mode in 2010. Zanotti’s designs have also collected a plethora of celebrity customers over the years – Lady Gaga, Michael and Janet Jackson, Heidi Klum and Beyoncé to name but a few. Now, the team at OD’s are delighted to be able to introduce this striking range as a new feature of our luxurious online shop, so you can join the ranks of these star studded style icons and snap up a pair all of your own!Read More

Introducing Luxury Giuseppe Zanotti Footwear to OD’s Designer Clothing

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If you’re escaping on a holiday adventure with the kids this year, the best way to avoid any stress or last-minute panics is to be prepared well in advance. It’s really helpful to know exactly what you’ll need to bring, especially when it comes to wardrobe essentials for the kids. OD’s Designer Clothing have come up with a suggested list of vital wardrobe items that will help you get the younger members of your family summer-ready and prepared to face anything the holidays throw at them!Read More

Packing List: 5 Super Summer School Holiday Wardrobe Essentials

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The weather is growing warmer – it’s time to launch your 2017 summer wardrobe in all its glory! We’re loving the trends this year, from super-bright block colours to 80s throwbacks, and from full outfits drenched in florals and bold stripes to the clean lines of post-minimalist style. With such a rich fashion offering this season, the crowning glory, the element that makes or breaks an outfit, is always the detail.Read More

Accessorise Your Wardrobe This Year with These 3 Luxury Brands

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Summer is wedding season, and at OD’s Designer Clothing, weddings are some of our very favourite occasions. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic who just loves to witness two people finding their happily ever after, a foodie who’s dying to catch a glimpse of the spread, a social butterfly who wants to learn everything about everyone, or a fashionista who adores eyeing up all the fabulous outfits and cutting a striking figure on the dance floor, weddings really do have something for everyone. If you’re planning for the next nuptials you’ll be attending, the very first thing to consider – of course – is what to wear! This is made easier by more and more weddings having themes or colour schemes, but often, we’re left to our own devices. Finding the outfit is one thing, but at OD’s Designer Clothing, we might just love the finishing touches even more. We’ve come up with a list of some of our favourite accessories that will help make your summer wedding apparel into a real showstopper, whatever the style of event.Read More

4 Accessories to Complete your 2017 Summer Wedding Outfit

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Buying a Father’s Day present is often left to last minute- not because we forget (obviously) but because it’s so difficult to buy for someone who doesn’t drop hints.

No dad would openly admit to wanting something for Father’s Day but we all know he’d be disappointed if he didn’t receive anything. Choosing the perfect gift is often a long process, making sure it’s the right product, size, shape, colour, etc. and when you’ve left it so late to find something, you may think you’re at a disadvantage, but this needn’t be the case. Here at OD’s Designer Clothing, we provide an extensive range of products within our Father’s Day Gift Ideas Collection, here’s what you need to do:Read More

Don't forget Dad this Father's Day!

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People are busier than they’ve ever been right now, and, for a lot of us, that means that overhauling our wardrobes is a task we put on standby indefinitely while we figure out the rest of our lives. At OD’s Designer Clothing, we know the challenges facing today’s men – including that conundrum where you just can’t seem to make enough time to look your very best! Well, the team at OD’s Designer Clothing are working to make that a little easier for you by cherry-picking the top four trends you need to know about this summer.Read More

4 Fashion Trends for the Sophisticated Man This Summer

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When it comes to buying designer clothing, you’ll often have to ‘spend top dollar’ if you want to buy brand new designer clothing, or turn to the cheaper second-hand alternative or the ‘Girlboss’ inspired eBay stores. But with OD’s Designer Clothing’s online outlet store you can ensure your wardrobe is stocked with brand new designer clothing but at outlet prices!Read More

How to have a luxurious designer wardrobe on a budget!

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With festival season just around the corner, you’ll want to consider adding glamour to your outfits. Festivals are the perfect venue for trend spotting, and here at OD’s Designer Clothing we can help you to be festival ready, and ensure you wardrobe turns some heads when you’re out rocking!

OK, so if you’re going to a festival in the UK this summer, you may want to prepare for all weathers. The weather in the UK is unpredictable, to say the least, but what’s to say you can’t look the part, even if it is pouring down with rain? It’s all part of the experience, right?

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Ultimate Guide to Packing your Festival Wardrobe Essentials

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Young, fresh brand Dsquared combines all the class of Italian design with the integrity of Canadian family values. Twin brothers Dean and Dan Caton first launched the brand in 1994, and the subtle style and practical application of its designs have invited praise and celebrity endorsement ever since. The future looks bright for Dsquared, and, due to its innovative approach to hard-wearing and attractive design, OD’s Designer Clothing are extremely proud to be an official stockist of the brand’s high-quality products. We’re focussing on their fantastic shoes today, but OD’s also stocks Dsquared’s exceptional collection of denim jeans to match! Here are a few things we really love about Dsquared’s footwear.

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Dsquared Trainers: The Perfect Blend of Glamour and Sport

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Bright, bold and featuring the perfect combination of fun and fabulous, Kenzo is one of the top brands featured within our wide collections at OD’s Designer Clothing this summer season.

