Kids Juicy Couture

The Juicy Couture brand was started by two very nice girls named Pam and Gela who absolutely loved to shop. When you have two women passionate about shopping and fashion without a doubt if they dabble into manufacturing clothing you can’t expect anything less than what they have done with the brand. Juicy Couture has become an explosive trend in the world of fashion by entering the market with a few pieces then to full scale with Juicy Couture handbags, sunglasses, perfume, jeans, charms and jewellery.

Juicy Couture design a fabulous children’s range of kids designer clothes for your pintsize fashionista and ODs stock this selection featuring a range of Juicy Couture tracksuits, T shirts, leggings, shorts and hoodies in a range of fun colours and styles.

The T shirt and short sets are the ultimate in cuteness, featuring sweet slogans and stripes. Get these for a bargain price today at ODs designer clothes. The Juicy Couture kids tracksuit sets come in bright and brilliant colours for PE and also come as just tracksuit bottoms to be worn with a t shirt. Make your kid the coolest kid in the playground at ODs designer clothing featuring Juicy Couture.

And with orders over fifty pounds, ODs designer clothing offers free delivery! Stock up your kids wardrobe with the cutest of the cute Juicy Couture kids designer clothes today!

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