Vivienne Westwood Watches

Who wouldn’t want a Vivienne Westwood watch?

At OD’s Designer Clothing, we offer a range of watches for ladies who have luxurious taste. For Vivienne Westwood ladies watches, we have an array for you to choose from, all of which are luxurious and beautifully designed, whether it’s silver, gold, red, black, pink or white.

A Vivienne Westwood watch is a globally recognised symbol of elegance and grace. And all the women’s watches we stock at OD’s Designer Clothing incorporate the Vivienne Westwood logo - adding value to the clock face. In addition to this, some of our Vivienne Westwood women’s watches have been created to include a small decoration, in the shape of the logo, attached to the side of the strap and clock face - visible here on the Vivienne Westwood Orb II watch!