Mens Designer Swim Shorts

Looking for designer mens swim shorts? Here at OD’s Designer Clothing we have a range of swimming shorts from a variety of brands which includes Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Franklin & Marshall and many others.
Swim wear comes in a range of different fashions and as you would expect, is targeted towards men on holiday, particularly during the summer months.
Modern swimming shorts often use water repelling fabrics such as polyester, allowing them to quickly and easily dry when out of the water – this is in contrast to older types of swim wear which used cotton as the primary material, which of course soaked up and held a large amount of water and took a while to dry.
Mens swim shorts come in a variety of sizes, styles, colours and designs – they can be found in a regular size which cuts just above the knee, or a longer size which cuts just below the knee, generally though shorter items are best suited for swimming as these provide less resistance against the water.
We have a range of swim wear from Hugo Boss, featuring the logo in large, bold font – we also have some designs from Franklin & Marshall which feature a smaller logo, or a bright and bold flower design.
If you are looking to buy mens swimming shorts then look no further, OD’s have all the mens swim wear you need right here for fantastic prices, take a look at our selection now to find discounted prices on selected items!

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