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Kenzo Kids’ Clothing for your Summer Wardrobe

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Choosing a summer wardrobe for the youngsters in your family can be something of a nightmare! From changeable weather to rough-and-tumble, you need to consider warmth, comfort and durability as well as style. Luckily, at OD’s Designer Clothing, we stock some of the top brands around, covering all bases to make your search just that little bit easier. Here are a few of the kids’ labels we recommend for our summer season.

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Top Kids Brands to Wear this Summer

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Philipp Plein is known for his bold, brash and entertaining fashion show displays and his recent catwalk at New York Fashion Week was no exception, with a host of NFL stars, rappers and movie icons in attendance and reinforcing the chaser of dreams message that Plein put forward as he opened his catwalk, along with the aggressive and loud fashion statements his collection made. So, let’s take a look at four 2017 Summer fashion favourites from the Philipp Plein world!Read More

4 Phillip Plein fashion show 2017 favourites to look out for this summer!

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Lanvin Kids Designer Clothing at OD's


Established by Jeanne Lanvin in 1989, the Lanvin brand has gone from strength to strength. The brand is designed to be eccentric yet well put together. We all know that famous saying ‘you get what you pay for’ and particularly with our kid’s Lanvin clothing, it’s a true statement. Made with luxurious fabric and designed with elegant and sophisticated patterns, your children will look fabulous in our range at OD Designer Clothing.

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7 Reasons You Should Buy the Lanvin Kid’s Range

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At OD’s Designer Clothing, we have an expansive range of junior clothing that offers style and practicality. And with the summer season soon to be upon us it’s time to check out what styles and designs will be the big hitters in your kid’s wardrobe in 2017!

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5 Big Summer Kid’s Clothing Trends for 2017

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Could Philipp Plein be the next Dolce & Gabanna?

Philipp Plein has an eye for design. All his products fit perfectly with our modern-day pop culture, representing his devotion to the passion behind rock and roll. The children’s collection is particularly luxurious and edgy ensuring your child looks the part no matter what the occasion!

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Philipp Plein Kids Spring/Summer 2017 Collection is one to watch!

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Social media can be draining at times these days; Facebook is filled with baby pictures and angry political statuses from your Uncle while Twitter is often a stream of people arguing amongst themselves. Thank God for Instagram to keep you sane online. With an abundance of women’s designer clothing making up influencers’ #OOTD snaps, and famous bloggers sharing their style secrets, Instagram is the perfect app to open when you need a little wardrobe inspiration.

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7 Fashion Instagrammers you should be following

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As September rolls around the temperature begins to drop and the nights get longer, so now is the time to pack away your shorts and sunglasses for another years and embrace the Autumn wardrobe.

So, to help ease you into the colder season with style, we’ve picked the four must-have essentials that will be the staples of your wardrobe until the Spring rolls around again.

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Autumn wardrobe essentials for men

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The Great British Summer is sadly normally limited to a handful of hot days scattered across a few months. However, it’s still always best to be prepared for the few sunny days the UK get to see. We may be nearing Autumn but we’re still due a couple more random days where getting dressed for the office becomes more challenging than an actual day at work.

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What to wear for the office during a heatwave

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It’s not enough that celebrities always look a million dollars these days, but even their kids are giving Paris Fashion Week a run for its’ money. Here are a few famous toddlers and teens that are gracing the pages of fashion magazines almost as much as their parents.Read More

Meet the best dressed celebrity children

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Packing for a holiday can be challenging at time but for a festival? Well that’s practically a Herculean task. On one hand, you want to take as little as possible and just enjoy yourself but on the other, you want to pack all your Moschino t shirts and a make-up kit to rival an MUA’s to ensure you look absolutely fabulous for when you’re photographed on someone’s shoulders.

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Festival shop: Packing essentials for women

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Festivals;  one of the only occasions that you’ll happily hand over money for the pleasure of sleeping in a tent in a muddy field. You’ll be too busy having the time of your life with your mates to even notice that you haven’t seen a seen a shower for a few days. So to make sure you have the best possible weekend, here are a few essentials to pack to see you through festival season.

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Festival Shop: Packing essentials for men

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Celebrities make outfit changes appear so effortless and easy; switching dresses and hairstyles countless times during awards show without even breaking out in a sweat. For us mere mortals, it can be a little trickier to constantly alter your look throughout the day. Just who has the time to be forever nipping back home to get changed? Does anyone really enjoy overloading their bag with mountains of clothes for the 5pm makeover in the office toilet?

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Outfit essentials to take you from day to night

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When it comes to holiday packing, it’s tempting to throw the entire contents of your wardrobe into a suitcase and fork out the cash for going over the luggage limit - after all, it’s best to be prepared.

But with a bit of forward planning, there’s no need to risk breaking the zip on your suitcase if you master how to pack efficiently. This doesn’t mean you can just lash some sunglasses, a couple of t shirts and your favourite Hugo Boss shorts into a bag and be all set for a week away with the lads. No, there’s a bit more to it than that but here are a few hints and tips to help you pack like a pro and just what exactly should make it into your case.

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Holiday Shop: Packing Essentials

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